Europe will be dead, and west media (helicopter shot down) major reason why

In the USA our media is so utterly controlled we know very little other than that big bad men want to stop the poor refugees from making it into europe.  There are still men left in Europe undoubtedly, but in general the victim/feminist mentality is so utterly toxic and over ran that I do not see Europe living anywhere near its current state, likely enclaves will emerge that have zero tolerance for brown rapefugees.

Here is a perfect example of our lying media, see in Turkey they are battling rebels, and the rebels just shot down a military helicopter,

now compare that to ABC news story

where the helicopter ‘crashed due to a technical fault’.

Many people do not realize history was brutal, hard, and MEAN.  Civilization is not the norm, and very often it reverts back to barbarism, when it does feminists will be appalled at their understanding was so far off base.  I feel for europe, that it got so cuckolded that no one thinks twice about breeding out their gene pool.

One day people will look back and think ‘what the hell did they expect?’ and some other culture MAY learn from the mistakes, but its likely not.


11 thoughts on “Europe will be dead, and west media (helicopter shot down) major reason why

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  2. Let Europe fall….

    ….have you ever actually met any Europeans? They are extraordinarily condescending. “You stewpid Amherican, you probably voted for Bush.” No I didn’t, asshole. I think it’s a bloody shame that those neo-con faggots murdered young children in Iraq and Afghanistan and called it “Operation Freedom.”

    Those Europeans have the same arrogance as the illegals in TX and CA. Have you ever been around them?

  3. The PKK aren’t the same as the Syrian Refugees. The PKK is part of the Kurdish independence movement which has existed for donkey’s years. The Turks have been trying to suppress them, much like they did with the Armenians a century ago.

      • Well obviously you never take what the media says as the truth.

        Firstly you’ve got to put the story through various filters in order to get anything approaching truth, just like you would if you were a citizen of the USSR back in the day. Take race based stories for instance: the whole Trayvon Martin story was misreported; the fact that blacks disproportionately commit more crimes than whites or yellows is ignored (or mis-attributed to poverty).

        Secondly you’ve got to put it through the individual bias of the media outlet in general (e.g. MSNBC is left and Fox is right, the BBC is left and Sky news is right).

        Finally you need to take into consideration the bias of the author. For instance a Jewish/Israeli author will probably have a pro-Israel streak, and anti-Islam streak (because Israel is at war with Islam and they need the west to fight the battle for them).

        Only then can you glean any half decent usable information from the story, if you’re lucky.

  4. I welcome the return to barbarism. Sometimes civilization does not benefit us. In fact, the desire for peace can be a great weapon for war.

    It’ll take some time. Human nature can’t be defeated in the long term. Those that come after us will laugh at this morality we currently have.

  5. EK…

    You write of Europe as a person and yet don’t seem aware of what you write to arouse her. Imagine a dysfunctional relationship with a female lover and your attempt to arouse her back to life with, “You will be dead.”

    However slight… You edit and author aspects of the Narrative for GOOD or evil. Do not forget this. You want an Epic, but that just means you must step front and center.

      • EK…

        You take part in authoring the Narrative. The residual effect NEVER DIES… Especially from the materialist perspective. So your authoring, however miniscule, still influences the entire scope of the universe per cause and effect. In short, you write to the demise of Europe or to its resurrection AND YOU SHOULD EXPECT the exact consequences of your true belief. Ergo, if that female with whom you are intertwined in something dysfunctional, says to you, “You will be dead,” does she speak to your annihilation or your resurrection? What consequences will she bear? And are you the “effect” to her cause?

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