We have no idea how the elite live

Something I think escapes a lot of peoples mind is that we assume how WE think is how others think.  I assume most of my readers are males of middle class birth.  How we think is approximate for others in our class, we respect or fear the law, we just want some time off, think its a big deal if a hot girl is into us etc.

We do NOT understand what is it like to have endless money, time, girl attention and so on.  I was struck by this story https://www.rt.com/sport/356729-usain-bolt-student-photo/ which is generally forgetable as its the olypmic star caught with some young 20 year old he fucked and it comes out she is a widow on some drug lord.

Think about it from both of these perspectives, from bolts he likely has hundreds of girls throwing themselves at him, it is impossible for us to know what that is like with endless girls flaking on us, being coy etc.  I recently read a theory that went in this age of sexual liberty girls get a taste of alpha cock and assume because they got pumped by it, they deserve it, thus leaving the ‘regular’ guys out in the cold

From this girls, its even more distorted than I can imagine.  From her pics she doesnt look that hot, so why he went with her I am not sure.  Regardless so she is a ‘student’ yet married to a drug lord at one time.  This means she likely had ENDLESS money thrown at her.  Plane rides, vacations, drinks/parties every day.  Something a working fool can never imagine.

Its all the SJW rage to talk about ‘white male privilege’ but anything who lives in the real world knows this is a joke. Females have privilege nonexistent for most males, and if she is remotely attractive she can jump social classes a way a male can not.

The point is not ‘woe is me as a white male’ but that our mindset is utterly wrong and inadequacy to deal with other people in other situations.  It just hit me right now, but think of the girl I was talking about the last couple of posts, she comes from an upper class family where they have at least 2-3 houses and she gets one for herself.  She still occasionally worked retail jobs, but never had to.  But because she is attractive, and no morals she sluts around and lives only for hedonism.

In a lot of ways its not any different than ms drug lord student.  Bouncing from guy to guy wanting to be choked out, utterly INCOMPREHENSIBLE about what life might be like for a ‘normal’ person.  It is normal for her to get pounded at a moments notice from any guy she wants.


5 thoughts on “We have no idea how the elite live

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  2. In a way, its not as glamorous as you believe. Most of these people use drugs and alcohol because they have few real friends and lots of free time. What makes them such low moral cretins is they don’t have the mettle forged with having to face struggles. They become weak and soft. Life may seem cool, but its dull. No risk leads to little drive. Easy breaks leads to weak frames and no stamina. Prodigal children have always been coddled. They haven’t been toughened by life. Like tenderfoots in the wilderness, they are too soft to walk the hard road. Off the easy track, they rarely make it.

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