Smashing Muslims theme song

I think western ideals and culture cannot live with muslims/Islam, there I said it.  The left likely wants to censor me and take me down.  As an aside I also admit that its like we are just two pawns sent to murder each other as the ‘kings’ sit in the back.

Regardless, the need to get smashed, and in honor of our culture heritage of doing in once in the past, here is a sick song about it.


7 thoughts on “Smashing Muslims theme song

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  2. Don’t be suckered, EK.

    WN is about race, not religion. WNs could easily become Christians, Pagans or Muslims. Polygamy would make our white population grow faster.

    There are strong WNs who are white racist Muzz. Some dude with a red beard in England; I forget his name.

    I have found that most things Americans hate are actually good for whites. That why I salute islam, communism, and patriarchy. The Muzz are doing some good things in Europe like scaring the jews.

  3. Once Hillary becomes President, the white male is finished.
    No more police. No more guns. No more safety.
    Goal: Genocide of the white, Christian through underclass, anarchists, and Moslems.
    Prize: Material goods, and white woman’s vagina. Party time 24/7. Not for white guys
    because there won’t be any. White women can and will be bred like puppy mills.

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