The left/globalists/NWO/Illuminati etc would be legit if they weren’t so faggy

Like some in the alt-right I had my chances to shine and get picked up into the deep state, where I’d be flying drones or assassinating people in the name of democracy but never went down that path due to a gut feeling of their side ‘not being right’.

Like the previous post of what things the left does right, there are some things that are simply effective that they do – they have a huge ‘ends justify the means’ mentality.  The main issue I have with them – because let me be frank, I am not fundamentally opposed to a ‘world government’ and rearing all the people to be loyal to the state and have a pseudo-socialism, but the society I envision is more akin to a fascist state rather than a hippy commune – are how truly degenerate they are at the core.

The strategies of deception and so on the left/globalists use I have to begrudgingly admit are effective.  The issue is that not even the ‘elite’ are badass in the slightest.  I would totally respect flooding the world with faggots and MINOs if the end was some ultra elite super state/serfdom IF THE ELITE WERE AT ALL BADASS.

You have this utter faggot obama who is the antithesis of anything masculine, walking around with women laughing at his erection, and wearing a little bike helmet while he rides segways is a joke in every sense of ‘badass’/elite.

If the clearly dysgenic thing they are unleashing was because at some future chaos to usher in a new world of hyper eugenics/genetic engineering perfect humans I would be fine.  Yet we have these truly faggot/degenerate elites at the upper level.  If these guys were physical specimens that also were geniuses I’d be like ‘ok they are better men then me’ but I see these unbelievably pathetic specimens exemplified by obama, killary etc.

HOW THE FUCK are these guys near the top of the chain?



13 thoughts on “The left/globalists/NWO/Illuminati etc would be legit if they weren’t so faggy

  1. They’re on top because they are more ruthless than we are.

    A strong WN is exactly the same as a system elite. We have the same “spirit” they do. The difference is, they have power now and we want it in the future.

    It would be curious to see pics of the real system elites and to get close to them. The first name that comes in my mind is George Soros.

  2. And it’s even worse with the guys at the top of the NWO pyramid. David Rockefeller is the most hideous thing you could lay eyes on. I really think he might have some demons. Same with Soros. And have you seen Jacob Rothschild? The guy literally looks like Mr. Burns from The Simpsons. It’s been postulated that Mr. Burns is based on him. I think that’s why the elites are so into transhumanism. If you’re a decaying husk speeding towards your reward for serving the dark side for the better part of a century, and you hadn’t gotten hard in a decade, you might want to download your consciousness into a cyborg to try to “live” forever. Somehow I doubt the soul comes along for the ride when you translate your brain into binary code.

  3. The First Law of Liberation…

    Supremacy equals degeneracy…

    Such that…

    The degenerate life is GAWD!!!

    A mass of self-annihilators equals a “default elite.”

    A “default elite” is, by the inverted logic of the First Law of Liberation, “elite” BECAUSE “it” does nothing actually elite, RATHER, “it” is AUTOMATIC, ie., default, BY WAY of a mass of self-annihilators. Ergo, “elite” by default. And the “default elite’s” luxurious degeneracy is financed by a myriad of prophetable endeavors where a few take from a lot just a little to have too much.

  4. What would it be like to have a person with absolutely no scruples rule over us?
    We’re going to find out pretty soon. Maybe we’ll have time to say our prayers before
    the firing squad locks and loads.

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