The hole gets deeper 4chan and the fbi

On a lot of altright stuff, they view 4chan as a holy grail.  I have hardly been to the site but other than a source of memes and pronazi stuff its pretty forgettable.  However, I recently read an article (I can’t find this one, if anyone knows let me know) about how the fbi or cia was involved with 4chan.

A site that prides itself on being anonymous was in fact collaborating with the gov.

The story gets deeper, the guy who made 4chan chris poole, is NOW working for google.  I certainly doubt he is doing anything to help the cause of privacy esp with googles new AI program it is rolling out to scrub the internet of hate – read alt-right things – and leave the internet some liberal shithole.

What scares me is many of us reading this ‘get it’, but to the average person who sees ONLY pro-gay/tranny/cultural enrichment/dindu is not going to realize there is an alternative.

Very dark.  The only thing making not break down in abject hopelessness is that we are overpopulated, and running out of resources and all this shit is coming down sooner rather than later, and barbism is the natural state of men.  This infection will get cut out and a new order will arise.



4 thoughts on “The hole gets deeper 4chan and the fbi

  1. We’re staring death in the face. It’s really quite amazing how a deluded people opts
    for it’s own suicide.
    Perception is reality, and when you dicker with perception, you control the reality.
    Can you really believe the stuff the authourities are contending with a straight face?
    Deception and myth have superceeded reality. It’s the “Big Lie” theory propounded by
    the Media, Academia, and political class. The masses are buying it hook,line, and sinker.
    The devil is using fairness, equality, and Civil Rights as the means to tear apart the
    fabric of society. He befeddules people in the name of good. Anarachy and criminality
    become a “Civil Right!” Everything depends on who’s ox is being gored.
    Did you see those protesters in N.C.? There were more whites then blacks!
    It was George Sorrois sponsered all the way. These are the same insane people with the
    “European” suicidial mentality.
    A couple of nights ago the buildings were looted. Those were the “real” rioters. The
    community rioters. The bused in Sorrois protesters are allowed to walk among them
    because they are the “useful idiots” to bring about the destruction of this country.
    The pretty white girls are useful to them as well. So it has been in the past, so it will be in the
    future. I’m reading a book about the S.L.A. (Patti Hurst’s kidnappers) called
    “Revolution’s End.” Seems like these radical groups are comprised of middle class and above
    white girls that offer up their bodies to black men to make a revolutionary statement.
    The rich Patty Hurst was sleeping with a black convict named Donald De Freeze even before
    he kidnapped her. What has been noted about women’s minds is true. BETRAYAL is
    is the norm.
    In any case, it’s all rigged and we’re demographically doomed. Sha Baa Kaa has given
    the internet to foreign tyrants. Illegiale alien citizenship is being rushed through to
    help elect Hillary and once that happens we will go over to a South African type

  2. Did you catch that in the article, E?

    Jigsaw says they want to eliminate censorship and to censor hate speech. This is the same thing so many BigGov agencies do, which is fight and promote the same topic. Just like the CIA promotes turrism and fights it, supposedly. They always try that crap.
    You know about multiculturalism and overpopulation? That’s great! Virtually all the population growth occurs in blacks, browns and yellows.
    This is why environmentalism is a waste of time now. It is irrelevent when 70 million people new people are added each year.

    • Hmm, didn’t catch that subtle point. I used to be a huge environmental guy, but I realized whites (and some asians like japs) are the ONLY – ONLY – ones who care about environmnent, and if we dont live neither does environment.

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