A higher Nationalism

One thing missing in the general nationalism movement is any sort of discernible goal.  A lot revolve around mundane things like get the mexicans out of here, etc etc which probably has to happen, but its to what end?  There is a little known author whose name popped up repeadetly that I decided to read some of his stuff, Julias Evola, and I must say I am impressed.

Essentially he advocates a spiritualism of sorts in a nationalistic beat, that a country is really just land and it is the beliefs that bind me – a belief in honor and duty that transcends ALL else.

Here is a great quote from ‘Men Among Ruins’ where he talks about what is needed vs what is insufficient:

“The substance of every true and stable political organism is something resembling an Order a Mannerbund in charge of the principle of the imperium, comprising men who see loyalty as the basis of their honor.  But in time of crisis and of an overall moral, political, and social disintegration (as in the case of our day and age0 a generic reference of the ‘nation’ does not suffice for reconstructive work unless such an idea assumes a revolutionary overtone including elements of a properly political order weakened to various degrees.”

This has got me thinking a lot lately, because America as a place is decent, but in my heart that is never what I ‘stood for’ in a way, it’s just land, I just happened to be born here.  It’s like people who were born in one city and LOVE their football team and insist that this is objectively the best team, and even if they were born elsewhere would love this team (I’ve had people make that exact argument), I long had figured out there had to a transcendental reason and ideal.  One that someone on the west coast, or texas or the east would come to the same conclusion – a HIGHER TRUTH.

It is likely no mistake the utter mixing that has happened to all races, the inter-breeding, the lack of real borders between ideas. Just one giant cesspool and sewer.  If there is any hope for how great we could become, it is going to be a long hard, likely bloody road – but first we need to know what our goal even is.


This song is actually pretty heavy anti-white, but the lyrics capture the point we need to embrace “WE CARRY IN OUR HEARTS THE TRUE COUNTRY, AND THAT CANNOT BE STOLEN, WE FOLLOW IN THE STEPS OF OUR ANCESTRY AND THAT CANNOT BE BROKEN.”


6 thoughts on “A higher Nationalism

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  2. if I leave my filthy MGTOW ways so I can have pups, well, I’m afraid that if I impregnate a liberal white chick, she will just abort them so she can impress her gender studies professor and then try to stick me with the bill. Should I hook up with a lite skinned latina who wants her anchor babies on this side of the wall or should I get a mail order bride from Russia or should I get a Filipina woman like Fat Morney tried to do?

    I am so confused, but not the kind of confused Andrew Anglin was when he said yes to Jack Donovan’s invite for free range testosterone rectally administered at the NPI convention. Npr the kind of confused where I pull some weird made up definition (gender dysphoria) out of the dictionary so I can walk into the ladies room w/o being called a perv. More the kind of confused that when a conservative calls liberals filthy animals I feel bad. Because animals ARE NOT filthy liberals. Does that make the conservative a bigot who hates animals?

  3. Its about time folks on the .alt right got that point. You can’t change society without an after plan,

    The only group I know of distantly associated with the .alt right , the Northwest Front (white nationalists for those who don’t know) aren’t going to get power though to their credit, they have logical thought

    By now we all know The mandate of heaven

    1st become worthy

    2nd accept power

    3rd use power

    Most of the dissident right other than the , 14-88’s (our Left wing) and maybe white nationalists (wn) groups , groups like the somewhat worthy rebel faction (Sipsey Street, Western Rifle Shooters, the Militias) NrX , .alt right , non cucked trad cons , Fash, Christian Civilizations the dissident right, palecons etc etc are worthy.

    The rebels and NrX won’t accept power ., the 14-88, WN crowd isn’t worthy and doesn’t have enough to take it and the rest have no idea how to use it

    The faction that is worthy, can take/accept power when its available and use it can restore our civilization.

    My opinion here is have an after plan, no way should the Northwest Front be ahead of the rest on how to govern.

    Its not my blog so I’ll pass on ruminating on the topic till appropriate but in any case, at least folks are starting to ask the right questions, if we get power than what?

    • Hey, no thank you for the comment. Feel free to write anything you want, this blog is both a place for my own ruminations but also to stir up debate among readers. We have some really good people that comment here like Thordaddy and Ryu who rarely agree but are both smart. People like Stoner like to stir up trouble against the standard alt rite types.
      ANyway welcome.

  4. Mannerbund. HR and Thrashy use that word alot.

    We could write more about plans and all of that. It bores people, and leads to endless theoretical discussions. The big challenge is to get people in the fight. We have plenty of party intellectuals who love hashing out the details.

    Every nationalist has a different specialty. It’s not my thing to talk about what we’ll do in 20 years, after x y and z. You’ll easily be able to find members are great at it.

    That music group, Midnight Oil, is notoriously anti-white. They write songs about the Abos.

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