Why Nofap is bullshit

First, as a disclaimer I think ‘fap’/fapping is a utterly stupid term, I am using it simply because that is the conventional internet word for it.  That being said, in case you don’t know what this is, it is a forced celibacy of refraining from sex – mostly from porn.

I have an interest in sex from a scientific point of view that is surprisingly lacking in the world, so have dove into this pretty hard with research and self-experimenting.

It has different levels of just no porn, or no sex at all etc.  The real mode is no touching/orgasm/porn at all.  It is claimed that after about 90 days you become human again, no more ED, you can talk to girls, you can get laid etc etc.

Now, here is where it gets tricky, because I definitely think that mass porn use can mess up your brain as well as imprint new fetishes (which makes me think being gay is much more of a choice than liberalism wants us to think) but there is a logical fallacy going on here, see if you can find it regarding the cures you susposedly get for your given up the habit.

This is a form of giving up control – and giving it straight to girls.  This is the darkest truth I have realized about this movement, (I don’t want to come off as pro-porn, but the alternative I think is worse) is that YOUR SEXUAL AND MENTAL RELEASE NOW COMES FROM A RANDOM JACKPOT OF A WOMAN.

You can read on reddit endless points of ‘finally got laid, IM CURED’ or ‘girl bumped into me, she knows how much man I am.’  This is blue pill noobery 101, where the girl is the sole arbitrator of reward and validation.  ‘You are not a loser jason, after all suzy touched you dick!’

This is hidden of course in all the talk of curing erectile dysfunction, ‘lower voice’, more muscles etc etc, but by and large the over-riding goal of having sex with a girl.  It is total anti-MGTOW style of that your loserness is only cured when you have blown a load into some whore you were desperate enough to convince.

I am harping on this a bit, but it is critical to understand how dangerous this underpinning of the goal is.  This is literally a clone of shaming that the highschool nerd would suddenly be acceptable if he had a girlfriend.  That the fapper is now such a man because he has got his little dick wet.

It is disgusting.  With modern girls endlessly capricious, slutty, diseased, ego whoring, flaky, and out right manipulative; signing up for a kibble of attention from them is the height of stupidity.

Heh…and I haven’t even got into the science behind abstinence, which unfortunately very sparse, there is the ‘famous’ china study of a 7 day temporary testosterone boost that goes away (small sample size also); and one that studied for a few weeks but had a lot of problems too.  THAT IS IT.  It is not conclusive one way or the other, that is a fact.

What is not debateable though is when as a man you give women the key to your validation you are in for a world of hurt.

53 thoughts on “Why Nofap is bullshit

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  2. “which makes me think being gay is much more of a choice than liberalism wants us to think”

    actually, it’s nutty liberals and the weirdoes who attend the NPI convention that insist I find Bruce, err, “Kate” Jenner and a-MAN-duh Marcotte hawt. Ain’t gonna happen, just like I could not convince my dog that celery and carrots were a good substitute for steak…

  3. Just imagine if prostitution was legal, then for $100 or so, any guy could nail a hot chick. It would be about as much a bragging point as “I bought a new video game” or “I took myself to an amusement park.” That’s why both feminist’s and PUA’s are against it. It has nothing to do with “keeping womyn safe” or “morals.”

  4. Lifers in prison tend to follow a path. The progression takes decades. They begin by focusing on fighting and bodybuilding. Then they study law. Next, religion. After a long time, they turn to gay sex.

    Women have conned men, EK. They did it very well.

    Women need sex MORE than men. They don’t do it for pleasure. Women want sex because it validates that she is attractive and beautiful. The greatest insult a man can give is that a woman is unattractive to him.

    In fact, the man has all the power. His erection validates that she is sex-worthy. If he can’t get a boner, she isn’t sexy.

    It’s a great con. I admire it. Women have got men sweating over something which women need more than men – like its is a privilege to sleep with her.

  5. To “fap” is simply degrading…

    To “fap” to porn is even more degrading due a total lack of effort to even imagine the experience…

    The proper frame starts with a simple equation:

    Homo = same = EXACT SAME = self…

    Homo-sexuality is the sexual attraction to one’s self… To “fap” is to give existence to the homo-sexual “nature.” “Fapping” is the “purest” act of radical sexual autonomy (unhindered, unbounded, unregulated). To “fap,” in principle, is to self-annihilate.

    And it’s very simple… Where the incredible spiritual, intellectual and physical discipline required to obtain true celibacy maintains, nature runs its course for what amounts to the emotional need for a physical “fix.”

    “We” are immersed in a mass of de facto homos whose dissimulation on “fapping” must be carefully narrated for maximum return. A genuine wS then seeks to impose the Law of Diminishing Returns. Ergo, homo-sexuality is self-annihilation. This is akin to wS “gospel.”

  6. EK…

    The default assumption is all “movements” are controlled opposition ALWAYS proving otherwise. So the default assumption is a “no fap” movement ORIGINATING in a pro-homosexual ethos perpetrating what amounts to a reverse psychology. The aim being the normalization of homosexuality then the goal is to create an obnoxiously zealous “no fap” movement that makes “fapping” look normal by comparison.

    “Fapping” is self-annihilating, period. End of story. Everything else is just “creative” narrating.

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  8. I’m a NoFapper and have been for a couple of years…off and on. I’ve also been aware of the community of NoFap, but haven’t actively participated in the community in a while for the reasons you talk about. I think you’re on the right track, but the people you’re referring to are the “extremists” of NoFap. Like you, I have also done experimentation and my own little research; especially about ED. I won’t say that NoFap “cured” my erectile dysfunction, but it’s a possibility that my excessive porn use contributed to my erectile dysfunction. I’m not certain about it: the only thing that matters to me is that I get ED significantly less than I used to.

    I’m not justifying the extremist behavior, but I will say this: I’ve seen a lot of guys in the community join the community as virgins, or people that haven’t had sex in a long time. Losing your virginity, or having sex after a long period of time, isn’t the most amazing thing in the world…HOWEVER…for some people, it can start the ball rolling for self-improvement. I know that when I lost my virginity, WAY before I joined NoFap, it helped my self-confidence, which created a domino effect into the man I am today.

    I could go on all day trying to explain everything from a veteran NoFapper, but the main points are that even extremists are annoying to me, they exist in almost every moment of some kind (as far as I know), and there’s always more to the story than what you see. It’s a little bit more complicated than what you describe, I won’t say I completely disagree with you, but there’s a little bit more going on than what you may realize.

  9. Nofap is feminist to the core. Sure, there will be some of them who complain about “SJWs” and shit like that, but ultimately they are feminists. They complain all the time about how “bad” porn “actresses” have it, about how men shouldn’t “objectify” women, the implied assumption that the most important thing in life is being liked by women, and all the other stuff you mentioned above.
    It’s the most reddit-like ideology I can think of. I bet 80% of them are JP fans.
    Plus the “science” of nofap is complete bullshit, and ALL of them look like the average nu-male or worse.

  10. sex sex sex masturbation poo-see sex sex sex
    me have penis me want SEX
    sex sex sex all me can think about
    need to stick penis into sweet poo-see to validate me
    validate me with sex right now
    sex sex sex sex sex feminism sjws pepe Donald Trump

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  12. “….I definitely think that mass porn use can mess up your brain as well as imprint new fetishes (which makes me think being gay is much more of a choice than liberalism wants us to think)”
    You’re an idiot.

      • That’s not how it works, but you’re an idiot, so I wouldn’t expect you to grasp that. Also, it’s 2018; there’s nothing wrong with being gay, but again, you’re an idiot, so I wouldn’t expect you to grasp that.

          • Not as funny as some of the unironic misogyny, homophobia, and racism in your trash blog. Hilarious! I don’t get all the hate.

          • In response to your latest comment in this thread: hey man, I get bored. What does it matter anyway? You use the name “Erudite Knight” which even isn’t your actual name, I’m sure. The irony here being that your blog is mostly full of biased perspectives and kinda awful generalizations laced with all manner of things that don’t seem very erudite. While you can certainly write well, utilize grammar/spelling, etc., that’s all just syntax. The content is repulsive, flawed, and objectionable. It’s narrow in scope and serves an agenda which benefits one group of people while subjugating the rest and treating them like inferiors. Power dynamics like that never win or last; they’re antithetical to the human condition. You’d be surprised if you’d just open up a bit, see past your own bad experiences, and give others a chance instead of just spewing hate on this blog for years. I think being cruel online under the shelter of anonymity is horrible which I ultimately don’t think is productive or beneficial for anyone (myself included!) That’s why I’ll say I’m sure you’ve a lot of good qualities and perhaps you should look into yourself rather than blaming women, gays, Jews, Mexicans, (((this tired meme))), and whomever else for your hardships. Have a good one!

          • Haha, wow you start to act intelligently now?

            I was a leftist for many many years. I started waking up to the fact that as a white male I was hated by my own ‘comrades’. When I started losing jobs to affirmative action, started seeing men raped by the biased courts etc that is what started waking me up.

            You seem smart yourself, so tell me why is leftism a ‘good’ strategy, I want logic, not feels.

          • You expect me to engage in logical discourse with someone who, in his latest blog post, writes some bizarre, conspiratorial, anti-porn diatribe replete with antisemitism, homophobia, and racism??? Are you serious? I hate to break it to you man, but your blog is all about “feels”. I’m not buying into the left/right, liberal/conservative, black/white rhetoric; the content here speaks for itself and this blog does not strike me as a place conducive to logic or open discussion. Blog posts with titles like “signs she’s a slut” do not invite logical thought. Your blog is full of “feels”: feelings of subjective observations centered around an agenda which serves a white male demographic and eschews the concerns of others. A blog likely colored by its author’s own personal “feels” and past experiences. I’ll I can ascertain after reading through some of the content here is that you are a deeply unhappy person. It’s not my intention to sound patronizing by saying that. What other logical conclusion can one come to after seeing a blog that’s been peddling hate on-line for years? It would seem that you have difficulty maintaining relationships (romantic and possibly platonic as well) and I wouldn’t be surprised if sustaining employment is an issue too (I could be wrong of course). While it’s convenient and easy to scapegoat others for your hardships, it might be more constructive to look at yourself as the source of your own unhappiness. Of course circumstances out of your control can play a part, but I’m trying to be diplomatic in that statement. Seeing the news lately of school shooters or angry men driving through crowds of people who, upon investigating, often have a history of disturbing social media posts and internet usage, makes me wonder who I’m dealing with on the other end of my computer here. I’m not one to kick someone who’s already down, and I think it’s even more important to be kind to strangers these days, so that’s why I suggest finding someone to talk out your feelings with. It’s something I’ve considered for myself as well in the past. It would seem that the author of this blog is an unhappy individual and no one should have to trod through life that way. Everyone deserves a chance and equal treatment (including you), so that would be my reply to your request to explain my “leftist” perspective.

  13. Hmmm, I think a little more nuanced thought here would be something along the lines of throwing anti-/pro-, black/white, all/nothing reasoning out and judging someone on their character rather than just base, ignorant, bigoted, chauvinistic, racist, and ethnocentric ideas that cull people into categories. Can a Jew be a horrible person? Sure. So can anyone. They aren’t mutually exclusive. This is falling on deaf ears here, I’m sure.
    Regardless, I made some salient observations previously: the author of this blog is an unhappy person who scapegoats others for his own hardships and unhappiness. Be accountable for yourself.

    • Would it blow your mind to find out that I am happily married, with a kid, a job, a house and all that? But…leftist thinking is very prone to not being able to comprehend such things.

      Btw, jews DO run porn, look it up yourself.

      • Blow my mind? No. I mean, I am a little surprised only because the values put forth here are awful and I couldn’t imagine finding a partner who holds them attractive in the remotest sense, but I also know that not all share my values, so anything’s possible. Also, I did state I may be wrong.

        I’ll pass on the suggestion to go search and indulge your bizarre anti-Semitic conspiracy theory. Why? I don’t have an issue with porn (that’s your moral conflict and something you struggle with, not I) and I don’t have a problem with Jews (I’m not a racist/anti-Semite, you are). It would appear though, that the founder of this website that hosts your trash blog is Jewish! Oh the irony! Hahahaaaaa!!! Thanks for the laugh!

          • Don’t you know what (((George Soros))) or (((the chosen people))) or (((insert trashy anti-Semitic statement))) own and control? Hahaha. I thought this was your field of expertise.

          • Your self-proclaimed eruditeness should be able to figure that out. Do you need me to use the internet for you too? It wasn’t hard to find and figure out. Anyone who purports themselves to be so erudite likely has an inferiority complex anyway. That’s what this blog is: a manifestation of self-hate and a greater symptom of unhappiness. Own your shit and be accountable!

            I pointed out the fact that Word Press’s founder and the CEO of its parent company is Jewish for a reason and to make a point: he is tolerant enough to give you, an anti-semite, a platform to peddle this garbage online. Can you afford the same? I doubt the tolerance goes both ways.

            Seriously man, get a fucking clue.

          • Or how about the fact that you’re a racist, antisemite, misogynist who is prone to conspiratorial thinking? Seriously… race mixing, negative views on homosexuality, cuckoldry, and whatever bizarre bullshit you think Jews are responsible for promoting is just a narrative that serves your agenda. You don’t like it? Start your own fucking porn site, media company, blog hosting website, etc. etc. and stop bitching. Even if Jews “own everything” I don’t think it results in anything wrong or bad. You do. You’re a bigot. We live in a fucking hyper capitalist society and if Jews excel, then more power to them. You’re just blaming for your own shortcomings and feelings of inferiority. Blaming Jews is the oldest ignorant trick in the book; oh, Jews killed Jesus too apparently. Whatever man, you’re unhappy and a hypocrite since so use this site. Drop the bullshit.

          • No, I’m actually quite awake. Nothing’s funny here. Your “blog” is a public online journal of your own, manifested self-hate and unhappiness. And unfortunately you advocate hate upon others. Nothing funny about that at all. Please get help and talk it out with someone.

          • Whats funny about leftists is they all universally ‘get it’ at least in their deluded minds, its only later they realize how wrong they are.

          • I don’t “get” anything, but I see your blog for what it is. That same argument could be used for your slanted, racist conspiratorial thinking. You think you “get” it. You claim to be erudite and searching for the “truth”. You’re unhappy. Stop blaming Jews, women, gays, and anyone else who’s not in your demographic for your problems.

          • If I were to be sad in real life, it’d be my own thing to own and fix/change. It wouldn’t be something I’d spend time blaming Jews or women or whoever else for via some blog.

        • I’m 100% certain your a Jew, hence the vtriol towards someone who exposes the subtle power, control, and manipulation joos possess over societies world wide, and not in a positive productive sense.

  14. Try it yourself, I am a very educated person I thought it was bullshit until I hit day 27, everything changes for me from then onwards.

    I have been masturbating since I was 12, I started having serious fatigue problem since I was 15 and I am 29 now. During the past year, I tried dieting, exercising, quit smoking, stop dining alcohol, water fasting, cold showering

    They helped me to gain a bit energy boost, but never did I regain that energy I once had during my childhood

    I knew nofap before, and was very skeptical about it as a matter of fact, I did “try mo fap” in the past years unintentionally by not fapping for a few days to max 2 weeks or so due to busyness so in my past experience it changed nothing for me, hence I didn’t believe in the premises that no fap would give me

    But this year, my fatigue problem became too serious that I kept searching answer online and I had a feeling that I have to give no fap a try coz I was about to commit suicide due to intense fatigue ( I almost puke everyday after lunch and couldn’t open my eyes, and actually I didn’t fap that much may be 3 times per week, sucy frequency if not more is instead recommended by the medical science in the name of releasing stress)

    I am not gonna mention too much “ super power “ thing that no fap gave me, but I am here telling you in my personal experience my energy level changes dramatically upon week 3
    , I don’t have to tell you how good it is because I would only feel sorry for those who think fapping is good for health and continue to do so

    Take care

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