Banning on the internet

I’ve talked about shadow banning before here and as a quick refresher it is something MANY sites do, facebook, youtube etc.  Essentially instead of outright ban which you make new name and continue they ‘let you’ post it is just that no one can see it.

I believe some of my youtube names are ‘soft’ banned.  Where I can have some posts people respond too, but others never get responded or liked – usually the political ones.

One thing I was surprised was to find dating sites shadow ban.  I have a friend I talk about this stuff a lot, he was convinced he was shadow banned as no one responded at all.  I had a fake girl profile and we tried it, sure enough NO messages from him got through.

So because he had ‘scared’ some poor little girl who probably flagged for a shadow ban, his entire ip/mac got banned not just account.

^Quick aside, I got banned off a game about 6 months ago and the way they enforce a ban on ‘you’ is not IP which many people think but rather your MAC address which is local to your computer only (meaning a new comp would work).  Further, your mac can be changed without too much tinkering, so file that one away guys.

Anyway so back to the friend, consider from his POV, he messages all these girls, no one responds, ‘oh I must just be a loser’ and hates himself rather than the site protecting those poor girls from all the rapists out there.

Lastly, I just got overt banned off another forum for ‘race baiting’  for the following pic:



Its actually for the best, spent too much time there anyway, but keep in mind banning can be a wide range from the overt ban, to soft ban to shadowban, the later two much harder to realize.


9 thoughts on “Banning on the internet

  1. It is amazing how much censorship we have deal with here in the Land of the Free. It sure doesn’t take much to get banned today. I had to work to see the nigger in the last pic.

      • Well, it doesn’t look good for “free Americans” to be banning and censoring people. Snowden and Assauge have really helped there. Murka used to look down on the USSR and East Germany,
        but today, they can’t say anything.

        The MSM is dying. It should be, because nothing has changed in their system for 50 years.

        Did you hear? Youtube is demonetizing unPC vids.

        What would-be tyrants don’t understand that if you want to censor, go all the way, like Stalin or Hitler did. Put us in camps and shoot us. If you can’t do that, you just make the dissidents more angry. That’s also why Murka can’t win the war on Turr – they won’t kill

        Hitler had to fight a war on Turr and he had dissidents too. They made no difference. Especially in the Balkans, he was pretty gangster.

        The Murkan police state is pretty impressive, but they hesitate. They want to be the good guys and to be loved. Nope, can’t be done. If a strong WN controlled what they control, it would be over with already. They could have killed WN in the early 90s, but hesitated.

        • I checked your line ‘Content that is considered inappropriate for advertising includes: Sexually suggestive content, including partial nudity and sexual humor’ which is ironic because that last post about the sex yoga of course was not ‘sex content’.

          Yes, I agree if a WN had what our enemies have, it’d be wiped clean so fast. I think one thing being sent to the fringe does is radicalize you and realize how much the ends justify the means.

  2. I think the genocide of the White middle class male and the sexual enslavement of
    the white female will be completely concealed by the media once Mrs. Satan (Hillary)
    assumes power on Jan. 17th.
    It can be pulled off in a very “slick” manner. (“Gaslighting.”) For example, in the 1970’s
    many white people were eliminated by a group of murderers called “The Zebra Killers.”
    They were a group of black Muslim killers who randomly slaughtered white folks.
    White males were the least valuable victims because they were considered easiest to kill.
    White women were harder to kill. (The temptation to rape them was hard to resist.) And
    children were considered hardest. Oft times, these martial arts trained killers would pass
    a white male on the street and unhurl a volley punches on him. He’d bleed from his nose.
    What the “authourites” publicised was the tip of the iceburg, just as the sexual slavery of
    8 year old English girls occurred for 20 years in the dark. And unpunished present day rapes.
    The genocide can be pulled off in a very subtle way with no one the wiser. Who knows
    what they’re concealing, like they did in the first Mr. Slick Administration.
    “When lawmen break the law there is no law. Just a fight for survival.”

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