The irony is the most ardent leftist often is an enemy of their masters

Extreme leftist ideology is literally suicidal if you study history at all – such as Rome which gave women the right to vote near the end of its reign.  The ideology today is the ‘acceptance at any cost’, such as that black lives DO matter, race is non existent (people actually believe this).

Its a plague people unless trying to destory the dominate paradigm, which in this case was the western world/ ‘traditional’ values.

Anyway, most alt-right types hate Isreal, they see how much they control our control, how manipulative YKWs are, and they bring us NOTHING good.  Whats funny is that the extreme left hates them AS WELL, but because of the poor palenstines, from a ‘humantarian’ point of view.

I check huffington post sometimes just to see what propaganda leftists are ingesting, and lo and behold, a link critical about Israel that hypocritically tries to pain palestine as an ‘ethnic state’ and that the jews stand for diversity (lol…)

It has to be seen to believe. But the real point is its funny the marxists/YKW unleash the left upon the world, and like a rabid dog eventually bite their own master.



14 thoughts on “The irony is the most ardent leftist often is an enemy of their masters

  1. You know what’s really scary?
    I saw a very convincing video by a Dr. who maintains that Hillary Clinton has advanced
    Parkinson’s disease.
    The rumour was going around a long time, but he shows evidence on tape.
    The body tremous, the loss of motor coordination, sudden falls, brain freezes,
    head jerks, bulging eyes etc.. Everybody around her knows it. That’s why she can’t
    campain and keeps herself hidden. If she took questions in a REAL press confrence,
    it would trigger spasms. Even the coughing fits can cause penomia.
    There have been other candidates who have hidden dire health problems. J.F.K.
    and Franklyn Rosevelt. But this particular disease makes her inattentive and completely
    unqualified for the job.
    So lets see. The Democrat Party knows she is dangerously ill. Her associates and family
    knows she’s ill. The media knows she’s ill. The hackers know she’s ill. Foriegn leaders
    know she’s ill. It’s a total “Through-The-Looking-Glass FARCE.!”
    The Empror has no clothes!
    See why I say this country is finished? Like a drunk trying to cross a 6 lane highway.
    Upshot? It will become totally Third World right here in America.
    Once the white male is eliminated, white women will be the consulation prize.

  2. I like Israel actually. A WN ethnostate will be alot like them.

    One of the cool things they do is take in jew criminals and don’t extradite them. It used to be that dual citizens would just hop a plane to Tel Aviv and hang out. Untouchable.

    They hesitate too much. If one has to be cruel, take it all the way and finish it. They dragged it out.

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