Despite Trump winning, I am wary

I have been hot and cold on trump and I actually bet money on him to win.  I am a bit surprised by it, but here are some thoughts I have regarding his win.  To be clear I hate both parties equally.  The republicans for their general bussiness-at-expense-of-all-else and the demos for their pro mino/femenisim.

1.How fast all his enemies lining up behind them, like obama etc was he nothing but controlled opposition all along?  Could also be how groveling most are.

2.  Trump was running against the republicans as much as the demos, yet 95% of people dont see this.  Thus the repubs had a big win down the line. There is a reason the term ‘cuckservative’ came around.

2a.  By the cuckservatives winning, it buys them more time without the populace realizing they are just as guilty.

3.  Very few riots.  This suggests to me people are far more docile than I ever predicted.

4.  I gambled a lot on trump, the highs were high and the lows were low, I feel like my dopamine receptors are burned out, further proof to me that our minds need far more moderation than our society thinks.

5.  I love seeing the feminists lose, but having chump repubs win is not good.  They will likely continue to grow, consider that the repubs have had the house for nearly ever and do SHIT with it.

6.  I ‘won’ but feel very wary about it, in a lot of ways a clinton win might have been better as it forced our hands.  Now all the alt right/succesionists/nationalists etc are pacified for at least 5 years.  Perhaps this is the biggest loss.


11 thoughts on “Despite Trump winning, I am wary

  1. Nothing changes… Trump won by creating economic alliance with economically hard-nosed “blacks” and this will in turn serve as the pretext to jump on the returning specter of “white supremacy.” For… How could a Trump victory with a popular vote loss equal to Romney be a Trumpslide? No… Trump’s “white supremacy” STILL HAS AN OPPRESSIVE stranglehold on the “black man.”

  2. When I say nothing changes, what is meant is that the pressure towards white Supremacy should not relent. Trump MUST BE a white Supremacist or he is pathologically deracinated. And he is at his latter stage of his life self-primed for such a dramatic convergence. AND… It MUST HAPPEN or he goes down a chump when it is all said and done. EVERYBODY is in on”white” self-annihilation from one degree to many and yet every variant of radically liberated parasite has its own cover alibi. The average white lib immersed in a dull mass of his own making can’t make head or tails of this myriad of ugly lies rationalizing total white degeneration.

  3. You dirty jew! How much did you win?

    I too wanted to gamble on it, on those prediction markets. But I though Hill would have stolen it.

    You don’t have to worry about “violence.” Most can’t do it without state permission. I’d like to see them try. Few can appreciate how hard it is.

    It is a good recruiting opportunity. Most young men supported him, voted for the first time in their life. I like to see that they have some pride now. Making Murka white again! It’s a good phrase.

  4. You’re instincts are right. This isn’t any kind of victory and may very well be the worse outcome simply because it legitimizes the system and makes people think it can be saved and that democracy works. It was all bread and circuses with the jewish media creating this narrative that if Trump wins America will suddenly become fascist and the the alt right took the bait and meme’d themselves into thinking Trump is going to make anything better. “WELL MEME’D GUYS WE WON, NOW BACK TO ANIME AND CUCK PORN”.

    Just stop for a second and look around you at all the rampant degeneracy, pick one issue and ask yourself “What will Trump do about this / How will Trump fix this?”.

    If you live in a black neighborhood, will Trump make it white? If the girls you know are cock carousel sluts, will Trump make them into housewives? If faggots are parading butt naked down the street, will Trump put them into hospices?

    The answer is obviously no because even if he wanted to do any of those he can’t because the system is designed in such a way that it prevents any kind of meaningful action. NOTHING will change until the whole system itself is destroyed fully from top to bottom, down to the concepts of “freedom and liberty” and whatever other shazz that America was built on.

    While I never predicted a Trump victory directly, I did at some point somewhere predict that there’s a good chance we will experience a period of populism and kosher / liberal “nationalism” where some things will just slow down to pacify people and with Brexit and Trump’s victory I think I might have been right. Depending on what he does Trump’s victory may have very well been the event that pushed the chance for any kind of meaningful action outside the spectrum of our lives.

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