Perspectives of the truth


I thought this was an apropos picture, of course it would be used by leftists Im sure to say thats why multicultualism is good.  Justifying why we need some more cultural enrichment for us.

In college, this hyper liberal one I went to, as stated in the past where everything now happened ten years ago (tranny rights, no bathrooms etc) they CONSTANTLY had ‘cultural night’ where youd have the muslims, the blacks make their food.  (what is black food btw?) the two indians in the school etc etc.  Considering the school was 90% white, you know what section(s) were missing?  Of course you do.

How come their wasn’t ‘american’ or basically ANY euro food?


I think there is not a ‘huge’ conspiracy at all levels, not that I don’t buy its mainly the jews, and traitorous whites, but that a majority of people have what might be some suicidal mentality that is easy to trigger and co-opt.  Thus ‘lets bring them all in!’ triggers no problem even though it leads to your lineage end.


4 thoughts on “Perspectives of the truth

  1. We can use that picture just as well as the liberals, EK. I do this also.

    What makes liberal truths more valuable than our truths?

    The Americans are not “diverse.” Both pro-white and anti-white views are valid. Pro-gay and anti-gays are valid. Affirmative action is legalized discrimination against whites.

    We can call them out on the things they call us out on. They don’t have the moral high ground at all.

    YOU can be more liberal than the liberals, which takes one right back to WN. Manson showed me this. It’s a circle; far enough to the left or right takes you back to the beginning.

      • I’ve heard that conspiracy theory. I don’t know if it is true or not, but I prefer to think Tim did it himself.

        Manson went to Frisco in the 60s and absorbed all the leftist ideas of the time. But “the family” was a sort of red pill commune. It was a few men and many women who slavishly followed him. He was cult leader and got things by offer sexual favors of his women.

        He offended the establishment because they thought he hyponized these girls into doing these things. He ordered them to kill and they would do it.

  2. People DO have a “suicide impulse.” Their denial of death continuely returns to
    assult them.
    Years ago a perception expert named Wilson Bryan Key wrote a book titled
    “Subliminal Seduction.” It was about Subliminal advertising. Perceptual “embeds”
    are placed in ads just below the threshold of conscieness. He pointed out that
    ciggerate ads had the word “cancer” hidden in them. They knew that people had a
    subconcious death wish, and it would sell the product.
    Women are most prone to this. They want BOTH safety AND titulation (Excitement.)
    That’s why they do self destructive things. It gives them a feeling of stimulation.
    The useful white idiots that court self destruction are a perfect example.
    Come Jan. 17, they will get their wish.

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