Hillary does NOT get indicted

Just right now the FBI has decided to suicide it’s reputation to save Killary.  The guy goes off on a 10 minute rant about how she had tons of email chains that were sharing top secret emails with other people.  How she even had other emails that she did not turn over etc etc.  He essentially lays out for 10 minutes WHY should she be going down.

Then he reverses to say how she never intended to hurt the USA, how no prosecutor would take the case against her etc etc.  His conclusion?  NO INDICTMENT

I had some hope for this country, but to see the corruption at the highest levels to cover for some of the most corrupt people ever is disgusting.  Especially that FBI is probably trolling alt right sites endlessly, ready to serve us up with some child porn charges at end second yet let her slide.


19 thoughts on “Hillary does NOT get indicted

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  2. Give up that hope, EK.

    Murka is uselessly and completely corrupt. The USA today is as bad as any third world in that sense. I actually like the third world, but the USA masquerades as the bastion of freedom and liberty!

    When you give up hope, a new world will open up to you. Then you will see voting is now useless. The courts, the voting booths, the entire Murkan political system is now our enemy.

    There is a “hope.” People who don’t vote don’t believe in the American con any longer. The USG offers a fake choice and a fake freedom. I’d rather not vote than to participate in their swine system.

  3. The head of the FBI did not want an accident to happen as often occurs when someone goes after the Clintons

  4. I had a feeling she’d get off without any punishment. The general public doesn’t know/care what she did, so they’ll all rally behind her saying that she was victimized.

    The west is fucked.

  5. Goes to show that public ‘servants’ don’t know what responsability means and or even know what their ‘job’ implies. A low ranking officer in the army who handles classified information would lose his job if he did something even remotly close to anything Clinton did. Instead of public servants being qualified we’de rather deal with these kinds of farces.

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