New mass shooting – the perpetrator changes the narrative

In case you aren’t aware there was a big mass shooting where 50 people died, worst in recent history.  It was a muslim guy.  Now, consider if this was a white male how different the narrative would be.

Because its a muslim who is in general off limits, we can’t talk about religious extremism, his culture, how islam is a ‘religion of peace’ etc etc.  But oh boy if that was a white male it would be endless ‘politics of hate’ ‘donald trump supporters’ and so on.

Because its the muslim, there will be little talk of gun control compared to if this was a white male.  Notice in obama’s speech that he talks about the poor victims (gays) and to generate a bunch of sympathy for those misguide souls, and NOT ONCE does he mention the words ‘muslim’ or ‘islam’ very interesting.

If this was a white nationalist it’d be all these things about KKK connections, south civil war sympathies, alt right blogs etc etc.  The ‘poor gays’ narrative would still be there, but itd be much more blaming of the shooter’s culture instead of giving the muslim a free pass.


8 thoughts on “New mass shooting – the perpetrator changes the narrative

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  2. It’s good to observe. I enjoy these things. The worm seems to be turning in our direction. Maybe in 10-15 years we’ll have something.

    The name of the club was “Pulse.” I saw a gay club named “The Rectum” once.

  3. The left is now characterizing it as a crime of intolerance. Dude just hated gays and if we all loved each other more and had more diversity shoved down our throats (giggity), this bigotry would have never happened. Gotta love the left.

    On another note, it’s interesting now that it’s gotten to the point of protected classes are fighting protected classes. Oh, who will we choose as the mostest importantest disadvantaged progressive people? There’s so many! Looks like gays take the lead at the first post.

      • Let me clarify: this isn’t an event where the left can simply spin this as a case of whitey violence against protected class, or Christian violence against protected class. This was protected class against protected class: immigration vs. gays. Each is protected by the media. There needs to be a victim for the narrative to work, and in this case they can’t both be victims, so now they’ll have to choose. They can’t admit that their pet projects will eventually eat each other and can’t co-exist. The mental gymnastics here is going to be very entertaining, but in the race for which sacred cow the left cherishes most, the “hate crime” narrative has put the gays in the lead over vibrancy.

  4. Guess what guys? Obama’s luck finally crapped out! This ISIS soldier was a DHS employee! He actually works for Obama! OOOOOOH, YEAH!
    I think tears are gonna flow over at both the Hillaary and Colonel Sanders camps soon. This is gonna blow that whole Rainbow of Hate minority stack SKY HIGH!

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