The depravity of younger generations pt2

One of the most disturbing things with modern girls is an inversion of logic when it comes to sex.  To anyone with any normal brain, physical intamacy follows a guide like this:

Hand shake < hug < kiss < naked grinding < oral sex < vaginal sex

It makes a lot of sense, after all if someone has a disease, it is only your hand and it can be washed off.  Hugging does not exchange fluids etc.  I don’t need to delinate this, as it better be obvivous.

However, I have had many girls tell me during hookups, or heard from other guys, and girls just discussing some of the following:

“I’d fuck a guy before I hugged him”

“I don’t kiss people, I don’t want to get close” (said by a girl just fucked)

“oral sex isn’t real sex”

Isn’t it pretty common knowledge from modern day sluts that if you have logistics in your favor the first day almost ALWAYS ends in oral sex?  Never mind of course that male to female transmission is MUCH higher than vice versa and that oral sex from a women’s point of view is almost as bad for diseases.  Female logic isn’t known for its logic.

I find it deeply disturbing that most modern girls do NOT want to hold my hand, yet will gladly take my cock in their hand, their mouth, their vagina or their ass.  After all they don’t ‘want to get attached’.

The last girl I messed around with, the one who wanted to be beat, I was talking with her and asked why when we were going at it why she didn’t want to kiss she answered “well I don’t want to act like we are in a relationship.”  She proceeded to say how kissing was for people who were close.  This is a girl who wanted me to literally choke her with my cock and then choke her out.  I don’t talk with her anymore.

Staggering that stuff like this can be rationalized.  Do they not understand STDs or pregnancy?  (Oh yeah, this girl also was like ‘I’m open to raw dog, the guy just needs to pull out is all’)  I think the answer must loosely be yes.  Pregnancy from precum is real.  Same with getting diseases from anything sexual.

Its a brave new world we are in where guys and girls cant kiss or hug each other, but she’ll spread her ass to get rammed and be down for getting gang banged.

Good Guys always suffer


7 thoughts on “The depravity of younger generations pt2

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  2. Humans are habit-forming, not experimental creatures. Humans are also rationalizing as opposed to rational. Whatever is the norm around us and whatever we have previously done, we will do again. Firstly because it is easier to repeat a pattern than to break it. Secondly because to be rational about something it cannot have already happened. Once it has already happened, we rationalize it, which sets a precedent for justification.

    Find a group of close-knit women who stigmatize promiscuity and you will find a woman who follows a natural order in terms of sex. Find a single woman who does not belong to any given clique or social strcuture and she has greater potential to be less promiscuous. However find any woman through a degree or two of separation and you will be looking at a woman who is 99% the same as everyone else in her group. She has fallen into the pattern, or will be pushed into it. The behaviour is already justified. There is nothing to stop it happening again.

    Now, where they get the idea that sex doesn’t cause emotional attachment and therefore cannot emotionally damage them… that baffles me. Some women can sometimes experience sex as simple physical release. But for most women, most of the time, sex is intimate and emotional. And there aren’t enough of the former women to justify the number of the latter women who think they’re immune to feelings. If you can find where this dumb idea came from, please tell me.

  3. What you say is absolutely true. It’s called “social proof.” “When in Rome, do as
    the Romans do.” And to an outsider, the behavior can seem illogical and
    self destructive.
    People are creatures of habit. Mechanical beings. They rarely question their
    ingrained behavior.
    For example, I read an article on teen girl behavior. Seems that many girls are
    giving oral sex to black boys. “Everybody” does it so it’s no big deal. Some people
    refuse to believe it, but people can keep things hidden if they desire.
    People can compatmentalize-particualary abuse victims. I knew an abused girl
    who hated to be touched but was extremely promiscious. It seems like an oxymoron.
    Yet many abuse victims are like that. There was a song about that years ago called,
    “If You Let Me Make Love To You, Then Why Can’t I Touch You?” (1970)
    Victims of abuse are often sexually promiscious. There was a very sensational case a
    few years ago about an Austrian father who kept his own daughter his sex slave.
    She escaped him briefly and carried on in a wild way. Then he kidnapped her again
    and kept her prisoner in a basement for 24 years. He bred 8 incest children with her.
    The children had never been outside and needed to be taught everything.
    Now, the white-haired 45 year old has a boyfriend 20 years younger then her.

  4. You have just described how whores think, EK.

    Most say they’d rather fuck than kiss or hold hands. They don’t have to care about someone to screw them.

    It must have been like this when other empires like Rome or Greece were dying. Very strange.

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