Why I no longer support Trump

A major thing to intelligence is being able to see when you are wrong, and accept it; this is one of those times for me, I admit I was wrong to support Trump.

Not because he is a racist, sexist etc etc, I wish he was, but really all he is, is an relief/escape valve for white/nationalist anger.

From the beginning when he started espousing populist positions I was wary, how could he REALLY be against china when all of his products were made there?  Could he really be against cheap illegal labor when he profited from it?  Well, who cared, what he was saying was novel, so out of the norm it seemed so legit.

I was a trump fan as early as over a year ago last year, but it doesnt really matter much, I towed his line for a while, my nationalistic streak found someone that somehow had a chance.  He tore apart chumps like Cruz, and of course people like Cliton were pure shills.

However, I started having more pause when Trump was talking at AIPAC/jew stuff about how much he loves isreal and his kids who converted….gave me major pause how could a nationalist be in love with ZOG?

It slowly dawned on me that Trump was NOTHING other than an escape for the increasing rage white males against this stacked society.  He was kind of like Alex Jones, where they say enough that is true that they can shove the rest of lies down.

Check these links, they have some very good sources about why Trump is nothing more than controlled opposition, literally no different than cliton or cruz and arguably much worse because he seems like the white nationalist and will only sell us out.




It is very scary to me, because take a site like Daily Stormer, they occasionally have stories there that are good, but they are sucking Trumps cock like no other, constantly saying ‘he doesnt MEAN IT’ when he says he isn’t nationalist or loves the jews etc.  I don’t want to bash that site, because it represents how I was: Trump was so meme-ready, so funny just stomping all these noobs, yet the more one looks at his actions the more he appears nothing more than a traitor designed to fool so many.  (Hey red-pill brothers, lets remember one of the most important lessons we learned from girls JUDGE BY ACTIONS NOT WORDS)

Think of how damaging Trump’s win will be, the nationlists will cheer ‘HOLY SHIT WE WON!’ then its more of the same, more middle east wars, maybe WW3, etc etc, and now that movement is sidelined for at least 20 years.

Anyway, it was a mistake to fall for him, I really should have looked at his actions (like him NOT taking PAC money…but lo and behold starts taking the money now from the RNC.

Try to see the truth, its hard and often takes us to admit we are wrong.



14 thoughts on “Why I no longer support Trump

  1. haha, it’s funny…

    the manuresphere losers like berniepoop chapin and aaron clarey are all free market this/small gubbymint that…

    they probably love trump the way they love jack donovan but the funny thing is that trumpiepoops supports eminent domain. if he wants to build a gulf course on your property, he thinks yours is his. doesn’t sound very “libertarian” to me, just sounds like a bully.

    also, he was on the wrong side with apple. he doesn’t understand technology. he does, however, have stock in apple, haha…

    turns out those manurespherian libertarians are really authoritarians…

  2. ironically it has been speculated that a trump presidency would be more “liberal” than a hillary presidency. one reason being he may go after the bernieboes. another is that he doesn’t have a cohesive ideology. he is said to have a disagreeable personality and isn’t a “conservative” republican. he is also a new yawker. he socializes with those people and has “those” values, remember new york is blue state and big cities tend to lean more liberal….

  3. The DS is not the entire movement. Some will always be fooled by words. I myself have never read DS consistently.

    It should help to disillusion whites even further, when their hero is elected, and he turns out to be just another politician. What more could a billionaire in America want? He is already virtually a god.

    Compared to a true nationalist, Donald Chump is very moderate. Don’t waste your hope on the unworthy. There is no easy, voting solution to this problem.

    Skynet has a good thing going. HR and Icarian know their stuff. I am glad you like their material.

  4. I’ve made the comment on other manosphere sites that Trump is a bit too much like a chameleon to be fully trusted, and the real wild card is whether or not he will do what he says, just like every other politician. Of course, I’m shouted down for defaming their god, but zealots gonna zealot. I think it’s great how he’s dismembered the media and political establishment, but that alone doesn’t mean he’d make a good prez. For some reason, people can’t see that the two are not necessarily correlated.

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    I agree with you. I was for Trump now I don’t know. I have strong suspicions he’s just another put up guy from reading Aryan Skynet. The only thing that holds me back from believing this wholly is for decades he’s been saying much the same on big issues of trade. Not so sure about immigration but preserving trade would also imply conserving the population. He also doesn’t seem to have drinking, drug or other weird sexual problems that’s always important for politician control. I really don’t know what he’ll do. I do know that if he breaks open 9-11, and he and his spokesmen have hinted he would, and blames it all on Bush and the Saudi’s but leaves out Israel we will have our answer. He’s controlled.

    Best I can tell he’d be no worse than Hillary if he doesn’t go the route of fascist total control government. Which is possible.

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