Racial suicidal whites

I am watching the polls/election pretty close and got some good money on Trump; one thing that surprises me time and again though are these racially suicidal whites.  Where is thordaddy to unload some of his complex terminology?  Comments about how mexicans and blacks are coming out in force to show up those racists!


What is so disturbing, is the absolute naivety in it. They think by virtue signaling how progressive they are…I am not really sure what they think, maybe they will show how ‘smart’ they are.  How they have left the backwoods rednecks behind.  Of course, the mex and blacks are a very insular people, and they fail to realize in 20 years or less when you are surrounded by them they don’t really give a shit about you.  The only reason they vote demo is for the handouts and never really were american by and large.

So in florida mex are voting in storm ‘yay!” the shitlibs on msm scream, esp that absolute faggot george stepahnpolis who I wouldn’t be surprised gets pegged by his wife talks about how great this is, and how this is a defeat against ‘hate’.

Well, at this point its still early, but I am pretty good at patterns and history, and if you keep shitting on the whites that built everything and legally they don’t get reprieve, well history has an answer for what happened next.



7 thoughts on “Racial suicidal whites

  1. Many whites think that if they act like nice goy slaves, their mino masters will treat them and their children well.

    WN really isn’t about minos. It is about dealing with all the traitors within the white race. It’s more like a civil war.

    Many WNs are affected. How manys sites that that narc-thing on the bottom “NO inciting violence or I will go to the police…be nice!” I guess some WNs think Uncle will pat them on the head if they turn in other WNs. Too late they learn that there is no mercy waiting.

  2. Its social cuckoldry. They drink so much of the kool aid that they literally go beta publicly and are proud of it. These types will be the first ones to go. Easy targets, trust the enemy and will go full retard to defend “muh feelings.”

    Its like a contest to show who is the biggest cucked beta faggot. I swear the muslim hordes will have the easiest conquest in history. These “tolerant” countries let the enemy in, indoctrinated the women into breeding with them because they hate the “men” of their country for being fags, and their men not only allow it but fetishize it.

  3. It’s fear. Fear of being fired. Fear of losing friends and social status. Fear of not getting in the wife’s pussy tonight. Fear of getting in a fight (real or just a shouting match). Their perceived threat (social shaming) right now is greater than the real threat (annihilation). They won’t wake up until it’s socially acceptable to, which of course will be too late. Mob rule at its finest.

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