Does the media EVER shut up about Trump?

Literally you cannot turn on the TV with endless anti-trump propaganda.  Just this morning they go on for about 15 min straight about his ratings in a free fall, how he is being deserted in droves and so on.  This is like psyops 201 stuff here guys.  By telling everyone how much of a loser he is, YOU must be a loser to still be one of the few left who like him.

I laughed when at a super pathetic attempt to be ‘balanced’ they had some anti-clinton thing about her emails, and immediately countered it with ‘we are dealing with the fate of the world here, do we really care about a few emails?’

Trump is better than Cunton, but he serves a lot of the same masters, but apparently the trotted him out to make an example out of nationalists with a epic beating they are trying to set her up against him.

Its a sad joke that you have these two total chumps, and our country is crumbling.  I was thinking if you could make a country and somehow have it be resilient against this kind of abuse and faggotry what would you do?  I think the mistake of the USA was being too inclusive and trusting, our K-selection favors trust and the r-selection hordes are useful pawns to the jews et al who want the 2 party system of the elites and the proles.



10 thoughts on “Does the media EVER shut up about Trump?

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  2. The trouble is, people have such short memories when it comes to election cycles.
    They do this EVERY four years. They always make short shrift of the Republican or
    conservative. They always imply that he is a madman, ignoramous, or Nazi.
    I knew they’d do this to Trump, but because of people’s short memories they fail to
    see it.
    Obviously not ALL media is liberal, but the majority is. Being that perception is reality,
    and the media completely manopalizes perception, (They can edit, spin, and set trends)
    the population is brainwashed puddy in their hands.
    Another thing people fail to understand in this “scientific” age, is that there really is a
    being called Satan. Satan’s chief means of control is deception. Satan is the orginal
    “wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing.” To have a sexy woman break the news to you, would be Satan’s
    way. Satan is called “The Prince Of the Power of The Air.” Orginally, information was
    disceminated via the airwaves. Both radio and T.V. were beamed through the atmosphere.
    Satan has domain over these relms.
    Satan and his workers have gone all out to put his chief agent, Hillary Clinton in power.
    Being that she is the most KNOWLINGLY corrupt person EVER to run for President, they
    have to tell one large wopper after another to make her smell like a rose. You really do
    think you’re reading “Through The Looking Glass.” Sad to say, Trump was recruited
    for the cause. He was a “put up” candidate to help Hillary. He had nothing to lose and
    some influence to gain. Trump is the king of the hucksters. He is not a competent businessman.
    He is a “brand.” His entire strength is through media celeberity-Satan’s realm.
    The fix was ALWAYS in. People aren’t as bad as you think. They’re worse.
    So Hillary gets in. The Constitution is turned into confetti. No First Amendment. No Second
    Amendment. Reverse racist vengence. Terrorist free for all. (Just like the “false flag” attacks
    during Bill’s Administration.)
    Our only hope is a “mercy killing” by God. Maybe Europe can be frightented back into
    reality, and the White race can be saved.

  3. I take it as a learning experience.

    The masses, even white masses, are sheep. They cannot rule themselves. WNs have something apart from an ordinary white.

    We’ll have to take over and make all their decisions for them. They cannot do it for themselves.

  4. Demographics baby! It’s hopeless. Never mind the fact that “fairness,” “equality, and
    “civil rights” are going to be the very tools utalized to destroy this country.
    The road to hell is indeed paved with good intentions. No better world without better men.
    In the Garden of Eden, the fall of man was orgastrated through knowledge.
    “A LITTLE knowledge is a dangerous thing,” because it can be used for good or evil.
    That also applies to “Love.” Love can be used for good or evil.
    No, I’m not from Europe. I just see Europe as more central to God’s plans then America.
    America had it’s pivital role to play in the 20th century. (The “American” century.)
    America was conceived as a “Christian” concept. (“All men are created equal… Life, liberity,
    and the persuit of happiness…”) But America could only work if it’s citizens embodied those
    concepts. “We have given you a Constitutional Democracy IF you can keep it.”
    America always had a limited shelf life. The seeds of America’s eventual destruction were
    always lying dormant along side it’s burgeoning greatness: RACE.
    It was long known that RACE would contribute to the destruction of America. That’s
    why slavery was called the “Peculiar Institution” because it was obvious hypocrasy of the
    concept of a Constitutional Democracy.
    It was the Marxists that utalized race to destroy this country. Then the Democrats used the
    divide and conquer concept to win elections with lies and slander. The White male became
    the scapegoat.
    We believe in total lies and shibileths. Like the recent shooting of the black youth in
    Milwalkee. Even conservative FOX news has to tell you the race of the “victim” and the
    race of the cop that killed him. They say: “Armed black youth killed by black cop.”
    See this obsession with race? If a criminal weighs 300 pounds and he’s “angel dusted”
    and he’s charging you, what difference does it make if he’s “armed” or “unarmed.”
    And it’s not the race of the cop that matters to these “activists” it’s the fact that there’s any
    cops at all. Hillary has promised to release people held in prison for “racist reasons.”
    No, it’s over. The entire country is suffering from mass hypnosis. And in typical Satanic
    form, evil was done under the guise of good.

    • Theres a guy around here sometimes called thordaddy, he says the christian belief is NOT one of equality, and that jesus was a superior man. I wont make his argument for him, but interesting its so different.

  5. Well Jesus Christ was God Incarnate. The opening chapter of The Gospel Of John
    in the New Testament, explains Christ’s pre-existent nature. And Christ refered to
    Himself as “I AM.” That’s one of the reasons they killed Him.
    The origins of the races come from Noah’s three sons. Each son formed a race after
    the Flood.
    Noah was in a drunken stupor when one of his son’s, Ham tried to castrate him.
    Ham wanted to replace Noah. Blacks and Arabs are desended from Ham.
    Noah’s other two son’s-the one’s that whites and Asians are descended from- rescued
    him in the nick of time. Noah put a curse on Ham, but blessed the “Asian” son. He said
    that Asian people would be the most numerious on Earth. That’s how it turned out.
    As a matter of fact, they say in the future, Asian immagrants are going to outnumber
    Hispanic immagrants. And I’m seeing more Asian male/White female couples, which is
    something you hardly saw in the past.

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