The implosion of the democrat party

The suicide of the democrat party is a good microcosm of the entire country in many ways – it is kept alive merely by will/lies/propaganda.

Consider the fact that Sanders quits the democrat party the day after ‘endorsing’ Killary Cunton.  Probably didn’t hear that one on the endless marxist media did you?

I am not a Trump fan by any means, I appreciate his token nationalism, but I don’t really believe he will do anything much like the ‘change’ obama promised vs what he brought.  He repeatedly says about how the economy sucks, to which Killary and crew talk about how wall street is at its all time highs, how great it is etc.  How many people still believe the utterly fake NASDAQ/NYSE is ANY mirror of reality?

I really want to see Killary smashed, but in a lot of ways her NOT going down shows how fucked up this system is.  I worked for the government for about 2 years, if I sent ONE secret email I would be in jail, for her to send thousands and get off shows the deep corruption in the highest levels of the gov.  The incestuous relationship between the DOJ, Obama, Loretta Lynch (a black who replaced other black Eric Holder) where Killary says how when she is prez Lynch will have that job again – definitively no conflict of interest here Citizen.

Supposedly Julian Assange (wikileaks) has tons of stuff to take this bitch down, including her funneling cash/arms to Syria which she denied UNDER OATH years earlier.  Prediction: it gets released, it is only heard in some ‘right wing radical’ circles, and if it meets any mainstream media with ‘when are they going to leave this poor woman alone?’

There is a trope of sorts called ‘refuge in audacity’ which has a lot of bearing in real life, most people are trusting and you are actually safer by being so completely out-there, off the wall that there is no real ‘someone would do that’. So Nice-Whites believe there is no way Cunton is just a long list of hyper elites that laws do not apply to, and laugh at when they escape scot free and things a fraction of would wreck regulars proles like us.


11 thoughts on “The implosion of the democrat party

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  2. Yeah, I don’t get why people are still so obediant, seeing these things.

    The rich and powerful obey no laws in the USA. Why not obtain money and power, by whatever means? Then you can just bribe the media to make you into a hero.

    I enjoy our time. Everything is broken. Whatever comes after will change alot.

    • I am not very happy with the left. If they implode all the better. They seem to be against traditional Judaic Christian values on purpose.

      • I enjoy Music and exercise and many things. But is that what you were getting at? The Jewish part of Western Civilization is I think Old Testament, plus the witnessing of people that take the Law seriously has an effect on Christian society. There is a kind of symbiosis. Plus there is the contribution of individual people. The general effect is to grow up in a world in which self improvement and character improvement is important.

  3. The left and the lying bastard media that supports it will not implode.
    This unsustainable, deluded land will implode.
    People are seriously deluded. They don’t know which way is up, and the media
    insures they don’t through delibert deceit.
    If a person tries to cross a six lane highway while intoxicated, you should expect
    his luck would run out-Except if God wants it otherwise.
    Why should America’s luck hold out? It’s not even a “christian” or conservative
    country anymore. Demographically the country is turning into s–t.
    An anti-Western America is NO America.
    I have to believe that since America has embarked on a suicide trip under the guise
    of “inclusiveness” and “fairness,” that God will make good use of this debatchery
    and hasten the destruction of America so Europe can be scared straight.

  4. The Bible says the Gospel must be preached all over the world BEFORE Christ can
    return so everyone has a fair chance.
    It WAS preached all over the ancient world (The Roman Empire) but no one knew
    about other sections of the world. The Apostles fully expected Christ to return at
    that time. Christ dropped “hints” that He might return forty years later, be He said
    “Only the Father knows exactly WHEN He (Christ) would return.” The Apostle Paul
    said it was better NOT to marry because Christ was coming back soon.
    The only reason the New Testament was rushed into production was because the Apostles
    came to see that Christ was not returning so soon.
    You need Western/Christian nations to preach the Gospel. Either America and/or Europe.
    Europe has a rich history. “America” is a fragile concept. Look how quick the Confederate
    flag and monuments were taken down. They’re even digging up Confederate Generals.
    Look at the Black Lives Matter demands. There can be no appeasing this and other
    groups and still have an America.
    “America” is young and expendable. Europe goes back since the Biblical days.
    It’s much more logical to think that God will restore Europe then “save” America. Demographics
    and “guilt” argue against it.
    If America is out of the picture, then Europe must take draconian action to save itself.
    There will be no America to prod and restrain Europe.
    Satan is pouring all his energies to destroy America, under the assumption that the entire
    Western world will collapse. Not so. If Europe has no choice but to go it alone it will.
    I think the weapon of mass destruction attack will be centered in Baltimore. It will have
    a few different groups as partisipants: ISIS, BLM, and North Korea. It could occur in the
    September through November window, with September 10th a particularly leathel day.
    There will be a Saturn/Neptune square on that day. The attack won’t kill EVERYONE
    (Even a thermo neclar war wouldn’t kill everyone.) but I do see it defanging America
    as a world power and shocking Europe awake.

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