Th depravity of younger generations

I recently was on a date with a younger girl, she was I think 22, to society she appears a cute little NICE GIRL.  I was surprised by how utterly deprave she was, and I know this is pretty typical given my experience with other young women who openly talk to strangers (me) about sleeping with guys to get items, entrance to places, money, or just fill the void in themselves.

This girl admitted to me she was a ‘submissive’ and before I get into that, somehow justified her ‘taking control’ until the sexual encounter at which point she would let go.  The first BPD girl I was with who broke my heart was the same way – at the time my blue pill self seemed ‘oh what a big strong girl!” now I see how psychologically unstable it is.

She said she would shut guys down until she was ready, when I said this didn’t seem submissive she didn’t see a problem with it.  (Clearly the date wasnt going good if it was interview time, I realized that)

The debauchery she engaged in started with her admitting she was bi – is there any young women these days NOT bi anymore?  The details were disturbing how she likes to be tied up, abused, choked, beaten, gagged. Told what to do ‘I love it when guys shove me to the floor and tell me to suck their cock’.  Engaged in all sorts of 3-ways.  Liked being spanked to orgasm etc.

The real point of all this though, isn’t that this is just some random dirty whore, this is nearly ALL young women.  That cute waitress playing coy?  That nurse at the hospital?  ALL of them want acts more deprave than most normal men able comfortable giving.  I have had conversations with guys confirming these facts.

Why do women want to be degraded?  I have no idea but its disturbing.

21 thoughts on “Th depravity of younger generations

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  2. I think they want to be degraded because the feminist narrative tells women that “You are stronger than any man and they should be controlled by you” but women WANT to be controlled by men. 50 Shades of gray sales prove that all this feminist bullshit is reserved for women who no man would want to touch.

    They have no value these days other than being a fuck toy and our society doesnt hold them accountable for it.

  3. Wow, EK. I’ve read about this at ROK. Girls today imitate porn stars and consider those acts “normal.”

    Check this Rooshie post. It’s got all this stuff you mention.

    Look around you – do these men today seem like they’d tie down a woman and whip her (or whatever)? No way. She’s read about that stuff and maybe fantasizes about it. Maybe to see if you are the one in a hundred who’d actually do it.

    I also do not like these developments. A man wants to defile a virgin, not a slut. These modern women aren’t very clever.

  4. That’s why ISIS and the minority underclass (Many of which will probably convert to
    Islam) will have no trouble taking over (IF this country is not wiped out quickly as I
    suspect it might be.) Women have always “double dipped” if they have been sufficently
    tempted. What do you think drew all those suburban “respectable” white female
    “girl-next store-types to the Civil Rights movement in the 1960’s? They had interesting
    ways in proving their loyality to the “cause.” In fact, some historians propose that the
    “hippy” movement was born from repressed white male resentment over the behavior
    of their girlfriends with the “oppressed.” Look at the B.L.M. rallys. and the campus protests.
    Christian girl/Muslim boy marriage is growing by leaps and bounds. The girls convert to Islam
    and display undying loyality. Like the Boston Marathon bomber of a few years ago.
    He had a pretty white wife who was more then happy to take his beatings, bear him a child,
    and keep completely mum about his plans.
    Girls do what’s trendy and chic. The destruction of the Western world and the white male is
    chic. The white male “useful idiot” is going to be in for a rude awakening when the mission is
    accomplished because he will be hauled before the same firing squad that David Duke will
    be brought before.

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  6. It has been rumored that the Richard Spncer’s NPI convention is really a gay S&M party. In fact, Jack Don-0-van likes men to be covered in dookie as imitation blackface before he does his 50 shades of neomasculine buttsex…

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