Levels of understanding, and why most never leave level 1

Trump showing his true colors is a good wake up call for a lot of us, as I admitted in an earlier post of falling victim to myself, is nothing more than controlled opposition.  Yet today I see mass protests in California against Trump, undoubtedly liberals, but here is where it gets complicated and everyone loses except the ultra rich.

Before we being, take a look at an old post I wrote about the ‘levels’ of seeing reality where if a person is ‘aware’ at all preceives a sort of difference between republican and democrat – those damn communist democrats or those bible thumping conservatives.

This and the lower level of unawareness accounts for easily 95%+ of the populace.  These are the people who like my coworkers I argue with will swear Cruz is a ‘real conservative’ even after pointing out he takes goldman sachs money like the rest of them.

So, back to the protest, you have these liberals living in level 2 here, where Trump is this big bad racist they must stop; they you have republicans in their mind seeing these college kids/mexicans etc and it proves to them what a ‘good guy’ Trump is and readies themselves for battle against the liberal horde.

The problem is…Trump is not their man.  At all.  This is EXTREMELY problematic because as tensions get worse more and more join the trump train which is only aimed straight at the liberals, so both of them develop this deep, violent hatred for them while Soros, Adelson, Zuckerberg et al get away scot free.

Its going to get bad, and its the two sides played against each other where the man in the castle just watches the proles kill each other, all to ‘make america great again’.

10 thoughts on “Levels of understanding, and why most never leave level 1

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  2. it’s the oldest strategy in the book…

    divide and conquer…

    the best thing that could happen right now is Shillary getting indicted, but there’s a better chance I’ll win the lotto and I don’t even play…

      • 1) why should I murder little kids in a foreign country so that the elites can make more money on sideways oil deals?

        2) showering with a bunch of guys, well, seems kind of gay

        3) do not like structure and discipline

        4) do not like rules or being bossed around

        5) Dulce et Decorum est-male disposability defined…

        and this needs no more explanation…

          • firing guns… allot of fun…

            duty/honor-whell sirree hose who dehmand you die-womyn, elites WOULD NOT do the same for you-duty/honor is just a cheap way for someone with no skin in the game to tell you to “man up.” Brotherhood, well, I liked my dog, he was a brother from a different mother.

            There is no honor in this…

  3. In a sense, it is not neccesary for most to reach the higher levels. As long at the leaders are strong and understand, that is sufficient. Most people don’t have time to study for years.

    I write about America’s evils. Do I understand them? Yes. I understand Trump, Hillary and the rich very well. I don’t even blame them for what they do.

    This world is not dualistic. These are false divisions – good/evil, light/dark, right/left, conservative/democrat. FP didn’t like my avatar with a swastika, cross and pentagram in it, but that’s the reality I see.

    How far are you ready to go in this quest?

    That’s the real limit you’ll find: curiousity. Have you studied Satanism? Have you learned from the most “evil” and “dangerous” men available?
    It is a very different world.

    Manson changed my WN. And Osama taught me who the real turrists are – in DC and NYC.

      • Ted’s a brilliant man. No one admires him more than I. I’ve read his manifesto many times.

        What the curious WN will find is that the more “evil”, the more pro-white. After awhile, it seems like the only people one trusts are the criminal and evil.

        “Good” whites work for the system and snitch quite easily. They celebrate Memorial Day. Any WN who seeks power must plum the depths.

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