Legit guy climbing trump tower alone

Check this, happenign RIGHT NOW


He is climbing the tower just on his own.  He will likely end up in jail if this wasn’t a stunt but as of right now he is probably IN THE ZONE not caring about the cops up top waiting for him.

Enjoy this stuff on the decline.


3 thoughts on “Legit guy climbing trump tower alone

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  2. Have you ever heard the phrase “Bread and circuses?”
    It has to do with distracting amusements. It was common during the days of the Roman
    Empire. The government would provide for basic needs and put on distracting exhabitions
    to conceal the fleecing of the population.
    A devil worshiper is going to be placed in the highest office of the land. To keep people
    distracted we have things like Poke Man and stunts like this.
    The news was so taken up with this non-story that it crowded out the revelations of
    Hillary’s influence pedaling . The candadacy of Trump is also proof of this.
    P.T. Barnum 2016 was never a real candadate. Did you see his Professional Wrestling

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