Alt-right basics pt 1 – capacity to accept harsh truths

This is going to be a series on the alt-right from someone actually in it (compared to opportunistic faggots like milo etc).

The biggest landmark of a true alt-right guy (I use this as a super inclusive term at this point, meaning neonazis, HBD types, pua, mgtow, 4chan all of them) is the ability to actually accept a truth that might not be fun/popular or what they originally believed.

The following picture is a pretty good scale.  I started at around 1.5 or so on the level, and somewhere around an 7.5-8 now.  I came into the alt-right from the pua/mgtow side.


click on pic to read

When I was younger I was indoctrinated to hate those ‘dumb white racists’ who endlessly decry ‘nigger’ etc.  They are so dumb! I thought, after all why not judge someone on their merits?  I believed the communist utopia (which btw, IS possible, but only in the realm of genetic engineering ‘equality’ and a enforced state much akin to a totalitarian military state, not a hippy commune), hated conservatives etc.

What happened though, is as I got older things didn’t line up with what I was told.  Jerks always got the girls, but I rationalized that it was ‘just the slutty girls’ and NAWALT.  I got rocked hard by a girl that devastated my pre-pill world in a really bad way.  Being natrually curious (a trait most alt-right seem to have) I looked online as to what happened, I came across borderline personality disorder (my girl in fact WAS bipolar which is really similar) and how all these other guys had similar stories.

It had something else too: raw, unfiltered self-improvement.  It called you out for being a bitch who aquiseced to women.  You were too easy, too pathetic, you probably didn’t lift enough etc.  But…BUT here is how you fix this shit.  It was a panacea for me.  I think this is how a lot of pua guys who eventually grow into alt-right got here.

Naturally, learning pua stuff, it starts to come with the territory that people are far more predictable than you’d think.  No special snowflakes, just easy to manipulate machines.  Then you start seeing stuff about race, and about how men were slandered in every medium.  Yes, this made sense.  No wonder the bitches were so cruel, THEY WERE INDOCTRINATED by the same shit I read that made me into a complacent bitch.

I think a major think is the ability to be honest and accept bad things.  I had a friend who was a republican his whole life, I made fun of him a lot for how stupid he was.  Ironically, I’ve left him in the dust on the ‘extremist’ fringe the alt-right supposedly occupies.  But for all intents he is the typical cuckservative.  They secretly want a white only america, but lack the spine to say it.  They want their little white neighborhood but don’t want to kill people or build walls.  They are the ‘nice whites’ that get mowed down figuratively or literally from the dindus.

I had another friend that fell into libertarianism, which is generally a joke hoisted upon us by the jews as it enables endless race mixing, and open borders which EVERY true alt-right is opposed to.  Same tired arguments. No one hereto has expressed the true problems with our society in general: open borders, lack of a unified culture, endless cultural marxism (feminism, male hate etc).  Instead its utterly stupid shit about tax rates, etc.

This will be a multi part, but the first part of a real alt-right guy is the ability to accept things that they may have not believed.  In other words, the ability to see reality as it is, not as they thought it was.


14 thoughts on “Alt-right basics pt 1 – capacity to accept harsh truths

    • The pacific northwest is special, but they aren’t racially aware. Not enough minos there to wake them up. They get alot of white refugees from Cali and NY, which makes them more liberal.

      All the most extremist WNs come from mino-infested areas like the Southwest or the East coast.

      Some of the toughest racists used to deliberately live in mino nests. Rockwell’s “Suicide Squad” lived in a black Oakland ghetto.

  1. anyways, all those ault-rite dudebores fuck non-white women and lotts of men…

    fuckhead anglin pays asian women for sex and probably lady boys too…

    according to them, I’m a subhuman animal but what will they say when they have halfbreed kids? will they go all feminist and dehmahnd the womyn abort them?

  2. An Alternative Right person must also come to the grim realization that his days are
    numbered, and that Satan is going all out to destroy him.
    Have you come to that realization? It will be evident enough sooner then any of us
    can suspect.

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