Meanwhile from the front

The more I read about how absolutely overran Europe is, the more hopeless it seems over there.  I see videos of muslims streaming everywhere, entire cities overran etc etc.  The worst part is white/europe is currently peaceful and not fighting, just getting outbred very badly.

Here is a pic I found while scrolling a dating site of a swedish girl:


The rest of her profile shows how deprave she is, but really all you need to see is this picture.  Malignant altruism has doomed this country and most of europe.  Hard to think hitler wasn’t right.


11 thoughts on “Meanwhile from the front

  1. Trump self imploded just as I predicted he would. (See my post on Boy Doesn’t Meet Girl.)
    I wonder if at tomorrow night’s debate, he doesn’t start groaning and making animal noises
    like a sever autistic or geek.

  2. The good news is, nothing is new. This has happened many times before.

    Neither total depravation nor total progress last forever. The white race has been through worse. Success leads to failure leads to success again.

      • Spain was under Muzz rule for 800 years. Genghis Kahn used to have white women shipped from EE to Mongolia. Turks in Greece. And the mother of them all, Homo Sapiens gangraping all the neanderthal women.

        The “native european” was the thal. Evidence suggests a last stand in Iberia with the rest hiding in the mountains of scandinavia.

  3. I was at university a few days ago and during our System Theory course the fire alarm suddenly started ringing. Do you know what people did? They looked at each other somewhat confused then they looked at the professor. The fat fuck was also kinda confused and brushed it off with a not very convincing “prolly someone just triggered it by accident”. He didn’t even open the class door to check. Note that only about a year or so ago there was some incident with a fire in a club (it had bribed the authorities to get permission to open despite not following emergency standards stuff) that resulted in a lot of people burning alive with subsequent protests around the country that ended with the PM resigning and the government changing so people should’ve been a bit more on the edge than usual too.

    What does this have to do with it? The point I’m trying to make is that people live in a blissful ignorance. They’ve grown incredibly complacent due to many reasons from the material abundance of the modern world to the vast mass of escapist media. They just can’t believe anything bad can ever happen to them. If their senses are so dulled towards an immediate danger such as a fire then how could they ever perceive a long term one like being outbred by gypsies (100 years until they become a majority around here. Not as bad as in Germany where it will only take 50 or so for racial aliens to take over but still) ?

    If Russian missiles were to suddenly start falling from the sky most would just be sitting like turkeys with their mouths open wondering if they are dreaming. Honestly, it would be pretty refreshing if they did start bombing shit. Living in a world of lies, an “ordered chaos” is becoming rather overbearing. Would be really amusing to see all these cunts in engineering breaking down psychologically, too, haha. I’m getting really tired of their shit. Regardless, Europe will have war one way or the other. The only option is to destroy the System. I can only hope and pray it comes while I’m still able bodied.

  4. Trump IS NOT A “Useful Idiot.” A Useful Idiot is niave and doesn’t know what he’s
    doing. Trump ALWAYS knew what he was doing. He was on a mission from Satan.
    That’s where he got his income. He made a “crossroads” deal with the devil.
    Both he and the Clinton’s are on the same side. If you make a pact with the devil he
    can give you what you want NOW. The greatest saints of history (including Christ)
    know you have to wait to receive Heavenly glories.

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