At this point its pretty obvious Trump is only a shyster

I liked Trump way back when he was talking about building walls – a dream so distant it seems.  Now a days, he is busy putting in establishment republicans.  The lastest is Elaine Chao – don’t recongize the name?  Its mitch mcconell’s wife – which as an aside what a joke she didn’t take his last name.  SO many ‘liberated’ women do this, and its literally 1 step away from being cheated, cuckolded, or basicly just being a bitch your whole life.

His team is packed with insiders as much as we’d expect out of Killary.

Of course when he was just free wheeling racist a year ago he was legit, but ever since he gave a speech at AIPAC I was really concerned.  Then I found out half his family has married jews.  So our choice for the election was someone funded by the jews, or in trump’s case someone friendly/beholden to them.

The last straw was finding out Trump is good friend with (((Henry Kissinger))) and Henry recently said we shouldn’t expect trump to keep his campaign promises, and there was little point to.

If Trump picks that hyper faggot romney for SoS we know it wont be different than if Killary got in there.

The mysterious recount of wisconsin

This is an interesting little story in case you haven’t been following.  Essentially (((Jill Stein))) of the green party has got enough money to force a recount in a few key states of the election.

The ‘grass roots’ raised millions of dollars in a very short period of time, the average was something like TWO GRAND PER MINUTE, of course she is ‘not connected with hillary at all’.

So what does someone from the tribe like (((Jill))) gain from this?  Esp that she once said hillary was more dangerous than trump. The obvious answer of course is that she is funded largely by the Killary krew and where all the mysterious money came in.

This was my theory, and its proving to be correct that now Killary is saying ‘it wasn’t our idea, but we will get on board’.

I once liked the green party, I was a huge environmentalist, and they loosely stood for something, now they are even more extreme than the democrats.  On their politic page they had 10 ‘pillars’ they stood for, nine of them were literal ‘social justice’ for the women ,the blacks, the gays and so on.  Poor environment was only 1 of the ‘green’ party’s pillars.

So, seeing such ties between Killary and one of the tribe isn’t surprising.  No way this is actually turned over, but I could see a ‘evidence of hacknig’ and maybe turn one state over and cause some chaos with ‘illegitimate president’.

The degeneracy of society is far worse than you might think

I live in the mountains of a fly-over state, I rarely make it into proper ‘society’ and feel like Nietzsche’s Zarathustra coming down out of the mountains to the subhumans around me.  I often forget just how stupid, slow-thinking, lack of will/drive and generally uninspiring most people are.  The absolute proliferation of ‘genders’, sex and so on is mindblowing. The fact society is still functioning is much more of a testament to its inertia than any sustaining force it may possess.

I went to a hyper lib college as I have said before, economically they made a good communist out of me, but I could never swallow the soft ‘social’ side of it. I saw weaker men around me, and fucked up feminists that I was susposed to ‘share’ with.  I want to talk about how insane the propaganda is they cranked out of there.

I met a girl who recently graduated out of there.  She was talking on and on about Nietzsche and even had a shirt with him on it.  I love his philosophy and actually pretty versed, when I started asking her about it, it became clear she didn’t actually know much. Further, she claimed she was bi, and that men have to ‘ask’ before kissing, hand holding etc.  She held mutually exclusive posistions such as ‘one night stands are ok’ ‘id be ok with a ONS’ and ‘I need 5 or more dates before I have sex with a guy’.  First and only date.  Oh, she said she was fine with people having genital herpes as well.

Ran across another girl from my college, another winner out of the liberal indoctrination: she is currently married but in an ‘open’ marriage with at least two other guys.  She is currently seeking a man to impregnate her so she can raise it in ‘a non-monogamous environment’.

It is insane to me that this is not some shitty novel or plot, this is real life where girls are utterly brain washed.  Well, and a massive load of faggots that have no problem with guys blasting in their girls.

I need to get up to the north west, hear good things about that area.  The ‘golden years’ of trump (which I have shown skepticism about) are likely to lead to massive faggotry in about 4 to 8 and downhill from there.

Oh, use the word ‘degeneracy’ often, its a great slur for the left.

Trump still supports Israel

Not that no one saw this coming, given that months ago he was giving speeches at AIPAC and that half his family is married/jew connections.  Trump is no where close to what 4th reichers or anything along those lines might want (I find daily stormer to be somewhat of a shill site, wouldn’t be surprised if its propped up by fbi honestly given how much they defend trump.)

Rarely do you see neutral or unbiased talk about Trump.  For me he is at least a gasp that the alt right can take to regroup somewhat as long as we don’t get complacent.  It remains to be seen how much he will actually do.  Regardless, if he ONLY does the immigration thing that will be a huge step.  Further, all these riots I truly believe are swaying the average white guy to our side simply for seeing the feckless, reckless animals minorities often are.

Super Moon and why we stopped being ‘great’

Just finished looking at the super Moon through my telescope.  I have always been an astronomy guy for a long time, even read an astro-physics book for fun in between my cult marx college classes.  Looking at the Moon puts me in a melancholic mood of what we could have been.

It hangs there in the sky, a testament of what we once were, what we once did, and were capable of.  Now merely a dead tomb where our betters once tread.  From my readings, JFK appeared to me the last real president we ever had.  The last of the ‘noble aristocracy’ types: he actually served in the military among other things.  But he inspired us to BE BETTER.  None of this degenerate bullshit of ‘you are fine just how you are’.

He appealed to what we once claimed to stand for as Americans, a sense of adventure, of pride, of challenge.  Within 8 years we were on the moon using calculators weaker than modern phones.

JFK-  “Whether it will become a force for good or ill depends on man, and only if the United States occupies a position of pre-eminence can we help decide whether this new ocean will be a sea of peace or a new terrifying theater of war. ”

Back when we knew America was a special place, that we were smarter than the rest of the planet, more driven, more focused, and no other race could compare, only we could do this.

We choose to go to the Moon! … We choose to go to the Moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard; because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one we intend to win ..”

I was not alive during his time, I can only look back and wonder what it must have been like to have wonder, to have drive at what we are doing.  Instead of shoveling shit with endless minorities and traitorous white/libs trying to bring us down.  I am not sure we will ever make it off the planet again short of some massive thing we can only speculate.

Now, all we have is the collapsing Pax Americana.  Trump represents perhaps a dying gasp of those who still want greatness, and serves as a reminder of just how different most people are, literally suicidal and complacent.

Reader comments

TAnon had a pretty good comment that I am reposting here, and going to talk about briefly.  This was in response to me talking about being wary about trump winning:

You’re instincts are right. This isn’t any kind of victory and may very well be the worse outcome simply because it legitimizes the system and makes people think it can be saved and that democracy works. [Indeed.  In retrospect whites ‘losing’ with trump would have likely been much better, now we stay passive for 4 years. Fem/gays coming back in force in 4]

It was all bread and circuses with the jewish media creating this narrative that if Trump wins America will suddenly become fascist and the the alt right took the bait and meme’d themselves into thinking Trump is going to make anything better. “WELL MEME’D GUYS WE WON, NOW BACK TO ANIME AND CUCK PORN”. [Meme, while funny and somewhat effective are solidless, and only work in this world where nothing matters.  Only reason it worked at all, could you imagine this working in say the 80s with no internet and barely tv?]
Just stop for a second and look around you at all the rampant degeneracy, pick one issue and ask yourself “What will Trump do about this / How will Trump fix this?”.
If you live in a black neighborhood, will Trump make it white? If the girls you know are cock carousel sluts, will Trump make them into housewives? If faggots are parading butt naked down the street, will Trump put them into hospices?
The answer is obviously no because even if he wanted to do any of those he can’t because the system is designed in such a way that it prevents any kind of meaningful action. NOTHING will change until the whole system itself is destroyed fully from top to bottom, down to the concepts of “freedom and liberty” and whatever other shazz that America was built on.  [Which feeds into point 1, in so many ways its only worse.  The libs ‘unstoppable ‘ hubris was shattered, but will be back in huge force.  Meanwhile we aren’t building up anything.  Much better to have some ethnostate or something similar we could work towards.]
While I never predicted a Trump victory directly, I did at some point somewhere predict that there’s a good chance we will experience a period of populism and kosher / liberal “nationalism” where some things will just slow down to pacify people and with Brexit and Trump’s victory I think I might have been right. Depending on what he does Trump’s victory may have very well been the event that pushed the chance for any kind of meaningful action outside the spectrum of our lives.  [Back when I was increasingly skeptical, I floated the idea that trump was controlled opposition for the alt right, and possessed no history of actually being a nationalist.  Where is the hero army/marine from iraq that is wounded?  Much more of a belieable story than a billionaire who made money off chinese goods.)


Anyway, yeah as the party fades in the rearview mirror, I look back at what just happened, and its like holy shit, the memes were really funny, but wtf have we done?  I NEVER would have supported criminal hillary, but was this the hegalian dialect in action and we get chump trump?

Despite Trump winning, I am wary

I have been hot and cold on trump and I actually bet money on him to win.  I am a bit surprised by it, but here are some thoughts I have regarding his win.  To be clear I hate both parties equally.  The republicans for their general bussiness-at-expense-of-all-else and the demos for their pro mino/femenisim.

1.How fast all his enemies lining up behind them, like obama etc was he nothing but controlled opposition all along?  Could also be how groveling most are.

2.  Trump was running against the republicans as much as the demos, yet 95% of people dont see this.  Thus the repubs had a big win down the line. There is a reason the term ‘cuckservative’ came around.

2a.  By the cuckservatives winning, it buys them more time without the populace realizing they are just as guilty.

3.  Very few riots.  This suggests to me people are far more docile than I ever predicted.

4.  I gambled a lot on trump, the highs were high and the lows were low, I feel like my dopamine receptors are burned out, further proof to me that our minds need far more moderation than our society thinks.

5.  I love seeing the feminists lose, but having chump repubs win is not good.  They will likely continue to grow, consider that the repubs have had the house for nearly ever and do SHIT with it.

6.  I ‘won’ but feel very wary about it, in a lot of ways a clinton win might have been better as it forced our hands.  Now all the alt right/succesionists/nationalists etc are pacified for at least 5 years.  Perhaps this is the biggest loss.