Don’t forget how long knowledge took to acquire

As long as you are making new mistakes it means you are still learning, a mistake I make recently I want to remind my readers is forgetting how far you have actually come – and that this gulf is very real when trying to talk to others.

I go into it a bit in this post


Using this picture, consider your own quest how at one point perhaps in high school you didn’t get anything at all, or maybe precocious and understood democract vs repub. Likely it was those evil, racist old white men who just didn’t know shit.

Most people never make it past level 1.  For all intents you cannot talk to someone at a lower than single level.  Considering average football watching guy, do you think he has ANY context for globalism, AWALT, white genocide or anything?  No, either its that kim kardashin sure has a nice ass or that black guy keeps kneeling during the anthem.

The major point here, is many of the readers here, and in most redpill sites are pretty ‘high level’ if you start talking about the jews, or all women are like that, or pay gap is a lie etc no one bats an eye even if they don’t believe it.  It is because people are at a similar level.  The take home is when you are dealing with level 0/1 and you start talking about the jews controlling banking, or that obama is a cultural marxist war hawk that they think you are crazy and some fringe radical and often shut you out of the social group.

This is a mistake I make at times, forgetting it took me over 5 years to get where I am today, and I am much smarter than most people.  It is a bit like lifting weights, if you have been lifting hard for years and pick up 200 or 300 lbs you think its ‘easy’ but forget most people can’t do that, and forgot you couldn’t do it either.


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  1. By somewhere in middle school I had already noticed a dissonance between reality, what I’m seeing / experiencing myself and the structure of society, what I was being told – in regards to girls. And it only increased with time while going into highschool. For a while I thought it was just something wrong with me because I seemed to be the only one that saw these things and it almost drove me crazy. I just couldn’t comprehend why the fuck the people around me couldn’t see shit that’s right in front of their eyes.

    Speaking of talking with low powerlevel people just the other day my programming teacher at uni went full fedora, pro-fag, pro-NWO tier cuck and I had some casual discussion about race with the guy sitting next to me. His fucking face dropped when I stated that gypsies are subhuman by nature of their genetics and he told me he always thought it’s a problem of education. Where do these dumbfucks get this “education will fix it” mentality from anyway? I mean is it so fucking hard to see shit and draw logical conclusions? Education? Lol what a fucking joke. Barely 100 years ago or something the MAJORITY of people could NOT EVEN WRITE OR READ and yet we had better leaders and a healthier society. Since then we’ve only gone DOWN despite education constantly going up.

    • Hahaha, yeah be careful showing your ‘power level’ at universities, they are ground zero and you’ll get your ass run out of there or ostraized. Though, if you play it right, you can slay the girls being the rebel bad boy.

  2. It’s funny. I’ve been Red Pill about the NWO, the Hegelian Dialectic designed to divide and conquer while providing the illusion of choice, state sponsored/created terrorism,psyops/false flags, media fakery, the true purpose of the 2nd Amendment, the fact every war since the French Revolution is engineered by the same puppet masters, the climate change hoax, the MSM and much of the alternative media being a propaganda/gatekeeping operation, and many other things for a long time. Women, though, took me a while to get Red Pill on. Maybe it’s because I didn’t start getting laid until college, but I was so fixated on being chivalrous that it was hard to break the pedestal. The alt right, back when it was still called the manosphere, did a lot for me along those lines. I think Henry Makow first convinced me that feminism was an offshoot of Cultural Marxism, and from there it spiraled me down the sex realism rabbit hole. One or two women in my life turning out to be BPD nightmares helped too. And it’s true, the more awake you are, the more out of step with these fallen times you are. Even at church. Just once, I’d like my Pastor’s message to be about Biblical headship.

  3. It takes a good 10 years of work just to eliminate the 18 years of high school.

    It just takes too long for most people to endure. That’s why if WN ever becomes popular, it would be a quite moderated form.

  4. EK…

    You make a good point, but ultimately the metric is your own personal free will and how it manifests in approximation to your conceptual desire.

    My PARAMETERS are “radical autonomy” and wS…. Absolute degeneracy and total self-annihilation versus Perfection AS an incarnated white man. The total autonomy “within” these parameters is something analogous to choosing to be a “black hole” or truly God-like.

    This is the ESSENCE of the white race’s Narrative… “We” are RIGHT AT THIS “fork in the road” with an Alt-rite believing delusionally that they will cruise right down the middle. Yet, there is no middle between all-out degeneracy and maximum moral autonomy. There is no floating. There is sustained ascent or there is perpetual descent.

      • (G)nosticism as I understand it is ultimately “God” as anti-Perfection. And the early gnostics sincere belief in the degeneracy of man (The Fall) had them honestly conclude that “God” was evil. And their special knowledge of this highest truth is what has defined them as (G)nostics from a wS perspective.

        Yet, “God” as evil… As anti-Perfection… As anti-objective Supremacy IS A NON-STARTER… The imposition of this NON-STARTER as a RESULT of Gnosticism is now a crucially memetic part of a very LARGE Narrative…

        A critical mass are EFFECTIVELY (g)nostics… Literal nonstarters…. All the way to violent fanatics who believe “God” is evil.

        The wS KNOWS God as Perfection… He knows HE MUST START HERE.

      • EK…

        The residual effect of (G)nosticism is a critical mass of high IQ “white” males surmising the Evil “God” as most omnipotent TO THE POINT of having NO CONCEPT of God as Perfection LET ALONE The Perfect God AS most omnipotent.

        The true radical is a metaphysical self-annihilation.

          • EK…

            If that were actually the case THEN (G)nosticism is effectively dead BECAUSE THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO DISCUSSION of any “perfect god” amongst our “liberated” society.

      • “God” as Evil = Victory at death.

        “Victory” at death = desire for total annihilation.

        Desire for total annihilation = desire for radical sexual autonomy…

        Radical sexual autonomy = The most pleasurable “solution” to “God” as Evil.

      • The TRUE (G)nostic understands his ORIGINAL ROLE in perpetuating the vicious cycle above… The imposition of an “infinite regress…” The amplification of life as a meaningless redundancy.


    Level (lvls) of Awareness:

    -3 (LEVEL -3): Libertarians, “Progressives”, people who believe they know logical turths and try to persuade others of this face as if their ‘logic’ is ‘truth’…AKA SOPHISTS…they have no idea of what is real knowledge or truth, and they will gladly and joyfully force a spoonful of sludge down your throat and call it honey.

    -2 (LEVEL -2): Average person, thinks in terms of whats told to them on CNN or Fox News, doesn’t think for themselves, total nutter, lives for pleasures, doesn’t know what is real ‘thought’ or ‘thinking’, will gladly kill you and take your home if it was legal.

    -1 (LEVEL -1): Children and homeless people, both naturally see the world as it pertains to objective reality, neither is comfortable with ‘changing’ anything, neither believe they can change anything, both simply feed off of the ‘system’, both are higher lvl than the average noob because they both witness objective truths, a child will call you out on your BS if you say something stupid….if your a man dressed as a woman a kid will laugh at your ass,” HAHA thats NOT a girl! THATS a MAN!”…plain and simple children see through the bs that most people embrace on a daily basis, long story short children see subjective nonsense (men dressed as women) and mock it because its unnatural and the kid knows its unnatural, how does A KID KNOW THE TRUTH?! Easy, the kid aint as socialized as dick head todd, dick, and harry. As far as the homeless dude goes, hes more or less the same; he see’s societies woes and feels powerless to do jack about it, he has no education, no standards, doesnt know shit about shit, but he’s still a better man than you…why? Because his ass aint socialized like all you nutters out there…he see’s objective truths and accepts or rejects them, same as the child…pretty simple.

    0 (LEVEL 0): Not sure who goes here, but I know it aint Repubs, Dems, Libertarians, children, or homeless, I’m thinking its people who know there’s something wrong with nearly everything they’ve ever learned and don’t mind being different to learn it.

    1 (LEVEL 1): A ONE on the level of ‘awareness’ is a dude who knows college is shit…he knows it might be good to go to get a decent job in this messed up economy, but overall, he knows the truth about life aint found in college…lvl one awareness is a dude who finally understands that its not all about him, its about what actually IS and what actually IS NOT…why you ask is this the first lvl of awareness…plain and simple its because somethings are, and some things are NOT…you either realize that truth or you disregard it…to realize that truth and actually understand it means your getting somewhere..a level 1 is a paradox…on ONE hand they want truth so bad that they will say and think ANYTHING in order to FIND the this ‘TRUTH’…

    on the other hand they realize they might need to restrain themselves…some lvl 1’s understand that to DO ANYTHING isn’t even logical, “What is logic?”…they know doing ANYTHING IS NOT LOGIC…YET maybe it is? The lvl 1 is in massive conflict, they don’t know what to really believe, “Do I believe my physical sensations, my thoughts, my FEELINGS?” A lvl 1 is in mass…MASSIVE disarray….they don’t know where to go…and so MOST if NOT all of them turn towards either manipulation of the socialized norms of the day…almost all level ones becomes SOPHISTS….they understand many broad topics which understand real TRUTHS and yet since they realize they cant GO FURTHER on the path to truth they become manipulations machines…people like this are similar to your Clinton’s and Obama’s, AND Trumps…

    these are people who understand how the world works and WHAT PEOPLE WANT! And so what do they do? They use their knowledge about what people want in order to manipulate most people to believe them. It appears on the surface (to the average person at least) as something not logical…people cry out,”Why would they do this?”…The simple answer is because these kinds of people have actually put in some mental effort, they actually wanted truth, but they got lazy and they got arrogant, and they realized its easier to manipulate people with knowledge which is beyond the masses. Unfortunatly in doing so these arrogant assholes end up becoming our nations ‘leaders’ and yet they also end up becoming maybe the most corrupt and disgusting people alive.

    2 (LEVEL 2): A LVL 2 Asks,”What the hell? Why does it matter if somethings ARE and some things ARE NOT…WHY CANT I JUST DO WHATEVER THE HELL I WANNA DO!!!???” A lvl 2 is highly confused…they don’t know who to turn to, they don’t have a clue what is reality and truth, simply put they are lost and yet they KNOW they cant TURN back and risk losing any knowledge (little knowledge at that) that they’ve acquired. They know forgoing their pursuit of knowledge would lead to their demise…they can’t turn back, they FEEL they are ONTO SOMETHING! BUT WHAT IS IT!? The lvl 2 is willing to push on EVEN though ALL SEEMS LOST! They feel they have no damn clue as to what the hell is ANYTHING! They are lost as shit, they don’t know, ALL THEY KNOW IS TO TURN AROUND IS NOT THE ANSWER!

    These are people who might have gone to law school and realized its a scam, or people who who are doctors and professors and realize they aren’t really saving lives (if only briefly), or people who consider the ideas of politics but realize its all fueled by manipulations. To them something doesn’t just seem wrong with the world, something is wrong with the world, and its MAJOR wrong. Lvl 2’s realize that their knowledge could easily subdue communities; that many voters will gladly vote them into office in their local district if you persuade them effectively. But they realize that this manipulation isn’t right. That there’s something inherently wrong with taking advantage of an entire community > and then a state > and then an ENTIRE country! “WHATS GOING ON HERE!” the lvl 2 asks.

    The lvl2 isn’t necessarily concerned with taking a big picture approach, but he realizes that the big picture might be the only approach he can actually take to help the vast majority of people. If he rests on his laurels he realizes nothing will ever get accomplished. The manipulative lvl 1’s will forever control everyone else. AND SO, the LVL 2 is a person who makes the choice that,”DMAN IT, I can’t go back, I HAVE to help this crap hole, no matter what.”

    3 (LEVEL 3) Level three
    LVL 3 is more or less an awareness which is profound and far reaching. A person does everything they can and knows all topics in order to further ANY objective. Their objective could be good or evil. A lvl 3 knows what it wants to do and does it in such a broad fashion which reshapes human history. These are people who everyone knows. Name a common name like Hitler or Gandhi. These are your lvl 3’s. These are people who feel they’ve arrived at the pinnacle of human achievement…Hitler or Gandhi would most likely both say they are doing what they believe is the CORRECT ACTION for HUMANITY to take…These individuals are so adapt at persuasion (natural & learned), as well as spirituality, and also human ethnics and nature that few people and things (other nations included) are a problem for them. Gandhi OWNED India even though he was a single human being…Hitler OWNED Germany even though he was a single human being. Lvl 3’s are naturally gifted and yet also very much aware that they are doing something beyond the norm. They are well beyond lvl 1’s and 2’s. Hitler and Gandhi were both individuals who ‘manipulated’ the masses-in their own context of course. Manipulation has a negative connotation. Could one say Gandhi manipulated the same as Hitler? A lvl 3 would realize that the word itself is subjective, and that both simply ‘persuaded’ the mob to follow them. They understand the mass movements of people and how people easily fall into certain categories.

    4 (LEVEL 4): Lvl 4 awareness is either highly subjective or highly objective. Either individual is someone who believes they KNOW (subjective) EVERYTHING or someone who believes they only know what is material and matter (objective) reality. More or less both people come to the conclusion that that which they believe can still be questioned and that they realize they still don’t know anything at all. Both people realize their subjective and or objective experiences are grounded in logic and yet both realize their logic is still lacking. A lvl 4 is an individual who wan’t to believe they have FIGURED IT ALL OUT and yet feels like a LVL 1 AGAIN. The lvl 4 either falls into the uncertainty of life and becomes a lvl3 for the rest of their lfie or they realize there MUST STILL BE SOMETHING MORE THEY DON’T KNOW AND UNDERSTAND and so they press further still in the hopes that maybe they may still know life completely.

    5 (LEVEL 5): A lvl 5 is someone who realizes most if not all parameters which contain them. They are people that embrace the inconsistencies and yet rejoice in the truths they know. They realize going back now would mean the end of their existence as they know it, the end of not only their bodies, but also their souls. The lvl 5 has decided not to be a lvl 4 and realizes that to stay a lvl 4 is to live in total angst and to miss out on the absolute which awaits him. A lvl 5 will appear to be someone who is insane or who is very much on the fringe of life and reality. These are people whose lvl seems uncertain,”IS this a madman or a genius?” These are people who appear like lvl 3’s and yet there’s something not right about them. Their only desire is TRUTH…whatever form it takes they understand and know most all truths, and yet they NEED to know the TRUTHS of LIFE, there is NOTHING more imperative to their existence than to know ALL TRUTHS, they seek the beatific vision and nirvana. These individuals are prophets and seers,a dnt eh true sages of humanity and life and existence. These individuals do not simply ‘give it there all and sacrifice themselves as martyrs’ they desire to BECOME one and KNOW truth; they desire truth face to face in a way most humans cannot begin to comprehend. These are your Prophets, your Popes, your Saints, and your Buddhas. Yet, not simply by title alone, these are people who have WORKED their way to these thought processes. A lvl 1 or 2 or -3 will question such an idea,”Why is a POPE or a BUDDHA or LAMA such high level, talk about stereotypical bias!”…what a they are missing is that their ARE average people WHO strive for human perfection. Just because YOU DON’T STRIVE for perfection DOESN’T mean there are not those who don’t. A skeptic will still question this of course. Regardless a lvl 5 is someone who does all they can in the hopes that their existence is meaningful; simply put EVERYTHING they do (every word, action, utterance, thought) is done in the pursuit of human perfection, whatever that perfection is only a 5 could describe.

    6 AND BEYOND (LEVEL 6 >): Lvl 6’s are people who are people who don’t exist in everyday reality. These are people who the universal mind of reality has co-opted and call their own; i.e. these people are no longer people and are part of the ‘matrix’s’ thought processes…i.e. similar to the ‘programs’ in the Matrix. These are people who are essentially assimilated into life and obey LIFE’S movements and everything LIFE commands. They know what IS and what IS NOT. They do NOT have to HAVE discussions about reality because reality is a part of them. Lls 6’s essentially are NOT human, they are no longer part of the collective mindset of humanity but have become the collective mindset of the universal mind of life which controls ALL things.

  6. I think something that should be noted is that I base ‘levels of awareness’ of of objective and subjective reality…i.e. the more one embraces objectivity the more one comes to know real reality and truth, and that the more one believes subjective reality the less one is capable of believing truths.

    For example a progressive and a libertarian are both very well versed in logical deduction and thinking and very much ware of what ‘IS’ and ‘IS NOT’ factual. Progressives and libertarians are both subsets which very much understand politics…FAR MORE than the average republican and democrat. The big difference here lies in the fact that libertarians and progressives are both subsets which feed off of subjective and relativistic ideologues which do not promote factual reality…both will GLADLY sell you the idea that the sky is green and the grass is blue! DID YOU KNOW THAT!?

    Regardless point is that while libertarians and progressives are far more knowledgeable about how government policy works and how society operates they both are much further from achieving any sort of reality awareness.

    An average republican or democrat is much, VERY MUCH MORE capable of being taught and trained to learn truths than a dogmatic libertarian and progressive. Point being is that progressives and libertarians have already ‘made up their minds’ and it is more difficult for them to come to any…ANY…knowledge of actual higher truths about reality.

    Plato talks about this a lot with the Spartan youths.

    It’s much easier to train someone about real knowledge and truth who is not corrupted by a socialized standard. I.e most societies in human history feed off of relativism and subjective urges. For example; maybe people WANT certain goods; maybe people want clothes that are the color RED. Sound silly? Its cuse it is. Do you NEED RED colored clothes to live? The answer is a resounding no. The point here is that most every society feeds and fostered subjective ideas and inclinations which are highly unnatural and unnecessary. A society like this is very difficult to educate and make them believe in the real truth of life; OBJECTIVE REALITY!

    So, back to Plato and the Spartans. Plato spoke much about how the Spartan youth were the wisest. The point is because they were highly minimalist, highly capable of realizing what they DID and DID NOT ABSOLUTELY NEED TO LIVE, their ONLY DOGMA was to live life according to nature (as the stoics said). Their ONLY dogma was to have a dogma in line with reality.

    NOW back to the libertarians and progressives…how can you educate a dogmatic libertarian or progressive to be IN LINE WITH NATURE AND OBJECTIVE REALITY when their entire belief system is highly subjective and BASED on their own relativistic whimsy’s? The answer is you can’t….or well…you can TRY…BUT ITS GUNNA BE DAMN HARD. A subjectivist LOVES to believe WHATEVER IDEA they COME UP WITH COULD be TRUTH. Its highly delusional. Words do not = reality.

    In conclusion, it is very difficult if not impossible in some regards to teach and educate a libertarian or progressive and make them believe they COULD be WRONG. I suppose its possible…point to all of this is simply that for the sake of the discussion with the ‘lvl’s’ is that the average joe is nearer the absolute truth than the liberterian or the progressive, who is a victim to their own dogmatic ideologies.

  7. “Spartans are the best educated in philosophy and speaking.” The words of Socrates according to Plato. Why you may ask?

    Its pretty simple actually, because Spartans did not speak phrases which were objectively false, they didn’t speak things which were subjective and open to interpreatation. It’s increidble how such simple and profound knowledge has lost itself throughout human history. If only to be slightly adopted or butchered by the contemporary mindset. Women cry out,”be a man!”…as if they even know what that could even mean. Well, ask a Spartan:

    Plato quoting Socrates:
    “[The Spartans] conceal their wisdom, and pretend to be blockheads, so that they may seem to be superior only because of their prowess in battle … This is how you may know that I am speaking the truth and that the Spartans are the best educated in philosophy and speaking: if you talk to any ordinary Spartan, he seems to be stupid, but eventually, like an expert marksman, he shoots in some brief remark that proves you to be only a child”.

    This is because of their inability to embrace subjectivity and relativism. No man describes something which isn’t his as if it is.

    Plato’s Five Regimes is worth a read

  8. Ahh, I forgot to explain: point about bringing up the Spartans is they were trained to embrace objective reality, one of the few societies in human history to do such a thing. You could educate and train a Spartan youth to understand real reality and life instead of some whimsical fantasy which is delusional relativistic sludge feed to you by a sophist libertarian.

  9. A child, a homeless, a dem, or a repub, could all potentially be trained to know real reality-like the spartan youths. A libertarian and progressive will have to disregard their old dogmatic mindsets before they can come even close to the homeless guy on the corner. A libertarian lawyer or progressive news reporter is far more brainwashed and incapable at achieving any real truths in life as compared to the homeless guy on the corner. Ironic and sad huh?

  10. I guess something important that needs said after everything I’ve typed is simply that I don’t believe objective reality is ‘everything’ there is also…thats sort of what it means to be a lvl 4 and 5 and beyond. The level 4 basically concedes to the notion that he can neither know everything (subjectivity) or see everything and believe it to be empirical (objectivity). Therefore the lvl4 MUST accept that their are truths BEYOND empirical knowledge AND beyond thought impressions of relativism and subjectivity.

    A LEVEL 5 is somewhat different…a LVL 5 ’embraces inconsistencies’…for example a LVL 3 may feel the pull of ‘science’ as being a dogmatic empirical truth and enough to explain reality, but a lvl 4 CANNOT accept this, a LVL 4 believes science CAN”T be the only answer, that there MUST be something else, not because they are a SKEPTIC, BUT because reality POINTS to the notion that their is truth elsewhere and beyond the empirical and subjective.

    Something worth noting also for all the lvl 1’s out there is the main difference I’m implying between subjectivity/relativism and objectivity. A LOT OF PEOPLE who are on the PATH to ‘enlightenment’ and want to know more about life and are willing to question themselves struggle with the idea internally that subjectivity = objectivity. They don’t concisouly realize this, but they believe it to be true.

    For example a subjectivist might claim that since their favorite show on TV didn’t air on TV when it should have that they now feel sad because they didnt get to watch the TV show, and that their sadness is caused because of on an OBJECTIVE FACT OUTSIDE OF THEMSELVES. This is SUCH a huge fallacy with most if not all relativist. The basic premise is that an objective object caused my subjective feelings and so the relativist believes they should thus believe EVERY feeling because ALL feelings are ‘objectively true’. There’s so much wrong here, but I’ll simply say that you can TRAIN (like the Spartans) to have a different ‘FEELING’ than the one you presume to be the ‘truth’. No different than society socializing (training) people to believe certain things which aren’t objective truths.

    I will concede that some emotions are biological reactions to the body and not because of the minds impressions, but MOST reactions and FEELINGS are not genuine emotional reactions. Most reactions and feelings are illogical, they are based off of desire and the human bodies impulsive need to satiate itself. Point simply is that MOST people get tripped up believing their emotions to be some kind of genuine reaction to their environment, when their reaction is a process of their over working mind that desires a certain outcome. So back to the TV example…it’ll sound obvious but just because your favorite TV isn’t airing when you want it too doesn’t mean your emotions should change ALL OF SUDDEN. Essentially your emotional reactions are based on subjective interpretations of your environment and arent objectively verifiable. And just because I WANTS AND DESIRE one thing to happen DOES NOT MEAN IT WILL. Point in case being that your FEELINGS ARE NOT an accurate indicator of REALITY AND TRUTH. MANY MANY people stumble here and never go any further because they believe every sensation OUTSIDE their BODIES MUST BE A KIND OF TRUTH! This is not only highly undesirabrle but also highly inaccurate. The real truth is somewhat in the middle ; where your emotions SHOULD gauge to you what is truth, BUT they will ONLY do this if you already know what is NATURAL AND TRUE! If you’ve been raised your whole life to think your a girl when your physical body indicates your a boy than you will have NO CLUE what is objectivly true. MANY MANY MANY people are so hyper socilized that they have NO CLUE what is even close to objective truth. But generally speaking for the sake of the discussion if you’ve been raised like a Spartan youth your whole life it will be easy to gauge which emotions are correct ad true because you will have been raised knowing accurate impressions. [Read Epictetus]

    “Men are disturbed not by the things which happen, but by the opinions
    about the things; for example, death is nothing terrible, for if it were
    it would have seemed so to Socrates; for the opinion about death that it
    is terrible, is the terrible thing. When then we are impeded, or
    disturbed, or grieved, let us never blame others, but ourselves–that
    is, our opinions. It is the act of an ill-instructed man to blame others
    for his own bad condition; it is the act of one who has begun to be
    instructed, to lay the blame on himself; and of one whose instruction is
    completed, neither to blame another, nor himself.”

  11. Basically a lot of subjectivist FEEL that their FEELINGS MUST mean that their FEELINGS are OBJECTIVE AND REAL! Its not that their feelings aren’t real, its that their feelings have been disassociated with the correct and accurate impressions in reality. For example if I was raised by wolves I might believe myself to be a wolf, but I’m really a different organism, I’m a HUMAN! That’s an objective fact. Point being that simply because I FEEL I’m a wolf, doesn’t literally make me a wolf. Sounds obvious enough, but SOOO many people are RULED by their emotions.

    Theres NOTHING WRONG with an emotional reaction of some kind if its impression is grounded in real an natural truths. I’ll use gay people as an example. For a guy to like a guy is unnatural. Why? Because the impression is not grounded in an objective natural truth, its grounded in a relativistic idea. I could LOVE a dog and wanna marry it, how is that any different? It’s not. There’s basic natural inclinations and impressions most humans generally know and agree upon partly because they are biological and partly because they have been reinforced. But to go back to the very beginning of everything I was saying with libertarians and progressives; their relativistic mindset is highly unnatural (I should be able to do ANYTHING I WANNA DO!), is highly egotistical, highly selfish, and highly stupid. If emotions aren’t based on logic and what is natural there’s no point even having them. We might as well all be robots if your not going to use your feelings (thought impressions) accurately. Your a human aren’t you? You have a brain don’t you? Then use it.

  12. EK a good point you made was:

    “you cannot talk to someone at a lower than single level.”

    I think its the same, namely likeminded people almost always tend to find one another, but this can be either really good or really bad…like in my perceived lvl paradigm my lvl 1’s are basically your lvl 3’s…like you said in your other post…the Alex Jones and Rush Limbaughs and Hannity’s, who in my mind are the same as the Clinton’s, Obama’s, and Trumps…it’s this LVL which is one of the most distrubing I think because a person feel they finally ‘get it’…they know some basic truth-isms and they always an agenda…IO think these peoples agendas developed into such hard bias-ness because they stopped lvl-ing up…they no longer questioned themselves, they simply poured gas on the fire of their ideologies and sprinted for the finish believeing they were at the end of ‘awareness’…

    but back to your point…those lvl 3’s/1’s ALL attract eachother…its easy for kids to attract other kids with the same ideas, or parents (repubs / demsn), or hell even homeless john and jane doe…but the more awareness you gain the less there are of others…its sort of like the GREAT CHAIN OF BEING…

    a lvl 4 or 5 will be way lucky to find another one like them…although it does happen…I would referance Saints here…if you research Saints throughout history, many Saints knew other people who also became Saints…I don’t think this is a coincdence…but even spiritual leaders and prophets the same holds true…like attracts like…and the more of you their are the easier it will be to find someone else like you…

    But back to the Great Chain of Being thing for a moment…if this is basically true….where the more knowledge = the less individuals than one copuld take it all the way to a monothesitic God couldn’t they? I sort of using this metaphor to suit my own bias but generally speaking it seems somewhat accurate…maybe theres two ‘lower’ ‘deities’ or powers right below God who literally everything except for the ONE truth the single God knows…that would sort of make sense to me.

  13. I think I shoulld’ve posted all my stuff on a different post.

    You don’t read bout gnosticism much on these day’s.

    My two is I dunno anymore…I use to be sorta all bout it…gnosticism is intriguing inasmuch that it presupposes some kind of hidden knowledge which people can’t grasp.

    Ina nutshell I think theres definitly stuff we can’t know how it works (maybe we can)…but ALL the stuff that we do know (empirical evidence) I think sort of rules out a ‘hidden knowledge behind the veil’ so to speak…

    Like I sorta mentioned above…how kids and homeless are basically like the same ‘level of awareness’…kids I think in a roundabout way sort of disprove this idea of secret knowledge…like I said I think theres knowledge we might be able to possess and know which isnt known to us, but generally speaking I think children sort of attest to the fact that most all common knowledge is avaiable to us in the present moment…like you don’t have to look hard to spot inconsistencies….a child spots inconsistent stuff ALL the time…what does this prove? Basicsally that children notice objective reality, and if there was ‘something else there’ a kid at some point wouldve pointed it out by now I think…

    it sounds kind of dumb…but like I put animals at the same lvl of awareness (almost…reall really close) as kids….and like dogs know who their owner is…they know when somethings up…dogs will never learn math like humans…but they still know the basics of reality…same with humans…humans know whats up and were a higher lvl than animals but theres prolly some knowledge thats just out of reach from us that we cant comprehend…just like dogs cant comprhend math…HARD multiplication….I know some animals are ‘smart’ ok…but you get the point…

    I guess my main beef with Gnosticism these days is simply that its way inconsistent…its like if I wrote a ton of stories about EK after his blog gets real famous and said all of this stuff that EK never really did…anyways

  14. I guess as sort of closing comment to everything I’ve typed…to tie it all in with the gnosticism thing is simply that I dont think these higher lvls of awareness are like ‘more evolved people’ or ‘smarter’ or whatever…I think the lvl 6 is the same lvl as the kid actual…I think it goes full circle…these lvl’s of awareness in my mind seem to represent breaking out of social conditioning and then realizing your part in the world…most people dont try to break out of the social conditoning placed upon them…does this mean they are ‘worse people’ or ‘dumber’ or ‘blind’ or is the lvl 6 the ‘secret gnotisc’ who UNDERSTANDS ALL OF LIFES MSYTERIES? I think the 6 realizes he isnt really a 6 but is actually suppose to be whatever lvl was preprogrammed for him to begin with.

    I dont think theres any ‘secret knowledge’ which we can obtain and preach to the masses unless its revealed to us by a higher being…sort of like when humans train dogs to jump through a hoop to get a treat or whatever….the dog might eventually at some point in time jump through the hoop by himself, but theres ALL kinds of tricks a dog prolly WOULD NEVER do for no reason unless he was trained to do it by a human…like stand on his legs and walk around…weve taught dogs to stand on their legs and walk…no dog in nature would ever bother doing that if not for a treat or whatever. But point is basically that I do think theres knowledge we cant currently know, but I think it has to be revealed to us from a different source other than human. I dont think weve learned all we can learn, we can always learn more subjective tricks to do for ourselves, but those BIG tricks we would never think of doing I think definitly need to be revealed by a higher source.

  15. Oh I guess one last thing…gnosticism says OT Bible God is evil and NT Bible is love…the ‘opposites thing’…but I gotta disagree simply cuse OT Bible God to me seems like the same dude…like people back in the day needed to get owned major, totally out of control, not to say they still aren’t, but not nearly to the same degree…besides what good parent doesnt dicipline their kid? To me OT Bible God = strict punishment but very loving…should he have just let them be barbaric and not trained them? Training = tough love

    In your struggle against sin you have not yet resisted to the point of shedding blood.
    You have also forgotten the exhortation addressed to you as sons:

    “My son, do not disdain the discipline of the Lordb
    or lose heart when reproved by him;
    for whom the Lord loves, he disciplines;
    he scourges every son he acknowledges.”
    Endure your trials as “discipline”; God treats you as sons. For what “son” is there whom his father does not discipline?c
    If you are without discipline, in which all have shared, you are not sons but bastards.
    Besides this, we have had our earthly fathers to discipline us, and we respected them. Should we not [then] submit all the more to the Father of spirits and live?d
    They disciplined us for a short time as seemed right to them, but he does so for our benefit, in order that we may share his holiness.
    At the time, all discipline seems a cause not for joy but for pain, yet later it brings the peaceful fruit of righteousness to those who are trained by it.e
    So strengthen your drooping hands and your weak knees.f
    Make straight paths for your feet, that what is lame may not be dislocated but healed.

  16. I think (to me anyways) alot of what this boils down (the highest level of reality) or whatever really deals with man’s incomplete nature. Man won;t be satisfied until he see’s God face to face. He’s restless until then. I mean, seriously, like everyman would love to have perfect understanding, I think anyman who goes after real truth and knwoledge would attest to this, everyman in some form is more or less incomplete until he meets his end…whether or not thats in Heaven or Hell.

    Saint Augustine who I’m fond of quoting has a poetic passage about this that I think is wortha read. “You have made us for yourself, O Lord, and our heart is restless until it rests in you.” The following is from Augustines Confessions. In many ways he’s sort of describing the notion and idea and oncept to himself and his soul of his worthiness (or lack thereof) of knowing the divine, and also how it would or could even be possible for him to know God. Essentially the Final lvl of awareness imo.


    “How shall I call upon my God, my God and my Lord, when by the very act of calling upon him I would be calling him into myself? Is there any place within me into which my God might come? How should the God who made heaven and earth come into me? Is there any room in me for you, Lord, my God? Even heaven and earth, which you have made and in which you have made me – can even they contain you? Since nothing that exists would exist without you, does it follow that whatever exists does in some way contain you?

    But if this is so, how can I, who am one of these existing things, ask you to come into me, when I would not exist at all unless you were already in me? Not yet am I in hell, after all but even if I were, you would be there too; for if I descend into the underworld, you are there. No, my God, I would not exist, I would not be at all, if you were not in me. Or should I say, rather, that I should not exist if I were not in you, from whom are all things, through whom are all things, in whom are all things? Yes, Lord, that is the truth, that is indeed the truth. To what place can I invite you, then, since I am in you? Or where could you come from, in order to come into me? To what place outside heaven and earth could I travel, so that my God could come to me there, the God who said, I fill heaven and earth?

    Who will grant it to me to find peace in you? Who will grant me this grace, that you should come into my heart and inebriate it, enabling me to forget the evils that beset me and embrace you, my only good? What are you to me? Have mercy on me, so that I may tell. What indeed am I to you, that you should command me to love you, and grow angry with me if I do not, and threaten me with enormous woes? Is not the failure to love you woe enough in itself?

    Alas for me! Through your own merciful dealings with me, O Lord my God, tell me what you are to me. Say to my soul, I am your salvation. Say it so that I can hear it. My heart is listening, Lord; open the ears of my heart and say to my soul, I am your salvation. Let me run towards this voice and seize hold of you. Do not hide your face from me: let me die so that I may see it, for not to see it would be death to me indeed.”

    This is a really personal example I think of a person who sort of desires the highest lvl of knowledge or awareness…but the only way he can arrive at such a state of ‘knowing’ is to open himself up to an outer source which could ‘save him’ and more or less become part of him. Its very transcendental in a lot of ways. Regardless, the point I’m making is simply that I think union with the animating force of life (God) is more or less man’s ‘end result’…his ONLY real mission he should be worried about and everything else is really just a distraction. What ALL men really want deep down is union with God, they are incomplete otherwise.

    Anyways, lots of spam…enjoy beast-mode forum leader EK***

  17. Long story short Obi Wan’s a lvl 5 – after dying becomes a lvl 6
    Darth Vadar is a lvl 4 or 5

    -“The circle is now complete.”
    -“If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.”


    Chris Pratt a lvl -2

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