Is Trump a sacrificial lamb or actually legit?

So by now you have probably heard how ‘horrible’ trump is because he wanted to fuck some girl and grab her by the pussy – in case someone you dont realize EVERY GUY EVER has said things like this or worse.  My purpose is not to defend trump here, because as I stated, trump has some disturbing jew connection – including every one of his kids dating/married to a jew

The MAIN and SINGLE question with Trump is: Is he a legit rogue billionaire going against the horde, or is he just the token resistance that fills the populace with hatred so we can elect Killary and get the war with russia going already?

I am being a bit flippant in that question, but the root of it is DEAD SERIOUS.  Trump has espoused nationalistic views which has earned him a lot of right-leaning supporters, but his roots betray this belief – namely made money off shoring.  The media always has a liberal bias, but I have never seen it this insane.

Is this all just to make sure Killary Cunton the worst candidate ever wins by virtue of not being ‘racist/homophobic’ etc etc?  1de566b12cd8560bc0cd7adb980aadb20a6bafaa-618x641


In some backroom was it said to Trump ‘you bomb this campaign and we give you 1 bill and forgive your debts’ or does he truly want to make america great again?

The absolute one-minded media swarm on him ignores real news like all this military vehicles moving to east europe (just for training I am sure..) and potential ww3 over syria.

But OMG he wanted to grab a womans pussy!?  This society is going down so hard.  I don’t want to give up, but it doesnt look good.


15 thoughts on “Is Trump a sacrificial lamb or actually legit?

  1. At this point, I think Trump is controlled opposition. He’s a liberal New Yorker doing a Ron Paul impression, but without Paul’s distaste for waging the endless wars the elites create (which, yes, all seem to benefit a certain country, while harming America). It’s the Hegelian dialectic. Just like when Bill Clinton ran against his Iran-Contra co-conspirator George Bush, or Kerry ran against his Skull and Bones brother Bush. The elites bet on both horses, but they’d rather have Hillary in there. Probably because they want to go after guns, and if a republican goes after guns, people might start noticing the man behind the curtain.

      • Thanks, man, will do. I’m glad to see a few in the alt-right are waking up to the Trump-jan Horse. Keoni Galt expressed similar feelings a while back. “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”- Vladimir Lenin. Cultural Marxism 101.

          • Yeah. The guy is surrounded by dual citizenship having neocons. He’s a longtime crony of the Clintons and numerous other elites. Plus, he’s a friend and possible client of Jeffrey Epstein, the convicted sex trafficker who’s been linked to Bill Clinton. I don’t think anyone on the up and up even sniffs a major party nomination.

  2. Voting is a sucker’s game. Your Communist roots should teach you that EK. Comrade Stalin said voting didn’t matter, just who counts the votes. If it changed anything, it would be made illegal.

    I think the Donald Trump hustle “should” wake some WNs up to the true nature of things.

    • Yeah, believe me I fully realize voting is useless. I wrote a paper in college about if voting matters mathematically, and the odds that you change the election were of course in the millions, he didn’t like it.

  3. Objective: Eradication of the white Christian American male BY ANY MEANS NECESSASARY.
    Promote anaracry and call it “Civil Rights.” Use the Satanic method of “Wolf in sheep’s
    clothing.” Call yourself a “liberator” and social justice proponent.
    Long range objective (through divide and conquer) : PHYSICALLY GENOCIDE the
    white man and sexually enslave the white woman. The slave women will be stupid
    “useful idiot” white female “activists” followed by “ordinary” women.
    Good chance that ISIS will get everything east of the Mississippi river and Hollywood
    liberial SCUM will get everything west of the Mississippi. ISIS will get everything eventually.

  4. White pussy makes the world go around and the money it takes to acquire it.
    There is no need to worry about Trump’s future, once he has served his purpose
    in giving Hillary unbridled power.

  5. I surmised earlier this year that Trump just might be a chameleon and change colors if elected, and to beware of that possibility. Oh, boy, did they treat that comment like I was killing their sacred cow. Trump is preferable to Hillary, but that doesn’t mean he’s infallible. By any means.

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