Dickileaks – Killary not out of here yet

This keeps getting crazier, Killary’s campaign manager’s husband was sexting a 15 year old jail bait.  Killary starts to rage against the FBI that ‘they should reveal more’ http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/fbi-re-open-investigation-clinton-email-server-n674631

What a joke, but really funny watching these cockroaches scatter when it is clear they could not hide it any more.

Lock and load boys this is just going to get crazier.  Make sure you have food stocked and all that.


2 thoughts on “Dickileaks – Killary not out of here yet

  1. I’m shocked, shocked I say, that Anthony Weiner turned out to be a kiddie fiddler. He was always such a paragon of virtue. It is hilarious that the FBI accidentally discovers more Clinton emails while investigating an associate who’s basically the guy in the park wearing a trench coat and nothing else. The entertainment value of the implosion of our democratic republic is getting pretty high. This must be why Bill Clinton went to a pimp like Jeffrey Epstein to indulge his perverse appetites. Pimps keep secrets.

  2. It is TRUMP who will be accused of child abuse. A tape will be produced.
    They will also have him on tape calling for the genocide of blacks and Jews.
    It is the necular option. Hillary has to use it.

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