Holy shit media uses word ‘alt-right’

Ha, so on CNN they were talking about how Killary was going to make some speech later today and talking about the ‘alt right’ and how Trump is some sort of hero of the alt right.

“What is the alt right?” they ask

They talk about how its a ‘white young male movement on the fringe of the internet but funneled by sites like breitbart.  They are often nationalist.  They reject social progressism, while also disliking conservatism.  They talk about how MRA guys are people who ‘think men are oppressed haha, but lets be real they just hate women’.

I was somewhat blown away MAINSTREAM MEDIA is talking about the alt-right.  I have been in the alt-right since its nascent days 5 years ago, and to see it trickling in now is crazy.

Whats funny is it would probably blow their mind that most alt right types think trump isnt nearly hardcore enough.

I can give a shit what Cunton says when she talking later about the altright, because ANY attention for us is a good thing.  It is kind of like germany in ww2, the less you know the more ‘evil’ they seem.  But when you start looking, they seem pretty justified against world opposition.

Anyway, the message is getting out there.


15 thoughts on “Holy shit media uses word ‘alt-right’

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  2. Free publicity. Should raise our click counts. I think WN has grown strong in the shadows. It may be hard to grow in the spotlight.

  3. Just as the Sun raises every morning, so does the liberal establishment cry “Racism!”
    It is a scoundrel’s FIRST AND LAST defense.
    This carnard is the most effective one. There really is no defense this slander, because
    it is impossible to prove the negative. So this smear generally disarms whoever it is used
    against and they fold like a cheap camera.
    Trump is easily entrapped in this, because he is a white guy that has the temerity to
    defend himself. The Khan situation was the perfect example. They set the trap and
    sprung it on Trump. The Media and the Democrats working in seamless unison.
    Once She Baa Kaa turns the internet over to the U.N. it’s quite over.
    If God doesn’t show us mercy by erasing America prior to election day, the atrocities
    that befall this country beggar descripition: On-the-spot-genociding of the white male,
    and sexual enslavement of the white female.

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