The cuckold fetish is a good example of everything wrong with society

To think our society is not in terminal decline betrays a level of ignorance that for all intents is unlikely to be cured easily. A sign of this decline is the rise of the cuckold fetish.  If you are not aware, it is essentially your wife cheating on you, and this turning you on.  It can also be referring to when a wife gets pregnant secretly and you raise some other guys kid, but across the board its your wife/girl sexing someone other than you.

Our brains are a lot less evolved that we’d like to think but most fetishes presumably have some basis in reproduction, but this is just disgusting.  Modern men are such faggoty jokes, they are weaker, far less endurant, and ironically ‘more educated’ which really just means more propagandized.  As a quick aside I have not met ANYONE under 50 with a masters or a phd that I was actually impressed by their intellect, and quite frankly found them repulsive with an ironic group-think they possess.

If you want modern cultural marxism in full swing just look at this:

‘It’s S&M for Ph.D.s: Cuckolding, in which men watch their wives have sex with other guys, is catching on among people with high IQs who revel in the psychological agony’

So, if you don’t ‘get it’ its simply because you aren’t smart enough.  If you were smart enough you’d know that having your careerist-u-go-gurl wife getting pounded by tyrone is a reveling pleasure.

These articles talk about guys who will have some random guy fuck his wife, then COOK FOR BOTH OF THEM, then watch them fuck again.  All the while the wife is saying ‘xxx fucks so much better than you you worthless piece of shit’.

This is absolutely mind-boggling we are so fucked up as a soceity that apparently 20% of people do this or get off to it.  Aliens need to wipe up the fuck back so we can rebuild.  If my wife EVER told me something like that, I’d slap her across the face and divorce her ass so fast.  It betrays an UTTER lack of self respect, and how the fuck can you be a man if you are watching your wife get POUNDED by another guy?

I don’t know about you, but my ancestors didn’t do that shit, they likely killed any or all involved in that bullshit.


15 thoughts on “The cuckold fetish is a good example of everything wrong with society

  1. Mr. Knight

    Don’t fall for the this psyops.

    20% is just absurd, this is all being pushed by pornography who push two basic ideas, neither of which are true.

    1. That everyone wants and needs more sex.

    2. People shouldn’t be too fussy about where they get it.

    I’m sure you’ve heard the porno storyline where women just cannot control themselves with the pool cleaner or the pizza delivery driver. Total nonsense of course, but that doesn’t stop them from pushing it.

    Cuckolding pushes the idea that men want their wives to have sex with other men, but the truth is that most men find the idea repulsive. You also make a good point how they push the idea that “intelligent” men like this, so if you don’t, ie. your a normal man, then you must be too stupid to understand.

    Mark Moncrieff
    Upon Hope – A Traditional Conservative Future

    • Of course this is psychops… Yet it is also an emerging truth of highly manufactured origins. A manufactured truth AUTHORED by the very same high IQ’s said to be suffering from this particular cuckholding pathology. In reality, this diabolical cabal of high IQ “white” males that span the “political spectrum” are MEMETICALLY IMPOSING this sexual degeneracy on the dull masses.

  2. avoid any bdsm nutcases. I remember being told to never hit a woman when I was growing up. Now all the nutters into bdsm say I’m not a real man if I don’t hit a woman (but better not forget that safe word.) And then I’m supposed to listen to a creeper like Jack Donovan about masculinity and I’m the bigot if I don’t think his sort should be allowed near young boys. Of course it’s okay if he looks down upon me for being a halfbreed, because just like a womyn, he’s a member of a vyctym class.

    on another note, I’m surprised all these right wing faggots are pissed off by Colin Kaepernick. They all talk the tough guy talk about guns, tobacco and cussing but when someone practices non-violent freedom of speech, they cry like feminists when roosh v went up to milo y’s room instead of theirs…

  3. Many years ago I saw a made for T.V. movie called “The Devil’s Triangle.”
    It was a fictional film about the Bermuda Triangle, a mysterious place where ships
    and planes vanished. It was real big in the last century, but hardily gets mentioned now.
    People are on a tour boat and are killed off one by one. One of the stars was Kim Novac
    who was the blond girlfriend of black Sammy Davis Jr. It was a big contraversy in those days.
    They both denied it.
    In any case, there is a scene where Satan finally makes himself known. He can take any
    form he wants. He is disguised as a Priest. He is terrorizing a helicopter pilot.
    “Your wife will love me! She will obey me!” Satan wants the pilot to submit to him.
    The pilot refuses, and we see the helicopter crash.
    I think America 2016 is dancing to Satan’s tune. He is taking liberties with us and we
    don’t resist him. We go along with him.

  4. I think part of the rise of this shit is an entire generation of people are growing up watching more and more porn. Guys who from age 12 have been jacking off to some other guy fucking hot girls.

    I remember my guy friends in HS would be all upset that they didn’t have an 11 inch cock. It’s mind fuckery at work here.

    No self respecting man would put up with this shit. Even beta faggots can’t handle it. You see so many betas on /r/relationships saying they got their wife to cuck them and now they hate it. It’s instinctually wrong and vile.

      • The dynamic changes once shes fucking some dude right in front of you. She for one, will never respect you as a man again, and will most likely be fucking dudes behind you back. Two, every time you’re not with her, your brain is reminding you how she fucked some other dude when she was supposed to be yours to fuck. Shits wack as fuck .

  5. I think more and more that porn is jewish propaganda. The only ones that profit from it are the producers.

    Today, I understand why the Communist executed the intelligensia. We shall have to execute the pornographers, which is a jew-nest.

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