Debate r2

So now we see, are we mere pawns watching a modern roman gladitator match?

Hillary’s/podesta emails gets covered up due to how ‘bad’ trump is.  I guess do we have a self destructing idiot as the only one who can lose to clinton, giving us a fake illusion of choice?

Now we watch.

Whats worse, some guy who wants to grab a girls pussy, or a woman who lies, broke the lie, got people killed, and complete jew stooge?


3 thoughts on “Debate r2

  1. This election is rigged like a Professional Wrestling match is set up.
    The partisipants are merely playing assigned roles. That includes FBI director Colmey
    and the head of the Justice Departmentt, whatever her name is. The outcome was
    predetermined. Through early voting, Hillary is likely ALREADY elected.
    True, Trump did do better in this last debate, but that was only to run out the clock.
    The show must go on for four more weeks. When two contestants brawl in a in staged
    match, one guy gets the upper hand for awhile to make it look interesting.
    There are more taped revelations to come undoubtedly, maybe even an actual film
    of Trump with at 14 year old on “Orgy Island.”

  2. Exactly. Thrashy uses the word “kayfabe” which is the wrestling word for it.

    Million Dollar Man vs the Undertaker? …but who will win!

    I can watch it and be entertained, but it’s not real.

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