‘body positive’ – another in a long list of leftist lies


In case you do not know what the ‘body positive’ image/movement is, it can be summed up quite quickly: fat people are good people just as beautiful as everyone else.  Meaning, if you don’t work out, don’t eat right, and are general fat as fuck you have the same value and beauty as a girl that does (and its ALWAYS about women, never men).

I saw something on ABC this morning (I hardly watch this stuff other than occasionally seeing what ‘normal’ people believe) and they had a special about the ‘incredible journey’ eight women had on their body positive quest.  They had the token fit women, and it panned to seven whales.


I shook my head and wondered what the fuck was wrong with this country when a fatty has a ‘incredible journey’ to her weight and subsequent delusion about how she is still desired.

It is strange and disturbing how much we can apparently invert nature just by collectively willingly it that a fat girl NO ONE would normally like is shoved down our throat and being just as desirable as a hot woman.  Instead of realizing they are lazy we cater to them – more victim culture in a country collapsing under it.

Consider that you never see males in here, nothing about a poor fat male, also consider it RARELY is about wheelchair women.  There is an infinitive difference when you are paralyzed/crippled etc and just lazy as fuck and like your donuts.

Look at this joke of a page where it decides all video game heroines are unrealistic because they are skinny


– news flash skinny/hot girls actually exist

I really like how the ‘real’ girl has smaller boobs as the only thing they slimmed down, oh and they had to expand that swimsuit, can’t show any of that fat crotch can we?


19 thoughts on “‘body positive’ – another in a long list of leftist lies

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  2. Its all about making them feel better for being fat slobs. I swear only fat women do this and then they all want a ripped, rich man. Implying that a guy who is committed to goals and success would want to be with someone who has no will power or self control.

    We’re biological creatures and being obese goes against all that. Let the leftists live in their fantasy land while people in the real world get shit done.

  3. It’s different between men and women. I think Vasily Alexsev and many of the strongmen have a good look, and are fitter than normal people who don’t train.

    There was a really degenerate movie about that fatty thing. I didn’t get to see it yet.

  4. One fundamental issue I have with fat acceptance and the body positive movement is that it puts men on a pedestal. It holds to the ideal that being seen as beautiful to men is a woman’s greatest achievement. I wish more fat women would be unapologetic and stop pressuring people to see them in a certain way. If they want to be fat, they can be fat and the rest of the world that doesn’t like it can just get over it.

  5. There is a connection between looks and character. It is more difficult to see in young people but as they get older the connection gains in strength. After about 40 the connection is very clear.

  6. Interesting when I go to my health food store, the male employees are all buff.
    It almost seems like a requirement for the job. The female employees are given a pass
    to look most any way they want.
    Obesity goes back to the same cause as MOST pathological behaviour: Being “asleep.”
    People are creatures of habit and see no alternative to their miserable mode of
    existence. If they are enabled they just continue.
    Everything depends on what a person wants. If she wants to work for Hooters, she’ll
    lose the weight. If not she’ll just limp along and blame “the Russians” or something
    for why she is a fat slob.

  7. There is no such thing as “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to diets.
    But those opposed to glourious Paleo should propose other solutions.
    If the GREAT PALEO doesn’t work, it’s because people are CHEATING.
    There was an actor named John Candy. He ate carrots but he also continued to
    eat the same foods that made him fat to begin with. It’s like when I went to the
    health food store and spent $$$ on supplements. I STILL ate junk food.
    The fact is NO DIET can keep you thin if you continue to eat fattening food.
    You have to be MOTIVATED and the motivation comes from within.
    It’s almost a miracle that I’ve stayed on a diet for 9 weeks because I DON’T
    expect to “get” anything from it. No sex. (I’ve got rotted teeth and bad breath.)
    No muscle tone. (I was a yo-yo dieter and will always have a “fat” appearence.)
    I missed the bus for sure, but even so, the few benefits I get from the lost weight
    outweigh (No pun intended) the way I felt when I was feasting on junk food by the
    bucket full.
    Also, millions are going to die from the Eastern seaboard attack from Baltimore
    to occur sometime between Sept and Oct. so I won’t have to suffer long anyway.

    • Lon, being able to get fat is a magnificent gift. I will tell you why.

      There is anabolism and catabolism. Building and destroy of the body. A “fat” person is exceptionally good at anabolism. If a person can’t gain fat, they surely can’t gain muscle.

      Brutally strong men are never lean. Never!

      If those are your problems, you are doing it wrong. I would have you eat MORE. But more of a different type of food.

      Watch some of the old World’s Strongest Man competition. Not a man under 250, mostly white.

  8. President Sha Baa Ka and the media that supports him are in the bonds of Satan.
    They might not even be aware that they are controled by Satan.
    The Bible calls Satan “The father of lies.” “He was a liar and a murderer from the
    There are two types of liars: Cunning liars and niave liars. The cunning liar knows he
    is lying and lies for expliotive affect. This Satan’s method. He is a wolf in sheep’s
    clothing. We encounter them in many areas of life.
    The second type of liar is the deceived liar who has been conditioned by the former
    liar, and niavely passes along the “shibileth.” (Assumed article of faith.) Most people
    belong to the second cataglory. That’s why we say mankind’s natural state is
    “asleep.” There was a classic play about this trend called “Enemy Of The People.”
    A scientist uncovers evidence that a town’s water supply is polluted. Pressure is
    put on him to conceal the information because it is a tourist town and the economy
    would take a hit. Because he intends to stick to his principles, he is declared
    “Enemy Of The People.”
    We just went through a farce where a evil criminal who’s killed people has been
    nominated for the highest office of the land. Both sets of liars are required to pull off
    this charade. The Party bosses who know the real truth and conceal it, and the well
    intentioned sheep who follow along to “save” the country from “racism, sexism,and all the
    various “phobias” that the “fascists” are so intent to impose. And the media will back
    them to the hilt employing every mechanism of deceit possible.
    Isn’t the inability to tell the difference between reality and fantasy insanity?
    How long can an insane people expect to survive?
    RE: The Baltimore attack: Listen to the song “Moonlight Feels Right,” by Starbuck (1976).
    The performers didn’t know it at the time, but they predicted the awful terrorist attack
    that will DESTROY this country, but shock Europe back into reality.

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