‘body positive’ – another in a long list of leftist lies


In case you do not know what the ‘body positive’ image/movement is, it can be summed up quite quickly: fat people are good people just as beautiful as everyone else.  Meaning, if you don’t work out, don’t eat right, and are general fat as fuck you have the same value and beauty as a girl that does (and its ALWAYS about women, never men).

I saw something on ABC this morning (I hardly watch this stuff other than occasionally seeing what ‘normal’ people believe) and they had a special about the ‘incredible journey’ eight women had on their body positive quest.  They had the token fit women, and it panned to seven whales.


I shook my head and wondered what the fuck was wrong with this country when a fatty has a ‘incredible journey’ to her weight and subsequent delusion about how she is still desired.

It is strange and disturbing how much we can apparently invert nature just by collectively willingly it that a fat girl NO ONE would normally like is shoved down our throat and being just as desirable as a hot woman.  Instead of realizing they are lazy we cater to them – more victim culture in a country collapsing under it.

Consider that you never see males in here, nothing about a poor fat male, also consider it RARELY is about wheelchair women.  There is an infinitive difference when you are paralyzed/crippled etc and just lazy as fuck and like your donuts.

Look at this joke of a page where it decides all video game heroines are unrealistic because they are skinny


– news flash skinny/hot girls actually exist

I really like how the ‘real’ girl has smaller boobs as the only thing they slimmed down, oh and they had to expand that swimsuit, can’t show any of that fat crotch can we?

The long slide down

I am somewhat of a recovering survivalist, starting with the furor of Y2K the idea that ‘something’ could happen had a hold on me.  There was the chaos of 9-11 that seemed like it could really spiral out of control instead of just enriching the rich like it usually does.  Then there was the big crash of 08, this one was bringing everything down right?  Nope.

Next up was dec 21 2012, mayan apocalypse day, nothing again.  Now we have all the signs of a catastrophic collapse again in the financial sector – and while it is much more popular to suggest how things are going to blow up and it’ll be mad max in the streets, it is unlikely to happen.

What will happen is painfully predictable in our current state: things get a bit worse, laws become a bit more draconian, some people die and the whole thing keep on chugging forward.

Money being divorced from reality is a major contributor to the ability to keep rolling.  They can print out money, and in a giant shell game the bills just get shuffled around.  No one can or wants to call out the bluff because the whole thing comes crashing down.

Further, normalcy is a state most people want to live in, if the entire east coast gets wiped out, for the most part in the west here nothing fundamentally changes ‘did you see new york got wiped out?’ ‘yeah’ ‘crazy.  so whats new on that project we are working on?’

Race riots, anything along those lines is not like some fire that sweeps through and suddenly everyone is gunning each other down.  It will just be more and more localized violence, some tv shows about how racist everyone (whites) are and thats that.

At some point things will wind down and the localized becomes bigger and bigger, as population grows too much, we run out of resources, hyper inflation etc etc.

Imagine a drifting into 3rd world country status for most of us, because that is the more likely reality.


White guy admits on tv that whites made civilization


This is a pretty interesting video, its the typical white cucks blabbing about how this is the last dying gasp of the ‘old white party’ to white this legit older white guy (you can tell by the calm countenance on his face) begins:

“This ‘old white people’ business does get a little tired, Charlie. I’d ask you to go back through history and figure out, where are these contributions that have been made by these other categories of people that you’re talking about, where did any other subgroup of people contribute more to civilization?”

Everyone erupts in a OMG did he just say that?

It’s the Communists! Actually…it is

It is very hard to deprogram our own brains – not that they are able, but rather it is simply a lack of counter information out there to ‘cleanse with’ so to say.  For example growing up as kids we were inundated with tales of our parents dealing with the ‘communists’, and of course the endless stories of cuban missile crisis/cold war/vietnam etc etc.

The clever thing that happens here is the naviety of youth is encouraged about how ‘dumb’ the older generations were, what a failure vietnam was, etc etc all to give their enemy of the communists this psuedo-laughable status.  Oh its just those crazy, old paranoid people going off about them damn communists again.

The problem is, the label is used so much it loses its purpose.  Much like ‘Nazi’ has literally been used on anything remotely left or right wing, communism is mostly by designed much like in 1984 that if you cannot describe the problem you can’t solve it.

There are older people I would talk to and they would vehemently tell me how ‘college is breeding communism’ and I’d roll my eyes, as if we were really going to be formed up into some hammer and sickle army with our AKs and take this capitalistic country down.

The reality though, is that is it true.  I MUCH prefer ‘cultural marxism’ as it is a new term for essentially the same thing and avoids all the negative loading that ‘communism’ has.  It has taken me many years to slowly go from a hard core lefty to seeing just how subtle and ever-present the propaganda is.  That universities really are cranking out cultural marxisms (all cultures are equal, except white culture thats just racist).  The rise of feminism, gays, trans (as a quick aside ‘TRANS’ means to go beyond, implying a ‘trans-gender’ is somehow more evoled of a human instead of a genetic misfortune), male-hate, celebrating historical ignorance, hating violence (unless its their own), celebrating tolerance (as they narrowly define it) is ALL part of cultural marxism and once someone begins to see it, the veneer starts to crumble and they see how its all connected.

IF they allow themselves that is.  Therefore there are plenty of defenses to keep everyone on the reservation such as ‘racism’, ‘ignorance’ etc etc much like rolling our eyes at the older people complaining about communists at the college.


Hillary does NOT get indicted

Just right now the FBI has decided to suicide it’s reputation to save Killary.  The guy goes off on a 10 minute rant about how she had tons of email chains that were sharing top secret emails with other people.  How she even had other emails that she did not turn over etc etc.  He essentially lays out for 10 minutes WHY should she be going down.

Then he reverses to say how she never intended to hurt the USA, how no prosecutor would take the case against her etc etc.  His conclusion?  NO INDICTMENT

I had some hope for this country, but to see the corruption at the highest levels to cover for some of the most corrupt people ever is disgusting.  Especially that FBI is probably trolling alt right sites endlessly, ready to serve us up with some child porn charges at end second yet let her slide.