Things the Left does right

The Left does a lot of things right, and it is in our interest to learn from this, all too quick we dismiss them as shitlibs, faggots, trannys etc.  The so called Alt-right is embracing some of these, but see how the old right was soundly defeated on every one of these points.

I was a hard core leftist through most of my youth, protestor, walkouts, all that.  I suppose it appealed to my innate need for conflict and my ‘nurtured’ leftist beliefs due to the Marxist indoctrination I threw off.

Rhetoric, or style trumps substance

In this day and age, appearance, emotion, all of it are superior to actual product.  It is better to look right to ‘seem’ right, then to be right.  In a argument or debate, actual facts do not matter, it is infinitely better to make up ‘37% of people would rather die than hold a gun’ then have a real one, or esp. get into a argument about your sources.  They style themselves as the ‘tolerant ones’.

Wildly intolerant

This is a key one, and something the alt-right has generally going for it.  Despite the ‘big house’ of the democrat party, or the tolerant liberals etc, just try running your mouth about you don’t think we should have unisex bathrooms or that gays shouldn’t marry.  Have a core set of ideas, and anything contrary is run out.  PERIOD.  That why the altright is going good so far – its a fairly coherent message blaming minorities, jews, etc and whites need a nation of their own.

Let militant arms run wild

This is where both old and new right are SEVERELY lacking.  The key is to have groups under your ‘tent’ that are violent – let them act out, and justify why it was ok and only slightly excessive.  The left has radical environmentalists (I was once one) the gay lobby and black lives matter as their big three.  They act out wildly and then when they get caught its ‘well the blacks DO have is bad *sob*’.  We are way, way behind the curve on this one.  The tea partiers, dont tread on me, KKK etc are routinely demonized and not even subtly encouraged; as of now only key board jockies.

Demonize enemy/ propaganda

The left is wonderful at this, and right is flailing but catching up through memes.  You have one mission: white are bad, males are bad, this society is shit and all your problems are because of it – repeat this everywhere and anywhere.  This triggers the suicidal tendencies of white males to casterate themselves for women, women to go mud sharking, and the general tendency to believe white males are bumbling idiots.

Zero dissidence / group think

Again, an irony they think they are open minded but cleverly they are not.  Anyone who does not tow the line 100% is immediately outted.  ‘Can you believe frank doesn’t like gays?  What a racist!  We need to get him fired!’  Largely, Trumps success has been this tactic not working.  It is funny watching the media plow this strategy into him OVER AND OVER and it doesnt work.  Yeah I am a racist, I don’t like gays etc.  If they dont have actual power over you, the groupthink becomes worthless.  The right needs to engage in more shaming ‘can you believe bill is ok with faggots?  maybe we better not listen to him anymore’

These are off the top of my head, might have more later.


19 thoughts on “Things the Left does right

  1. Everything you mention is straight out of Eric Hoffer’s “The True Believer”. It not only explains the tactics, but the mentality that allows people to follow irrational ideologies to their end conclusion. Pick it up when you get a chance, it’s an insightful but quick read.

  2. There’s only one requirement. Understand that if you speak your mind, you
    become a Pariah in today’s P.C. society. So that means you have to be suicidal,
    a terminal cancer patient, or a billionare like Trump or Mel Gibson to tell the truth.

  3. Good stuff. Environmentalists used to be RADICAL before their movement was co-opted. ELF was badass. Leftists focus on winning only, no matter the means. They also have a truly relative POV, which makes them very flexible. I like their closed mind to the enemy.

    • Yeah, that was what I basicly came from, it was very ‘masculine’ in that it got stuff done, ‘damn the torpedoes’ type attitude. It got soft, I saw the rest of the left was faggy and eventually left.

  4. If you operate by “any means necessary” then you are terminable AND NEVER of your own choosing… By your own choosing? There is no need to ask.

    “The Realist Radical.” pg. 0.

    • If by Gibson you mean Mel, his bitches have been betraying him recently with recorded phone calls and hit-up demands for money.

      Not alpha enough.

  5. I saw your comments on Chateau Heartiste, and came for a visit.

    I’m glad I did.

    Just to briefly add my own assessments:

    The Left has LONG EXPERIENCE in ruling society. Experience, and comfort with domination, counts big-time in this world. The right wing — and alt-right — are like nervous new seducers trying to be players but not knowing how to go about it.

    I will be adding more political comments at my site, if you’d care to go and check it out
    (in addition to my erotica stories):

    Come visit and leave your comment-thoughts at:

    • There is something I’m curious about, SG. What is your motive in WN?

      You have talked about getting Roissy to notice you. That will be quite hard; he has now hundreds of commenters.

  6. The only thing the Left does right… As in “correct…” But more like “coherently…”

    Is Relativism done ABSOLUTELY relatively.

    Tolerance + nondiscrimination = all-accepting indiscriminancy = surest path to self-annihilation.

    Where the Right goes wrong is either in the facilitation of this self-annihilation… Think cuckservatives and Neo-Nazis… Or, in its sheer blindness to the reality of mass white self-annihilation… Think deracinated Christians.

    • I like your ardor Thor, but your problem is you are too rational, you need to realize most people are stupid and emotion holds far more sway over them. That’s what the left is good at.

      • But YOU are not trying to beat them at self-annihilation NOR waste your “resources” facilitating their desire. At minimum, you grow by way of avoiding a collaterally damaged fate.

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