Alt-right basics pt 2 – open mindedness

So here is something than any crazy leftist is going to vehemently disagree with, but by and large the alt-right types are open minded in their opinions.  As an aside, I don’t especially like the term ‘alt right’ as it plays a bit too much into hegelian dialectic but its the commonly used term; much like ‘alpha/beta’ instead of gammas, omegas etc.

Open minded is something very few people have.  Interesting from an evolutionary point of view that we are predisposed to stick with our original thoughts and never deviate.  This is why the CIA among others realizes that our brains are really easy to hack and control, thus you mention ‘nazi’ and instantly that is supposed to derail the conversation, or you can’t hate jews etc.  There can be two studies that prove the opposite, and both sides will cling to their study and say how flawed the other is.

How come so few look at the study unbiasedly and think either both suck or some aspects are true? Because we don’t want to be wrong.  If we change opinions we must have been wrong the first time.

I had a friend who we went our separate ways who NEVER, I mean never, admitted anything he did was wrong, he would argue points that were absolutely ridiculous just to not have to admit he was wrong and talked himself into a hole.  He went into law, fitting in this degenerate age.

For me, I was always more concerned with the truth, if I was wrong than that meant I was one step towards what was right. As a kid I was a liberal, owning to that I was surrounded by Republicans that were pure jokes and my iconoclasm rebelled at their idiocy.  Of course liberal idiocy is much more insidious and takes a longer time to be apparent.

A major test for open mindedness is take the following question, if two people come up to you, one is a doctor/physics/chemist whatever and talks to you, and some other guy comes up and doesnt have any sort of ‘certs’ are you likely to completely ignore this guy?  For most of society the answer is yes.  Even if the doctor is smart medically (which I would argue many aren’t) he rarely knows anything outside of this scope, but society doesn’t care.  To me, my rationale is that guy could be smart enough he didn’t need a degree, maybe he was in military, maybe he is a traveler, until he opens his mouth he could have anything valuable to say.

I’ve had arguments with old ‘friends’ that insisted that status=intellect/grasp of reality.  That somehow the better job or more money you had the better person you are, or the more nuanced your thinking.  This is a pretty republican thought train.  Liberals are a bit different, but their god is the ‘study’/science and fundamentally your opinion can in no way be right if it goes against science.  Highly ironic given research into races/sexes etc, but that’s ‘politically incorrect’ science, which doesn’t count.

Often, in this inverted society, the more highly ranked/placed someone is the less likely they are going to tell you anything good.  How could someone so plugged into this illusion know anything about what the ‘real’ world is like?  How would a white liberal doctor, or fat white republican business man know ANYTHING about living among violent blacks?  They can’t.

We have to be open minded enough that the surface of wherever the info is coming from does not taint us to its actual value.


5 thoughts on “Alt-right basics pt 2 – open mindedness

  1. Robert Caldini wrote about these traits years ago in his classic book “Influence.”
    The trait you’re describing is called “commitment and consistency.” Caldini streamed it
    down to 6 chief behaviours. A person from any walk of society can control another person
    if they make use of these methods.
    Caldini just wrote a new book titled “Pre Influence.” I get that one too.

  2. Today only hardcore racists believe in free speech. Almost no one is open minded anymore.

    It’s like Hitler said so long ago: emotion for the many, logic for the few. I think only the true libertarian is capable of perfect logic; of course his country will be flooded with migrants too.

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