Future of demographics of white race: Social media

I have been thinking a lot lately about the future demographics of the white race – almost anyone who thinks about this stays at the level of ‘whites have less kids than MINOs therefore we eventually lose’, then it hit me thinking about the absolutely DEVASTATING effect social media/hookup culture has mostly on whites.

My age range (gen y) was the last group to be born and raised without constant internet attention esp. through highscool and college.  For this I am talking about people generally born before 1990.  Meaning we had friends we CALLED, people we hung out with, and our social circle was only people we knew.  Now people have literally millions of ‘followers’/friends.


Look at this shit 3 MILLION, THAT IS 3 FOLLOWED BY 6 ZEROS of likely mostly males jacking off in their mind to her.  This was the first one I found, I know others are in 10s of millions.  But look at her, objectively has a nice butt but kind of oddly huge and major slut face.

My point isn’t to give this whore praise, more the contrary and why its bad for the white race.  First, do you think this girl is EVER going to be a sacrificial mother?  Someone who puts her kid before her ego?  Not a fucking chance.  This is so critical to understand – social media is literally destroying girls abilities to be mothers.

Further, as a guy, what the fuck are you doing following a girl like this?  Do you honestly think you’d ever meet her?  That she would give you the time of day?  You would ever fuck her!?  Not a chance, and it severly fucks up your brain the same way porn does of seeing endless hot girls bending over in front of you that you ‘must be succeeding’ in life.

She isn’t succeeding either.  Instead of passing off pretty good genes, she is going to spend her 20s bent over taking pics of her ass, or bent over taking so called ‘alpha cock’ by guys doing hit and runs on her until she is well into her 30s and the attention starts slowing down.  At this point she doubles down with implants and more whoring or tries to lock some provider guy down who is ‘so happy he is with a model’ but whose womb is now barren and the last of her genetic line.

Modern dating is an absolute nightmare, where on tinder, okcupid and so on girls are literally swimming in cock, they do nothing and have endless parades of offers.  It is no exaggeration to suggest girls in their own minds inflate their worth 3-4 points on a 10 scale.  Girls that might have given joe the oil change guy a chance who lives down the street now have 100 messages a day about ‘I make 10k a day and can pick you up in my Lamborghini when should I be there?’

A major issue of this, is the girls think just because a guy had sex with them, thinks they deserve them.  Most males will easily drop 3 or more points off their own ranking just to have sex.  So again, we have these 5s and 6s getting banged by 9s guy thinking they ‘deserve’ that.  After all that new swimsuit pic got 50 likes, so of course the world adores her!

Girls lack the foresight to see why their current insane hedonism is bad for themselves and their culture.  Afterall, why is it ‘bad’ if they have a million guys ‘omg you are SO beautiful I want to lick your ass all night baby!’, it is an endless dopamine high. In many ways its like the porn addiction for guys, where it is so much better to NOT have the dopamine dump but nearly impossible for most to get away from.

Sadly, unless we get some major cultural revision happening that will smoke most of these whores out of here, demographically there wont be much left beyond muslims and mexicans in a generation or two.



16 thoughts on “Future of demographics of white race: Social media

  1. Shit like social media is like fucking institution for sluts and beta males. If the fat basement dweller likes her photos, its a +1 to her but if he ever tried to talk to her on the street she’d immediately run away.

    Women base their value on their appearance. Taking angled photos with your tits out gets thousands of men to validate you. It used to be they had to at least fuck a guy to get validated because she was the hottest girl the alpha chad picked up. Now they just post to the internet.

    This girl is fucking trash and the guys who follow her are probably better off not breeding either.

  2. Double standard doesn’t help…if you wanna get laid and in the process she ‘stops’ you and says ‘no’..should you ‘stop’?

    Check out this trash thats gunna air on MTV

  3. The superior race would basically allow only (or at least want) only the ‘best’ gene to be passed on obviously…so like what becomingthemonolith has sort of already alluded to is that these girls are faking superior genes.

    • Or everyone is just confused about what is actually “superior” sure she’s hot, but she looks like she’d give me effeminate sons… and a headache from constant nagging.

  4. Ha! You devil, you made me watch one of her vids. She’d make a fine mate, once trained properly.

    There was a WN who solved this issue: David Lane. His book KD Rebel covers this. White men have to go into the system, raid their houses, rob them, and take white women back. A bit like bride kidnapping.

    I’m going to grow a pair and write a controversial article: Mass Rape – the only solution to feminism. There is nothing new about feminism, multicult or faggotry. The only thing that has ever solved it is the barbarians who kill and rape who come at an empire’s end.

  5. When Hillary is coronated Queen next Tuesday, it’s going to be exactly like the
    film “Panic In The Year Zero.” My days of posting will be over. I intend to
    “dissapear.” It will be like the song “There’s A Place For Us,” from “West Side Story.”
    Just understand that the end goal is the genocide of the white male, but the continued
    breeding of white female sex slaves. It can certainly be accomplished. Good bye.

  6. I’m pretty sure some will heavily disagree but honestly, I think she’s a bit too muscular. I like them skinny and frail. Athleticism and muscle is a masculine trait but in a world where the vast majority of women (men too but it’s less of an issue for them) are overweight or worse she’s a 9 or a 10 no doubt about that.

    Thing is it’s not only e-celebs (or whatever other types celebs) that get this kind of unhealthy attention. The cute girls I have added on FB have anywhere between 2k and 4k friends. Any picture of themselves gets anywhere between 150 and 300 likes. They get showered with “you’re so beautiful/pretty/sex/cute/whatever” constantly to the point where they’ve heard it so much and are so used to it that it has almost no meaning or impact to give them any kind of compliments. Even worse the fatties also get loads of unwarranted (and probably dishonest) compliments killing off the chance that they will ever get off their asses and stop eating and start running.

    As if this wasn’t enough you often hear young people being told shit like “you’re too young to get married” by none other than those who should be guiding them – their parents and teachers. They are literally telling girls to ride the cock carousel. The excuse is always that EE is poor, children are expensive and they can’t afford them yet. Most of it is a lie because while a lot of people in villages/countryside are poor, the ones in cities are definitely not. Bars, clubs and restaurants, places where anything is anywhere between 3x and 6x more expensive never seem to have any shortage of costumers.

    Also that pic is from a “softcore Nazi anime porn card game called Barbarossa”. http://www.cracked.com/quick-fixes/4-reasons-this-one-kickstarter-proves-humanity-doomed/
    Never mind the cracking of the very fabrics of society mate, the world is ending because of uniform fetishist weebs lol.

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