Genetics and intelligence

I really like stephen molyneux after he went hard right, it is refreshing to see other intelligent people who come to the same conclusion that the hard right is the ‘logical’ conclusion.  Dropping cultural marxism propaganda.

Long vid some most probably won’t watch it, but just turn it on and let it play in the background.  Among the biggest things is that the further north your ancestors lived the bigger the brain, a north european had a brain compared to an african that was ONE HUNDRED CUBIC CENTIMETERS bigger.

But…but…black oppression!



3 thoughts on “Genetics and intelligence

  1. I heard, “the larger the penis, the smaller the brain.” Asians are the most intelligent.
    The very fact that most people believe, “All men are created equal,” can’t help but
    condemn this society to eventual destruction.
    Of course, “Seperate but equal, can’t be equal.” This is exactly why the very survival of
    this society DEMANDS the seperation of the races.

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