pro-white rally ends in stabbing at Sacramento

There was a right-wing protest/rally that happened today in Sacramento that ended with leftists charging in and knifing about 10 people, with one of them perhaps dead right now.  I think this story MIGHT get big depending on how they spin it.

They can do the tried and true ‘neo nazi violent rally’ type of thing that suggests it was THEM that were violent.  A kind of omission of the facts.

They may just let it fade away as it was the left that attacked first.

Now I have no idea about these groups AT ALL, other than the typical narrative of ‘evil racist white guys’ and the poor mexicans etc fighting against dem RACISUS.

The violence and anger is getting pretty real.  We might be on the verge of some pretty serious shit here boys and girls…lock and load and SEMPER PARATUS.


‘Grey State’ movie about police state creator killed…welcome to 1984

I recently found out about this, ROK has a good write up on

that there was this iraq vet who was in the process of making a fictional movie that essentially portrays America in our VERY near future as a police state.

It is really easy to not think it is ‘that bad’ esp. if you live in cities where it is incremental.  I live in the country, and for the first time in 10 years flew on a plane (ironically you can take lesson with far less security) and it was INSANE the trash you have to go through.  Strip down, walk forward in no shoes, stand up with arms above head to get xray.  They poke through your bagged etc.

Disgusting as fuck in this ‘land of the free’.  They pulled me to the side because my video game controller looked like something ‘bad’ I am sure, and I was thinking ‘fuck this isn’t good’ and Providence stepped in when some guy behind was like ‘Do you guys even know how to do you job?’ to which it got silent and they rushed me through.

I really hate the ‘evil nazi’ memes, as I think germany was mostly fighting a justifiable war, but many of the ‘get on the train’/concentration camps are not that far off when we will shuffle around in our socks and let fat fucks molest us at the airport.

Heres someone else silenced for the truth.


Is censorship/Feminism/marxism/SJWism going to win? Can it be stopped?

This is a thought I have a lot.  Consider that google, facebook, youtube are all CENSORED as shit, any right leaning stuff routinely scrubbed, esp any ultra right, nationalist, anti-black etc.  You have most people under 30 LIVING at these sites, and when its endless pro-gay-butt-sex type rhetoric and normal heterosexual marriage with beautiful white women is such a rarity I wonder what our future will be.

When you have sites like reddit with SWARMS of chumps to bomb out alt-right sites, or like traitorous males like ‘wehuntedthemamoth’ that fat fuck, who has like 500 comments per story what chance do we stand getting OUR message out?

We really need some serious hackers, because the current war looks like it is going very badly for use.  Marginalized super hard, and with very few new recruits we are getting outbred online and in real life.

With tech evolving we can’t even go enclave style like Israel did post ww2.  Those ‘racist white strongholds’ just get drone struck out of here, a few people will type ‘lolz’ on the news feed and wonder if Hillary will legalize child sex yet?

A small story of how young women aren’t marry-able nor datable anymore

Between smart phones and social media and femenism/slut/gurl power there isn’t much left of modern young women in their shattered ADD dopamine addicted minds.  Even super PUAs like Roosh (regardless what you think of him) has recently had an about-face regarding that hooking up with women was ultimately pointless and that being a ‘clown’ for them got tiring.

Here is a short story of a recent encounter;  I wrote my motorcycle to this small cliff jumping local swim hole, mostly guys around.  I jump a few times and see two cute girls roll in. I go over to talk (I really dont give a fuck anymore) and they seem friendly.  Of course before this they are both posing with their smart phones for the perfect shot of how ‘adventurous’ they are.

They seem interested at first in me, I’m in good shape, plus got bad boy biker appeal.  But there are a lot of guys around, one slowly drifts away to go talk to them.  I ask the other if they are alone or with friends ‘oh its just the two of us, no friends’ (this was an out I gave her to see if she’d admit bf etc) Other friend moves in on this tattooed loser who is smoking. Literally the typical trash girls always fall for.  For the record this girls are both 20, tan and decent, the average guy would give them about an 8 probably.

I leave the other one and just watch a bit.  Like clockwork guys start to swarm the girls (what it’d be like to be a hot girl for a day…) they hold each other phone to video the super adventurous jump and show the world just how brave (and cute while doing it~) they are.

I watch a bit more, then a new group rolls in, they yell at the girls, they yell back.  “Frank where were you?”  “Oh around.”

They know each other.  They are friends.  Funny, because they told me they didn’t have any friends here leaving it up for something if they felt like it.

I laughed and left while they were taking some more selfies.

I don’t feel bad about this encounter at all because its pretty typical,I just feel sad that AWALT and the likelyhood of finding a decent non-internet addicted girl is close to zero.

Smashing Muslims theme song

I think western ideals and culture cannot live with muslims/Islam, there I said it.  The left likely wants to censor me and take me down.  As an aside I also admit that its like we are just two pawns sent to murder each other as the ‘kings’ sit in the back.

Regardless, the need to get smashed, and in honor of our culture heritage of doing in once in the past, here is a sick song about it.


New mass shooting – the perpetrator changes the narrative

In case you aren’t aware there was a big mass shooting where 50 people died, worst in recent history.  It was a muslim guy.  Now, consider if this was a white male how different the narrative would be.

Because its a muslim who is in general off limits, we can’t talk about religious extremism, his culture, how islam is a ‘religion of peace’ etc etc.  But oh boy if that was a white male it would be endless ‘politics of hate’ ‘donald trump supporters’ and so on.

Because its the muslim, there will be little talk of gun control compared to if this was a white male.  Notice in obama’s speech that he talks about the poor victims (gays) and to generate a bunch of sympathy for those misguide souls, and NOT ONCE does he mention the words ‘muslim’ or ‘islam’ very interesting.

If this was a white nationalist it’d be all these things about KKK connections, south civil war sympathies, alt right blogs etc etc.  The ‘poor gays’ narrative would still be there, but itd be much more blaming of the shooter’s culture instead of giving the muslim a free pass.

Do we live in a matrix/simulation?

This is an interesting convernsation I have had with friends in the past, and before you automatically dismiss it, there is some serious evidence to suggest what we are in, is in fact a simulation and not ‘real’ reality.

Here are two articles that talk about it, you can read them if wanting more info, I talk about most of it.  Here 1Here 2.

Given the very fast rise of realistic video games, it is not a far stretch to think we will have fairly realistic virtual reality in the very near future.  The arguments that we live in such are thing are many, and I am mixing a few of them together:

  1.  Given that we will eventually be able to simulate worlds, and we will run thousands/millions of sim, what is more likely that we are the 1/100000000 ‘oringinal’ or that we are the 999999999/1000000000 sim?
  2. Video games have limits and pixels, cosmic rays mysterious limit out at 10^20 volts of energy suggesting a strange limit that does not have a reason why it should.
  3. Not ‘everything’ would need to be simulated, such as other planets/solar system never need to actually be rendered are are literally ‘just background’.
  4. A lot of quantum experiments confirm that particles often do not ‘exist’ in a certain state until we measure it, thus implying a processor-saving mechanism in which only things looked at are rendered.

I find this thought avenue pretty interesting, that we might just be a getaway, a learning experience or maybe trying to find out some problem that hyper-reality is stuck with.  To be sophist about it, how do we know the world existed at all before we were conscious?  It literally might just be the background story.