It’s the Communists! Actually…it is

It is very hard to deprogram our own brains – not that they are able, but rather it is simply a lack of counter information out there to ‘cleanse with’ so to say.  For example growing up as kids we were inundated with tales of our parents dealing with the ‘communists’, and of course the endless stories of cuban missile crisis/cold war/vietnam etc etc.

The clever thing that happens here is the naviety of youth is encouraged about how ‘dumb’ the older generations were, what a failure vietnam was, etc etc all to give their enemy of the communists this psuedo-laughable status.  Oh its just those crazy, old paranoid people going off about them damn communists again.

The problem is, the label is used so much it loses its purpose.  Much like ‘Nazi’ has literally been used on anything remotely left or right wing, communism is mostly by designed much like in 1984 that if you cannot describe the problem you can’t solve it.

There are older people I would talk to and they would vehemently tell me how ‘college is breeding communism’ and I’d roll my eyes, as if we were really going to be formed up into some hammer and sickle army with our AKs and take this capitalistic country down.

The reality though, is that is it true.  I MUCH prefer ‘cultural marxism’ as it is a new term for essentially the same thing and avoids all the negative loading that ‘communism’ has.  It has taken me many years to slowly go from a hard core lefty to seeing just how subtle and ever-present the propaganda is.  That universities really are cranking out cultural marxisms (all cultures are equal, except white culture thats just racist).  The rise of feminism, gays, trans (as a quick aside ‘TRANS’ means to go beyond, implying a ‘trans-gender’ is somehow more evoled of a human instead of a genetic misfortune), male-hate, celebrating historical ignorance, hating violence (unless its their own), celebrating tolerance (as they narrowly define it) is ALL part of cultural marxism and once someone begins to see it, the veneer starts to crumble and they see how its all connected.

IF they allow themselves that is.  Therefore there are plenty of defenses to keep everyone on the reservation such as ‘racism’, ‘ignorance’ etc etc much like rolling our eyes at the older people complaining about communists at the college.



30 thoughts on “It’s the Communists! Actually…it is

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  2. I saw this in the humanities and social studies departments. I thought it was a conspiracy from the KGB. I have a friend who worked for the KGB and he thought the KGB did not have the resources to cause the kind of social upheaval we saw in the 1960’s. But to infiltrate the universities he might agree. Look at Bezmenov’s ytube. Something caused these departments of universities to swear hard left.

    • Though I did not take the classes, in those subjects, when I was at Polytechnic in NY, I saw the texts they were teaching in the English and humanities departments. Pure straightforward Marxism. [Not the orthodox kind, but rather the modern mixture.] This was a place dedicated to STEM so that was a surprise to me.

  3. I found communism to be OK.

    Communism kept American-style capitalism out of Eastern Europe. EE and Russia is in great shape, relative to the USA.

    Tom Metzger used to talk about how a white Murkan would call a black Murkan his brother, but he’d hate a white Soviet. I used to admire the Soviets during the 80s.

    Have you watched much of the Soviet propaganda, comrade? You might enjoy it. Their view of Murka is pretty accurate.

    • I ‘was’ pro communist for a long time, I think an ethnic-communist state COULD work, I just hate the current communism which is tearing us apart by literal endless faggotry.

      • A working ethnic-communist state would be a nightmare, Orwell’s nightmare, but still better than a Huxley distopy, still possible to fight, to resist, but against that liberal brave new world, is possible to do something?

      • There is a lot to discuss in terms of Communism. My basic point of view comes from learning Torah. One of the most fundamental aspects of Torah learning in yeshiva is the “three Bava’s” which are about civil law. The main idea that you get there is people have a right to their own property.That idea is already in the Ten Commandments but it gets emphasized in the three bava’s. Still to defend capitalism is possible from a purely secular point of view. See Michael Huemer’s critique of Marxism. As far as it goes in practical terms there is a lot to discuss. I have seen a lot of good that the Soviets did for their own people and a good deal of the problems that came with the system. And the same for the USA. So to argue from empirical evidence or experience of philosophy is possible but to me it is simpler to go by the Ten Commandments “Thou shalt not steal.” That is people have a right to their own property.

  4. I looked briefly at your first essay. I have not finished reading it but what I meant was more along the lines of Saadia Gaon and Thomas Aquinas. Not natural rights as John Locke would have understood this. But your critique is valuable because as you said nature endows no one with any rights. The way Saadia was using the idea was more like what we would call objective morality that is recognized by reason along the lines of Plato and Aquinas would be thinking more like natural in terms of natural goals. His approach might be more vulnerable to your critique

      • I did not understand. You mean Huemer’s objective morality? Or Aquinas? In any case there are points that I do not agree with Huemer but overall he gives the best defense.

  5. We are already beyond the point of no return.
    We were past the point of no return during the first “Slick Willie” administration.
    The whole series of illegalities gave the lie to the idea that we were a nation of laws
    and had an “objective” media. What we’ve seen in the past week or so is merely a
    foretaste of what we’ll get in a “Mrs. Slick” administration.
    Nah, there’s no hope whatsoever. It’s because of a combination of demographics
    and disinformation.
    Psychologically, the indrocdtranation process has been occurring for many years.
    For how it’s done read “Influence,” by Robert Caldini. The white Christian has been
    persuaded to commit suicide in the name of “fairness” and “equality.” Today’s
    “chic” girl has been persuaded to be both a slut and race tratior.
    What it all comes down to, is when Satan gains indisputable control of this land,
    (Through the Supreme Court and the repeal of the first and second amendments)
    There will be PHYSICAL GENOCIDE of the White male, and sexual enslavement of
    the White female. Those that haven’t been brainwashed ALREADY, that is.

  6. The problem isn’t Marxism. It’s SATANISM, of which Marxism is only one aspect.
    Understand that Satan deports Himself as an Angel of Light. The “King of the
    Do-gooders.” This land will be destroyed by people who endourse “equality and liberity.”
    Coupled with a lying, BASTARD media that claims to “afflict the comfortable, and comfort
    the afflicted.” In truth, it’s quite the opposite.

  7. By seeing that only a refurbished nature can discern the truth, and using the power
    of DISGARD.
    We must dispense with lies by seeing that they don’t work and actually harm us.
    Nobody KNOWINGLY harms themselves. If I don’t know about the existence of
    elevators, then I am condemned to walk up stairways. Once I know about elevators
    you would have to hold a gun to my head to make me take a stairway.
    Knowledge is power. And there are different types of knowledge. It can be used for
    good or ill. Dependency destroys. That’s why the Marxists want you dependent.
    You can’t be your own man. You become their man.
    Of course, they do it under the guise of benevalance. Satan is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
    His method is to DESTROY while PRETENDING to build. Like President Sha Bkakk
    said after the Nice attack: “We’re going to BUILD rather then destroy.”
    Nope, he’s going to DESTROY like his Satanic overlord really wants.
    Watch for the news to try to tone dow on the racial agitation a bit. Devils that they are,
    they want Mrs. Slick to get in at all costs. The crime wave will continue, they just won’t
    report on it.
    But I can’t see this insane country lasting much longer. There’s no excuse for
    knowingly committing suicide.

  8. Well, it should be seen that Trump was an infiltrator for Hillary in the same way that
    H. Ross Perot was an infiltrator for Bill in 1992. I was surprised that he got the
    nomination as opposed to running third party. It just goes to show the power of
    celebrity and how desperate white folks are. They know their genocde is in the offing.
    I think America always had a built-in shelf life. It’s not mentioned in the Bible.
    Europe is. Some have theorized that the obliteration of America would shock Europe
    back into survival mode.
    It makes perfect sense that domestic radical groups teamed with ISIS would set off
    a weapon of mass destruction in a major city and destroy this country.
    I think it will happen in the fall, and this will cause Europe to take drastic action to save

  9. Hillary would continue MOSTLY down the same path as President Sha Baa Kaa.
    But Sociopath Hillary is a bit more pragmatic then he. She would sell her own mother
    down the river if need be. Mr. Slick was the same. He could swing conservative to save
    his own skin. Dick Morris called it “triangulation.”
    If doing what’s good for the country correlates with what’s good for Hillary, she’ll do it.
    Sha Brack A Brack is a TRUE BELIEVER in the radical America and Western hating
    IDEALS that he learned at Frank Marshal’s and Sol Alinsky’s knees. That’s why he
    hangs tough no matter what. He is for the eradication of America. Hillary is for herself.

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