The long slide down

I am somewhat of a recovering survivalist, starting with the furor of Y2K the idea that ‘something’ could happen had a hold on me.  There was the chaos of 9-11 that seemed like it could really spiral out of control instead of just enriching the rich like it usually does.  Then there was the big crash of 08, this one was bringing everything down right?  Nope.

Next up was dec 21 2012, mayan apocalypse day, nothing again.  Now we have all the signs of a catastrophic collapse again in the financial sector – and while it is much more popular to suggest how things are going to blow up and it’ll be mad max in the streets, it is unlikely to happen.

What will happen is painfully predictable in our current state: things get a bit worse, laws become a bit more draconian, some people die and the whole thing keep on chugging forward.

Money being divorced from reality is a major contributor to the ability to keep rolling.  They can print out money, and in a giant shell game the bills just get shuffled around.  No one can or wants to call out the bluff because the whole thing comes crashing down.

Further, normalcy is a state most people want to live in, if the entire east coast gets wiped out, for the most part in the west here nothing fundamentally changes ‘did you see new york got wiped out?’ ‘yeah’ ‘crazy.  so whats new on that project we are working on?’

Race riots, anything along those lines is not like some fire that sweeps through and suddenly everyone is gunning each other down.  It will just be more and more localized violence, some tv shows about how racist everyone (whites) are and thats that.

At some point things will wind down and the localized becomes bigger and bigger, as population grows too much, we run out of resources, hyper inflation etc etc.

Imagine a drifting into 3rd world country status for most of us, because that is the more likely reality.



5 thoughts on “The long slide down

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  2. The survivalists are right. There “should” be a collapse, but the USG’s control is so tight, they won’t let the USA die a natural death. They just underestimated how strong the police state is.

    I think the elite will do ANYTHING to forstall it, but I’d like to see a collapse. Each depression gets bigger and closer together. The financial world shouls have ended in 2008.

    FP had a map once. It shows how each Murkan state had an economy bigger than a Euro country. A collapse takes a very long time.

    • Right, it helps to think of it as momentum, it takes a LONG time for a train to stop.

      A collapse would be good because west civ can rebuild and let much of this waste fall off.

      • As I say, survivalism is great under the proper circumstances.

        In a clean white nation, we’d like people and cities to be robust, with shelters, storing food and being prepared. But right now, it seems to cause them to wait for the mythical collapse, which is not coming.

  3. Well there’s a definate plan. The eradication of the White, Christian male, and
    the sexual enslavement of the White female.
    Some people use the phrase “White Vagina Worshiper” as a slur. You don’t have
    to be white to be a “White Vagina Worshiper.” You just need to be male and have
    an adequate amount of testosterone. Satan has geared up to create the perfect
    storm to destroy this country. And the white woman is the ultimate prize.
    There was no reason why a rag-tag bunch of savages from the deserts of Arabia
    should have made it all the way to the gates of Vienna and to Tours France,
    except the weakness and the sloth of the European. You could even say that it was
    only “dumb-luck” that we’re not wearing filthy rags around our heads NOW and baying
    at the Moon. How much longer do you think our luck will hold out? Another way of
    saying it is: “Who’s going to stop them?”
    I would say that the “sleepers” are in place now. Plenty of them came over from the
    Southern border. They came behind the children. There’s a camp south of Texas.
    There’s STILL not as many as in Europe, though the ranks are increasing.
    Just as Bin Laden planned 9/11 while Mr. Slick was “Wagging The Dog” to stave off
    impeachment, continueous planning has been going on. To pull off this attack they will
    need radical infilltrators, resentful underclassers, native radicals, and intelligence agencies from
    countries like North Korea. They could have been planning it since Shak Baa Kaa assumed
    office. “Lone Wolves” will stoke up the terror LOCALLY. But only A-team professionals
    can reap the carnage and deliver the knock out blow.
    I see it happening between September and November in Baltimore as Shak Baa Kaa’s
    “Good-bye present.”

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