White guy admits on tv that whites made civilization


This is a pretty interesting video, its the typical white cucks blabbing about how this is the last dying gasp of the ‘old white party’ to white this legit older white guy (you can tell by the calm countenance on his face) begins:

“This ‘old white people’ business does get a little tired, Charlie. I’d ask you to go back through history and figure out, where are these contributions that have been made by these other categories of people that you’re talking about, where did any other subgroup of people contribute more to civilization?”

Everyone erupts in a OMG did he just say that?


23 thoughts on “White guy admits on tv that whites made civilization

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  2. They can’t believe someone doesn’t coddle them for just existing. In classic Western cultures, you had to prove you were the best in order to succeed. Today, you simply have to not fit a certain narrative (anything other than white male) and boom you’re amazing.

    The fact is this: If they accept what that guy said, it gives them no purpose in life. It means that they aren’t special. Like a sore loser who bad mouths the winner of a race.

  3. Yeah, and then the mino dyke starts her blather. That’s why you have to just keep talking and talk over her louder, just like the blacks do.

    Dealing with these minos at talks is just like at rallies. Either force or talk louder. You cannot argue with them.

  4. The disgusting thing is you have these guys like that white host voluntarily cuckolded where he proceeds to say for every victory of western civ we have hitlers and stalins. What does he propose is better?

  5. You could make a case that Asian society was pretty advanced even before the
    Western society that overtook it. The Asians just didn’t spread out that much.
    (Unless you count Islamic society as “Asian.”)
    Ancient Islam DID tolerate the existence of other Abrahamic faiths (though harshly)
    as long as THEY were the indesputable masters. They made it as far as France back
    then. Now, they’re IN France.
    The West just doesn’t have the will to fight. “Something” is going to happen here.
    But the consulation is that Europe will be shocked back into reality and save itself.
    The millions of dead here will not have died in vain.

  6. Well, Europe is mentioned in Bible prophacy. America isn’t.
    That’s why some have speculated that there won’t be an America at Christ’s return.
    What would cause Europe to “wake up?” America is already becoming third world.
    Satan has poured all his energies into destroying America because he thinks the
    rest of the world would crumble once America was wiped out. Not so.
    America had a limited historical role as “world’s policeman.” That is in the process
    of dissolving. Once America is destroyed Europe will have to face It’s on it’s own.
    Sink or swim.
    The carnage I predict is so horrible that Europe will save itself. America is guilt
    stricken and has historical racial baggage. “Freedom and equality” in America,
    (In many people’s eyes) means the eradication of the police and the white male.
    That’s why America’s suicide is gauranteed. Europe (If it’s survival depended on it.)
    can quickly shed it’s guilt.
    In a word, America has outlived it’s historical usefulness. Soon it will be obliterated.
    There are “suitcase nukes” buried at various locations. One is in the Virgina area.
    North Korean agents/ISIS/ and Black Lives Matter will team together to destroy
    this country, and the anaminalistic, curroupt and incompotent L.E. can do nothing to
    prevent it.

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