What to watch for in tomorrow’s debate

I have raised the specter others have as well that Trump might be controlled opposition, namely that he espouses nationalism but made he money screwing us workers by using chinese labor.  Further, had ties to clinton very recently.

It’s going to be really simple actually tomorrow: does he come full bore at the bitch or take her on ‘nicely’?

That is it.  That is the single most important thing he can do and it will reveal EVERYTHING.  If he plays softball, does a few ’emails’ and then forgets it, never mentions benghazi, or bill raping women, then we know beyond a shadow of a doubt its just controlled opposition.  In this case, he’ll play soft, then once its over talk some shit and miss a golden opportunity.

If he takes this bitch to task, which is EASILY possible given every criminal thing she has done, otherwise just another cuck.


12 thoughts on “What to watch for in tomorrow’s debate

  1. You know about “False Flag.”
    During the first Slick Willie administration it became an art form.
    People can sense when they’re being screwed. They have a feeling of disquiet.
    Mr. Slick Clinton had a habit of engineering “stunts,” and the Media always fell in
    The first one was the Oklahoma City bombing. The evening before the bombing
    Mr. Slick gave a Press Confrence maintaining that he really wasn’t “impotent” and weak.
    The next day (like clockwork) the building was bombed. There was every reason to
    believe that the cause of the bombing was a plot that Clinton knew about but didn’t stop
    because he thought he could use it to his advantage. (Like the Reichstag arson in
    The Slick one blamed the bombing on Talk Radio and non existent Mailtias. The Media,
    of course, accomadeted. There were numerious other staged events during the first
    Clinton Administraton and scores of apoligists and a never ending parade of Sock Puppets
    to cover up for his never ending scandals. When his evil wife gets in this November, it WILL
    be slightly different. Trump will have destroyed the Republican Party. (Mission accomplshed!)
    The internet will be in tyrants hands. The evil witch will let in thousands of third worlders.
    Guns will be confiscated. Criminals and lunatics realeased from institutions. Police forces
    nationalized. White Males genocided. And women dragged away.
    Enjoy the decline?

  2. What happened last night is varification.
    Like an actor playing a role, Trump always self sabatoges.
    Frightening how Satan pulls the strings. I suspected that Trump (Like the Clinton’s)
    made a pact with Satan a long time ago. Trump is all image but no substance.
    This country pretty much belongs to Satan now. Clinton and Trump are on the same

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