wikileaks: Jewgle helps democrat party to win

I have talked before about how damaging (((google))) is and its heavy skype connection:

Anyway, so it should be no surprise that one cult marx group helps another cult marx group.  Jewgle first of all keeps you in a bubble where you can’t even find counter information about your position, and like my first link where they routinely literally ‘whitewash’ the whites out of history.

Anyway talks about jewgle’s help to the DNC. Among the biggest is that jewgle will TRACK YOUR SMARTPHONE to help determine things to on how to best recruit you into the fold.

So again, stay away for (((google))) and stay away from smartphones, and remember how real the ‘conspiracy’ against you.


8 thoughts on “wikileaks: Jewgle helps democrat party to win

  1. Ah, freedom and democracy! I feel so free….

    I admittedly haven’t followed the wikileaks thing or all the iphone crap. No need. Ted Kaczynski’s work showed me that this was an electronic surveillance state back in 1996. Computer nerds sold us out for money. There was a time when they were anti gov.

    I hope you don’t get too tired or exhausted if Trumpy wins. One should not spend his hope needlessly. He may be many things, but he is not the Aryan savior.

  2. From the frame of the genuine white Supremacist, these revelations should not even phase you as they only stress the “system” more heavily if YOU ARE TRUE to white Supremacy? In other words, “jewgle” is a profiling mechanism UP FOR SALE to the highest bidders. Power equals mass movement of men AND individual PROFILES are what powerful “men” USE to move masses of dull males.

    Buttjew just no…

    DO AS A genuine white Supremacist MAKES FOR A PROFILE of a genuine white Supremacist…

    Does the PROFILE GO PUBLIC or get “buried?”

    “jewgle” PROBABLY DOES NOT make that decision. Real powerful “men” do. “Men” WHO REJECT objective Supremacy, fundamentally.

    • TD, I want to ask you some training questions.

      I have found that the more advanced a lifter gets, the less weight he needs. This occurs because he can put ‘the stress’ where he wants it to be, and he can activate the muscle better. Have you found this also?

      Is there an analogous situation in martial arts? That one can get better at training with age, even though the joints get weaker?

      It is a magnificent thing to find a sport one can do into middle and old age. It is wasted if one only does it when young.

      • Ryu…

        I have this concept in my training I call “structural integrity” that is, nonetheless, subject to the law of diminishing returns, i.e., self-evident liberation.

        So first think of a car chassis… ANY structural assymetry will eventually lead to the total degeneration of the autonomous essence of the car NO MATTER how diligent one is with gas, oil, water and interior or exterior detail.

        So in my training I seek a refinement in my structural integrity which is analogous to a forging a nearest perfect car chassis yet “we” are far more dynamically autonomous.

        But with refinement in structural integrity is the unintended consequence of diminishing return…

        So now think of a dumbbell curl… Experienced training allows one to either use a consortium of bodily muscles to achieve the bicep curl OR with utter and total refinement, ONLY CONTRACTING the single most force-bearing muscle fiber IN the bicep in flex “BLOWING” IT TO SMITHEREENS thus validating the idea of refinement in training HITTING a REAL law of diminishing return.

        So now your training is to merely get to that wal/law and know when to stop.

  3. I really do see millions of people being liquidated once Hillary gets in. And just
    imagine the scope. All the conservative politicans, the pundants like Sean Hannity,
    the evangelicals, working class white males, “pretty” white women slavery.
    The scope of genocide will be increadible. The genocide will be carried out by
    immagrents, and the underclass.
    I know some people who are old enough to recall America from it’s post Second World War
    height, to it’s swerling around the toliet. They could never have imagined they would see
    it’s ruinantion.

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