Wow, just wow, it’s 2016, and Trump is literally Hitler, I can’t even.

I hope my readers know I use that left speak as sarcasm in the title. I had been on the Trump train over  a year ago when he wanted to boot out all the illegals and muslim, he was a nobody with 1/100 odds to be the nominee (should have bet on him).

When he won, it was sick.  But pretty soon after he started acting like all the rest of them.  Notice all the replublicans have shut up about him now?  If he was a true outsider they’d be bitching endlessly.

I appreciate the spotlight on nationalism, but the problem as I have state before is trump NEVER was a nationalist.  He made his money selling shit out of china, now talks of protection?

What I fear is going to happen is Trump will win, placate the ‘rabid right’ and he will be like an obama and do shit.  But it will quell the right/nationalist movement and prime us for some ultra leftist in 4-8 years.



9 thoughts on “Wow, just wow, it’s 2016, and Trump is literally Hitler, I can’t even.

  1. Of course he isn’t a nationalist. He’s a yesterday’s conservative at best. He’s tied in with the jews, his fucking daughter is married to one or some shit. There won’t be any change coming through the System. It is completely rigged and democracy is a sham. Revolution is the only way.

  2. That’s right.

    Probably the most controversial thing Trumpy proposes is to actually build a wall and to enforce the immigration laws. Doesn’t mean anything. Even if we locked down the borders tonight, the demographics are already against us.

    Ron Paul was far more radical than Trump: ending aid to Israel, back on the gold standard, end the fed, close the foreign military bases, etc. He was basically unelectable, except for libertarians. His proposals would have changed everything.

    It is now just like Brexit: the vote came through! We won!….but nothing changed:(

    It’s a great con, and I admire them for it. They want for us to pretend that voting actually means something. Most are fooled.

    • I’ve long suspected that Trump is a stalking horse meant to suck Paul supporters and libertarian types back into “the fold”. He’s like Paul, but with unrestrained support for Israel (he’s long been surrounded by neocons of questionable loyalty), pushing of the Muslim boogeyman myth (many Paul supporters are 9/11 aware), and long time ties to the Clintons and many other globalists who he nominally stands against. In conjuction with this, the Soros-run black lives matter psyop has reigned in a lot of the legitimate criticism of overly militarized police that was popping up on the right in the wake of the Bundy ranch debacle and numerous other incidents in which the harrassed party was a white conservative.Now any criticism of law enforcement tactics makes you sound like a brain-dead SJW. Being a Trump supporter “feels” like being an outsider, but this campaign seems like a way to provide an establishment candidate who looks enough like an outsider to lure in right leaning libertarians, tea partiers, and alt-righters. Still, he claims to be pro-life, pro-gun, and anti-globalist, and Hillary is downright evil, so I don’t blame anyone for voting for the lesser of two evils. It’s the Hegelian Dialectic at work, but I still might vote for him, if only piss off my leftist family and friends. “Vote Trump: He pisses off the most annoying people you know!”

  3. Erudite Knight

    Trump is doing exactly what he needs to do to win, first he goes right in the Primaries (or left if your a Democrat) and then you head towards the centre to get as many voters as possible. Will he turn out to be a bad President?

    I don’t know, but I do know that he was the only one who was prepared to actually talk about controlling immigration and doing something about free trade. Thats a pretty good start. And if he does turn out to be worthless on these issues I won’t bet 1 cent on his being reelected.

    He is already worthless on social issues, he’s a Liberal there without question. But on immigration and free trade he has lowered his voice, he has not changed his tune. Before you call him a failure, let him have a chance to fail, after all we all know how bad Clinton would be.

    Mark Moncrieff
    Upon Hope – A Traditional Conservative Future

  4. I’m not the least bit preturbed at the possibility of Trump winning because he has
    absolutely no chance of winning. He will self-sabatage at the end of October.
    Trump is a Judas Goat candidate. His purpose was to infiltrate the Republican Party
    and to lead it to slaughter. He was encouraged to do this by the Clintons who will
    reward him handsomely.
    What does he need more then he has? People like Trump can NEVER have enough.
    Trump is on a mission. He neither wants nor expects to win. He’s a celeberity performer
    like Jesse Ventura or Arnold Schenegger. People are bowled over by celeberity.
    When the Wicked Witch gets in, look for the pedeal to hit the metal.
    The White, Christian male MUST be eradicated. Immagrents MUST flood the country.
    The police MUST be nationalized. Vicious criminals MUST be released. White women
    MUST be enslaved.

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