What’s more dangerous to youtube: porn or nationalism?

Hopefully anyone reading this blog aleady knows the answer, but let me ask it: to youtube is it more of a community problem people are posting pseudo porn or that people are espousing (white) nationalism? This is ‘recommended’ by youtube because I looked up nofap stuff…hmm wonder if youtube is trying to corrupt my virginal mind?

youtube community standards

Youtube is susposed to be a place where community standards at least have an illusion of decorum.  Further the ‘mature’ content is susposed to only be allowed if you click through some warning, this screen shot was not that.  After all ‘its only yoga’ despite the pornographic thumbnail esp on that second video.

I clicked on the 2nd vid and it had about 50% approval rating as much were complaining how it was misleading, but what was interesting is that a lot of people mentioned how they had reported the video for heavy sexual content.  Surprise surprise the video is still there.

I remember when I was into yoga a few years ago, nearly EVERY yoga vid on jewtube was heavily sexual in nature.  Let me go find one I am thinking about.  I had a weird feeling about the woman and a cursory search found out that she was a porn star.  No shit.  Coincidence?  I doubt it.

However, routinely alt-right vids get taken down.  I remember a screen shot going around where on facebook someone said they were going to kill trump, and it was reported, the screenshot showed jewbooks response of ‘we see nothing wrong here’.  Could you imagine that towards Cunton?

Comments get blocked, people get banned ALL THE TIME.  Yet pseudo porn is actively encouraged.  I think only the most rabid feminism would say there is no heavy sexual undertone going on here.

blatant camel toe, but hey its just yoga right?

blatant camel toe, but hey its just yoga right?

If you REALLY need to watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oXVrKjNSILU

I saw something once about how moral decay was hoisted upon our soceity because if we are drowned in porn we won’t have any will to fight. I generally believe this.  After all, why get in shape, and maybe die when I could load up endless hot girls moaning and doing splits for me?

Holy shit media uses word ‘alt-right’

Ha, so on CNN they were talking about how Killary was going to make some speech later today and talking about the ‘alt right’ and how Trump is some sort of hero of the alt right.

“What is the alt right?” they ask

They talk about how its a ‘white young male movement on the fringe of the internet but funneled by sites like breitbart.  They are often nationalist.  They reject social progressism, while also disliking conservatism.  They talk about how MRA guys are people who ‘think men are oppressed haha, but lets be real they just hate women’.

I was somewhat blown away MAINSTREAM MEDIA is talking about the alt-right.  I have been in the alt-right since its nascent days 5 years ago, and to see it trickling in now is crazy.

Whats funny is it would probably blow their mind that most alt right types think trump isnt nearly hardcore enough.

I can give a shit what Cunton says when she talking later about the altright, because ANY attention for us is a good thing.  It is kind of like germany in ww2, the less you know the more ‘evil’ they seem.  But when you start looking, they seem pretty justified against world opposition.

Anyway, the message is getting out there.

We have no idea how the elite live

Something I think escapes a lot of peoples mind is that we assume how WE think is how others think.  I assume most of my readers are males of middle class birth.  How we think is approximate for others in our class, we respect or fear the law, we just want some time off, think its a big deal if a hot girl is into us etc.

We do NOT understand what is it like to have endless money, time, girl attention and so on.  I was struck by this story https://www.rt.com/sport/356729-usain-bolt-student-photo/ which is generally forgetable as its the olypmic star caught with some young 20 year old he fucked and it comes out she is a widow on some drug lord.

Think about it from both of these perspectives, from bolts he likely has hundreds of girls throwing themselves at him, it is impossible for us to know what that is like with endless girls flaking on us, being coy etc.  I recently read a theory that went in this age of sexual liberty girls get a taste of alpha cock and assume because they got pumped by it, they deserve it, thus leaving the ‘regular’ guys out in the cold

From this girls, its even more distorted than I can imagine.  From her pics she doesnt look that hot, so why he went with her I am not sure.  Regardless so she is a ‘student’ yet married to a drug lord at one time.  This means she likely had ENDLESS money thrown at her.  Plane rides, vacations, drinks/parties every day.  Something a working fool can never imagine.

Its all the SJW rage to talk about ‘white male privilege’ but anything who lives in the real world knows this is a joke. Females have privilege nonexistent for most males, and if she is remotely attractive she can jump social classes a way a male can not.

The point is not ‘woe is me as a white male’ but that our mindset is utterly wrong and inadequacy to deal with other people in other situations.  It just hit me right now, but think of the girl I was talking about the last couple of posts, she comes from an upper class family where they have at least 2-3 houses and she gets one for herself.  She still occasionally worked retail jobs, but never had to.  But because she is attractive, and no morals she sluts around and lives only for hedonism.

In a lot of ways its not any different than ms drug lord student.  Bouncing from guy to guy wanting to be choked out, utterly INCOMPREHENSIBLE about what life might be like for a ‘normal’ person.  It is normal for her to get pounded at a moments notice from any guy she wants.

The depravity of younger generations pt2

One of the most disturbing things with modern girls is an inversion of logic when it comes to sex.  To anyone with any normal brain, physical intamacy follows a guide like this:

Hand shake < hug < kiss < naked grinding < oral sex < vaginal sex

It makes a lot of sense, after all if someone has a disease, it is only your hand and it can be washed off.  Hugging does not exchange fluids etc.  I don’t need to delinate this, as it better be obvivous.

However, I have had many girls tell me during hookups, or heard from other guys, and girls just discussing some of the following:

“I’d fuck a guy before I hugged him”

“I don’t kiss people, I don’t want to get close” (said by a girl just fucked)

“oral sex isn’t real sex”

Isn’t it pretty common knowledge from modern day sluts that if you have logistics in your favor the first day almost ALWAYS ends in oral sex?  Never mind of course that male to female transmission is MUCH higher than vice versa and that oral sex from a women’s point of view is almost as bad for diseases.  Female logic isn’t known for its logic.

I find it deeply disturbing that most modern girls do NOT want to hold my hand, yet will gladly take my cock in their hand, their mouth, their vagina or their ass.  After all they don’t ‘want to get attached’.

The last girl I messed around with, the one who wanted to be beat, I was talking with her and asked why when we were going at it why she didn’t want to kiss she answered “well I don’t want to act like we are in a relationship.”  She proceeded to say how kissing was for people who were close.  This is a girl who wanted me to literally choke her with my cock and then choke her out.  I don’t talk with her anymore.

Staggering that stuff like this can be rationalized.  Do they not understand STDs or pregnancy?  (Oh yeah, this girl also was like ‘I’m open to raw dog, the guy just needs to pull out is all’)  I think the answer must loosely be yes.  Pregnancy from precum is real.  Same with getting diseases from anything sexual.

Its a brave new world we are in where guys and girls cant kiss or hug each other, but she’ll spread her ass to get rammed and be down for getting gang banged.

Good Guys always suffer

Does the media EVER shut up about Trump?

Literally you cannot turn on the TV with endless anti-trump propaganda.  Just this morning they go on for about 15 min straight about his ratings in a free fall, how he is being deserted in droves and so on.  This is like psyops 201 stuff here guys.  By telling everyone how much of a loser he is, YOU must be a loser to still be one of the few left who like him.

I laughed when at a super pathetic attempt to be ‘balanced’ they had some anti-clinton thing about her emails, and immediately countered it with ‘we are dealing with the fate of the world here, do we really care about a few emails?’

Trump is better than Cunton, but he serves a lot of the same masters, but apparently the trotted him out to make an example out of nationalists with a epic beating they are trying to set her up against him.

Its a sad joke that you have these two total chumps, and our country is crumbling.  I was thinking if you could make a country and somehow have it be resilient against this kind of abuse and faggotry what would you do?  I think the mistake of the USA was being too inclusive and trusting, our K-selection favors trust and the r-selection hordes are useful pawns to the jews et al who want the 2 party system of the elites and the proles.


Th depravity of younger generations

I recently was on a date with a younger girl, she was I think 22, to society she appears a cute little NICE GIRL.  I was surprised by how utterly deprave she was, and I know this is pretty typical given my experience with other young women who openly talk to strangers (me) about sleeping with guys to get items, entrance to places, money, or just fill the void in themselves.

This girl admitted to me she was a ‘submissive’ and before I get into that, somehow justified her ‘taking control’ until the sexual encounter at which point she would let go.  The first BPD girl I was with who broke my heart was the same way – at the time my blue pill self seemed ‘oh what a big strong girl!” now I see how psychologically unstable it is.

She said she would shut guys down until she was ready, when I said this didn’t seem submissive she didn’t see a problem with it.  (Clearly the date wasnt going good if it was interview time, I realized that)

The debauchery she engaged in started with her admitting she was bi – is there any young women these days NOT bi anymore?  The details were disturbing how she likes to be tied up, abused, choked, beaten, gagged. Told what to do ‘I love it when guys shove me to the floor and tell me to suck their cock’.  Engaged in all sorts of 3-ways.  Liked being spanked to orgasm etc.

The real point of all this though, isn’t that this is just some random dirty whore, this is nearly ALL young women.  That cute waitress playing coy?  That nurse at the hospital?  ALL of them want acts more deprave than most normal men able comfortable giving.  I have had conversations with guys confirming these facts.

Why do women want to be degraded?  I have no idea but its disturbing.

Legit guy climbing trump tower alone

Check this, happenign RIGHT NOW


He is climbing the tower just on his own.  He will likely end up in jail if this wasn’t a stunt but as of right now he is probably IN THE ZONE not caring about the cops up top waiting for him.

Enjoy this stuff on the decline.