‘Global power’ out to stop Trump


I am really glad Trump is talking about this.  This is the exact same thing Kennedy said before he got whacked by the deep state.

People like Killary absolutely thrive in secrecy just like her comment about having a ‘private vs public’ opinion.  Time tells does Trump come out and get whack, maybe a engine malfunction or a barbell over the throat is always classic.  ‘Suicide by gun’ hasn’t been used in a while.

His israel connections are very alarming, but the fact he brings this into the open is useful for many sheep who had never heard of it.  I suspect nationalism is taking off.


6 thoughts on “‘Global power’ out to stop Trump

  1. Maybe, EK. Or maybe it is a great danger to us.

    You remember how the environmentalist movement once was. When it became mainstream, it died. There is no enviro movement today. I doubt most leftists would even know what monkeywrenching is.

    In recent memory, whatever becomes popular is moderated. The WN we practice is a very extreme version. Takes too long for public attention spans to reach.

    We get stronger in the shadows but wilt in the light. I wonder is the attempt to make WN work by voting will destroy it. Seems like the legitimization of a thing breaks it.

    • I agree with your points. I would counter with this though, at what stage is wn even at these days anyway? By any metric wn is losing except perhaps that more are becoming aware of it. USA is too controlled, any true wn would get jailed or labeled ‘hate group’.

  2. I don’t know whether you know this, but a famous film director named Orson Wells
    broadcasted a radio program on Halloween in the 1930’s based on the Jules Verne
    novel “War Of The Worlds.” It was done in “newscaster mode,” and caused a panic.
    People couldn’t differentiate between a radio play and a real life news event.
    A couple of days later, Wells gave a contrite news confrence apoligising for frightening
    his audience.
    The moment the reporters left, Wells and his co-harts had a hearty laugh. Do you
    suppose Trump will “high five” with Hillary when he accomplishes HIS mission to
    usher in the Wicked Witch of the West, destroy the Republican Party, genocide the
    white Christian male, and turn the white woman into a sex slave?

    • Yeah, I know you have been on that for a long time. I don’t think its unfounded either. Is he ‘really’ a hero? Business man tycoon. Maybe he is set up to win only to destory the movement, like obama has delegitmized blacks.

  3. A “default elite” possess the “finest” mechanisms in which to gauge the public’s mood at any particular time parsed by any particular manner.

    So first things first… MRKA IS HUGE… North America is even more phenomenonly huge. A re-colonization is HUNDREDS OF YEARS IN THE MAKING… We are only at the first fifty years and nascently believe in only terms of non-white colonization. There shall be no socialism in The Land of white Supremacy…

    “Three Nation Solution” pg. 0.

  4. The reason why Kennedy was assassinated was because he assassinated other
    leaders. Kennedy was put in office to get Cuba back for the Mafia. He failed and his
    brother Bobby used his legal power to try and crush the mafia. Johnson, Kennedy’s
    Vice President, was a killer and mobbed up to his eyeballs as well.
    When you are hated by so many influencial people the odds are against you.
    Kennedy reaped the whirlwind of forces he set off. It was inevitable. The same thing
    happened to his brother a few years later.

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