Why you should vote Trump even if you don’t believe in democracy much anymore

I have been critical of Trump in the past.  Especially how cozy he seemed with isreal.  I am not going to repeat his negatives (of which I do NOT consider the ‘pussy grab’ at all anything) because they are real and it is completely likely he is controlled opposition.  Further, it is entirely likely that he is legit, and they crash the economy to ‘see told you so’.

But…the main reason you should vote for him is he is the last CHANCE we have at a legit procedural/legal way to save our republic before we fall into 3rd world shit hole status.  The logic is as follows, he has enough money to weather the insane leftist attacks, and if he goes down there is no way any ‘normal’ person could win.

People are very blind about history, we are very similar both to the collapse of the Rome empire, as well as we are in the early stages of weimar republic (aka germany before they got rolling in ww2).  Faggotry, women out of control, cultural marxism run amok – this is what happens before countries either collapse completely into banana republics with rampart crime or ‘evil right wing dictatorships’.

If Trump loses, or he wins and he is just a chump/controlled opposition we know the score: legally its over.  It becomes clear then, the the system is irredeemably corrupt and then we can plan our next move instead of wasting time on something that is not going anywhere.

Its our ‘last chance’ and if it fails, well now we know.


21 thoughts on “Why you should vote Trump even if you don’t believe in democracy much anymore

  1. It’s already dead, bro. Let it die.

    That “last chance” probably occured in the 1970s. It would take a combination of Jesus Christ and Thor to stop things now.

    You ALREADY know the system is irredemably corrupt. It’s a police state right now. There never was a legal solution. I can’t name a single nation not founded by turrism – Israel included. They had many turrist groups in the 20s and 30s.

  2. Trump is not a savior. He is also not the devil. At best, Trump buys us time to ready ourselves for the collapse. That’s not worth nothing. With Clinton, the final collapse will begin immediately.

  3. I’m not the one who needs a last chance, (((THEY))) are. I will survive, one way or another. Weimar is closer than Rome. Not just historically but through the passage of time. Things go faster now. Trump is the Last Chance for The System to Do The Right Thing. After that, Pinochet, Mussolini, Hitler, Napoleon or Caesar, but no more bullshit about elections, equality or voting.

  4. Trump is either a mentally unbalanced egomaninac on a fool’s errand, or he is a
    poser performing a role. I think the latter is more likely. Either way, he’s unfit to be
    Face it. Middle class and lower white guys are dead men walking.
    The only howls of deliourious joy you will hear are the non-white men with their
    “parts” between the legs of their white slave women.

  5. That’s pretty much where I’m at. Yeah, presidents for the past century have pretty much all been middle managers in the NWO, but if nothing else, it’s a symbolic vote against the Clinton/Bush revolving door dynasty, and it pisses the SJWs off, which can’t be all bad. Scripture would seem to tell us that we’re supposed to treat our system of governance as though it’s legitimate, with the understanding that God is in control. God has been known to use very corrupt governments to advance His agenda. The Pax Romana was an oppressive peace, but one which allowed relatively safe travel for the apostles to spread the Gospel. As far as the fall of Rome, I agree. Rome was letting barbarians move in, and offering them citizenship in exchange for military service. The barbarians then took their new martial skills, combined with insider knowledge of Roman military tactics, and used them against Rome. While all the while, Roman nobility grew increasingly more corrupt and faggy, and the upper class women routinely cuckolded their husbands, often with gladiators drawn from barbarian tribes. Nothing new under the sun. Still, Shillary is as clear a symbol of the globalists as you’ll ever find, and Soros is spending a lot of energy and money to give her “her turn”, so let’s throw a monkey wrench in those works.

  6. The comments about the decline of Rome were spot on.
    You can see evidence of it today. Today’s Italians racially have nothing in common at
    all with ancient Rome. Babalion vermin entered from the east and were employed
    as “domestics” and gradually out bred the native population. The stood helplessly
    by and let it happen.
    It all just comes down to the question of whether you want chose your own kind of death
    or be ripped to pieces like in the film “The Hills Have Eyes.”

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