Almost go time here in the USA

We are living in a very interesting time in the USA.  There is reason to believe there is a LOT that could happen in the next week.  If there was EVER a time to make sure your guys are out and extra food/water this is it.

So first up is the literally satanic practice some out of ‘leaders’ engage in called ‘spirit cooking’ which they do a wide variety of fucked up stuff like mix sperm with breast milk and blood and drink it.  This is NOT made up, I know it sounds way to whack to believe, but we are dealing with pure evil.  I really hate when people sling ‘pure evil’ around but people like the clintons, podesta etc simulate cannibalism, virgin sacrifices etc.

There is a psychological term that is not very well known beyond perhaps ironically, called refuge in audacity, essentially if you tell a big enough lie, no one will doubt you.  After all, no one WOULD be that fucked up right?  Wrong.

I am convinced Killary does not win legitimately.  Despite the absolute cultural rot in the coast, I think enough whites are rebelling and voting for trump.  I’ve had my doubts, but I actually voted for trump, he is the only chance we have legitmately, even if he may be controlled.

Obama is shoving through a new health care executive order, doubt its for our best interest:

Lastly NBC posted false election results suggesting the fix may already be in for Killary:


So boys and girls, keep the guns locked and loaded, this shit is likely about to get real.

Here’s some anime softcore nazi imagery since it was a hit last time:



10 thoughts on “Almost go time here in the USA

  1. We shall see. I’m disappointed! The collapse never comes.

    Never undestimate the Murkan people. I bet within a week, the entire election is forgotten, regardless of who wins.. I’ll bet on the stupidity of the Americans, rather than their revolutionary spirit.

    Voting is not rebelling, because there is no personal cost or risk. One cannot “vote” for a “dangerous” candidate, because there are no dangerous candidates.

    Give it a week or two, EK. There will be a change in you, as you see that nothing changes.

    • The call for “collapse” is as ubiquitously cliche as the demand for “equality.” Both are always happening and never to absolutely occur. Such is the nature of “radical autonomy.”

      • I used to be a survivalist, EK. I know all those 3% mofos.

        Nobody is going to kill when they know they will be caught immediately. There is no survivalist or group of them, to my knowledge, with that ability. That’s why you see them doing nothing.

        They make 3 errors:
        military/police worship
        they consider themselves “Americans”
        no legal revolutions

      • EK…

        The 3 percenters get one thing right and that is white man’s inherent right to pre-emptively strike evil…

        Whether they can correctly identify evil is a whole other question?

  2. Pit of hell!
    Pit of hell!
    Pit of hell!
    Deplorables, you’d best commit suicide because Queen Hillary will do it for you!
    Whats 40% of the population? 100 million?
    Good God! White male genocide, white female slavery!
    Leave while you can. Listen to the song “Ride, Captain Ride.”

  3. As I posted on the Chateau until I followed you here, Erudite Knight, Trump’s win is practically a certainty from where I sit — and the results will be fair.

    I think you hit the head on the nail with your comment, the whites are rebelling. I deal with this briefly on my website, but to sum up: Public pressure to conform in North America is too weak to make a diff. at the ballot box.

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