The cuckold fetish is a good example of everything wrong with society

To think our society is not in terminal decline betrays a level of ignorance that for all intents is unlikely to be cured easily. A sign of this decline is the rise of the cuckold fetish.  If you are not aware, it is essentially your wife cheating on you, and this turning you on.  It can also be referring to when a wife gets pregnant secretly and you raise some other guys kid, but across the board its your wife/girl sexing someone other than you.

Our brains are a lot less evolved that we’d like to think but most fetishes presumably have some basis in reproduction, but this is just disgusting.  Modern men are such faggoty jokes, they are weaker, far less endurant, and ironically ‘more educated’ which really just means more propagandized.  As a quick aside I have not met ANYONE under 50 with a masters or a phd that I was actually impressed by their intellect, and quite frankly found them repulsive with an ironic group-think they possess.

If you want modern cultural marxism in full swing just look at this:

‘It’s S&M for Ph.D.s: Cuckolding, in which men watch their wives have sex with other guys, is catching on among people with high IQs who revel in the psychological agony’

So, if you don’t ‘get it’ its simply because you aren’t smart enough.  If you were smart enough you’d know that having your careerist-u-go-gurl wife getting pounded by tyrone is a reveling pleasure.

These articles talk about guys who will have some random guy fuck his wife, then COOK FOR BOTH OF THEM, then watch them fuck again.  All the while the wife is saying ‘xxx fucks so much better than you you worthless piece of shit’.

This is absolutely mind-boggling we are so fucked up as a soceity that apparently 20% of people do this or get off to it.  Aliens need to wipe up the fuck back so we can rebuild.  If my wife EVER told me something like that, I’d slap her across the face and divorce her ass so fast.  It betrays an UTTER lack of self respect, and how the fuck can you be a man if you are watching your wife get POUNDED by another guy?

I don’t know about you, but my ancestors didn’t do that shit, they likely killed any or all involved in that bullshit.

Dickileaks – Killary not out of here yet

This keeps getting crazier, Killary’s campaign manager’s husband was sexting a 15 year old jail bait.  Killary starts to rage against the FBI that ‘they should reveal more’

What a joke, but really funny watching these cockroaches scatter when it is clear they could not hide it any more.

Lock and load boys this is just going to get crazier.  Make sure you have food stocked and all that.

Genetics and intelligence

I really like stephen molyneux after he went hard right, it is refreshing to see other intelligent people who come to the same conclusion that the hard right is the ‘logical’ conclusion.  Dropping cultural marxism propaganda.

Long vid some most probably won’t watch it, but just turn it on and let it play in the background.  Among the biggest things is that the further north your ancestors lived the bigger the brain, a north european had a brain compared to an african that was ONE HUNDRED CUBIC CENTIMETERS bigger.

But…but…black oppression!


Don’t forget how long knowledge took to acquire

As long as you are making new mistakes it means you are still learning, a mistake I make recently I want to remind my readers is forgetting how far you have actually come – and that this gulf is very real when trying to talk to others.

I go into it a bit in this post


Using this picture, consider your own quest how at one point perhaps in high school you didn’t get anything at all, or maybe precocious and understood democract vs repub. Likely it was those evil, racist old white men who just didn’t know shit.

Most people never make it past level 1.  For all intents you cannot talk to someone at a lower than single level.  Considering average football watching guy, do you think he has ANY context for globalism, AWALT, white genocide or anything?  No, either its that kim kardashin sure has a nice ass or that black guy keeps kneeling during the anthem.

The major point here, is many of the readers here, and in most redpill sites are pretty ‘high level’ if you start talking about the jews, or all women are like that, or pay gap is a lie etc no one bats an eye even if they don’t believe it.  It is because people are at a similar level.  The take home is when you are dealing with level 0/1 and you start talking about the jews controlling banking, or that obama is a cultural marxist war hawk that they think you are crazy and some fringe radical and often shut you out of the social group.

This is a mistake I make at times, forgetting it took me over 5 years to get where I am today, and I am much smarter than most people.  It is a bit like lifting weights, if you have been lifting hard for years and pick up 200 or 300 lbs you think its ‘easy’ but forget most people can’t do that, and forgot you couldn’t do it either.

Why you should vote Trump even if you don’t believe in democracy much anymore

I have been critical of Trump in the past.  Especially how cozy he seemed with isreal.  I am not going to repeat his negatives (of which I do NOT consider the ‘pussy grab’ at all anything) because they are real and it is completely likely he is controlled opposition.  Further, it is entirely likely that he is legit, and they crash the economy to ‘see told you so’.

But…the main reason you should vote for him is he is the last CHANCE we have at a legit procedural/legal way to save our republic before we fall into 3rd world shit hole status.  The logic is as follows, he has enough money to weather the insane leftist attacks, and if he goes down there is no way any ‘normal’ person could win.

People are very blind about history, we are very similar both to the collapse of the Rome empire, as well as we are in the early stages of weimar republic (aka germany before they got rolling in ww2).  Faggotry, women out of control, cultural marxism run amok – this is what happens before countries either collapse completely into banana republics with rampart crime or ‘evil right wing dictatorships’.

If Trump loses, or he wins and he is just a chump/controlled opposition we know the score: legally its over.  It becomes clear then, the the system is irredeemably corrupt and then we can plan our next move instead of wasting time on something that is not going anywhere.

Its our ‘last chance’ and if it fails, well now we know.

The left/globalists/NWO/Illuminati etc would be legit if they weren’t so faggy

Like some in the alt-right I had my chances to shine and get picked up into the deep state, where I’d be flying drones or assassinating people in the name of democracy but never went down that path due to a gut feeling of their side ‘not being right’.

Like the previous post of what things the left does right, there are some things that are simply effective that they do – they have a huge ‘ends justify the means’ mentality.  The main issue I have with them – because let me be frank, I am not fundamentally opposed to a ‘world government’ and rearing all the people to be loyal to the state and have a pseudo-socialism, but the society I envision is more akin to a fascist state rather than a hippy commune – are how truly degenerate they are at the core.

The strategies of deception and so on the left/globalists use I have to begrudgingly admit are effective.  The issue is that not even the ‘elite’ are badass in the slightest.  I would totally respect flooding the world with faggots and MINOs if the end was some ultra elite super state/serfdom IF THE ELITE WERE AT ALL BADASS.

You have this utter faggot obama who is the antithesis of anything masculine, walking around with women laughing at his erection, and wearing a little bike helmet while he rides segways is a joke in every sense of ‘badass’/elite.

If the clearly dysgenic thing they are unleashing was because at some future chaos to usher in a new world of hyper eugenics/genetic engineering perfect humans I would be fine.  Yet we have these truly faggot/degenerate elites at the upper level.  If these guys were physical specimens that also were geniuses I’d be like ‘ok they are better men then me’ but I see these unbelievably pathetic specimens exemplified by obama, killary etc.

HOW THE FUCK are these guys near the top of the chain?


‘Global power’ out to stop Trump

I am really glad Trump is talking about this.  This is the exact same thing Kennedy said before he got whacked by the deep state.

People like Killary absolutely thrive in secrecy just like her comment about having a ‘private vs public’ opinion.  Time tells does Trump come out and get whack, maybe a engine malfunction or a barbell over the throat is always classic.  ‘Suicide by gun’ hasn’t been used in a while.

His israel connections are very alarming, but the fact he brings this into the open is useful for many sheep who had never heard of it.  I suspect nationalism is taking off.