The strange war against Christianity – Mithraism

This has been an interesting topic to me for a while, and my own research has become a bit interesting in it regarding the ‘war against Christianity’.  To be clear, I am not using that phrase sarcastically, nor am I actually a Christian.  I do NOT believe in the Bible, Jesus as my savior etc, so I think my words on the subject can be a bit more honest since I dont have a dog in the fight.

The thing that inspired me to write this today, was I was having a discussion with my friend about how he could believe in it (normally he’s fairly smart), among the charges I leveled at him was the Christianity (from here forward referred to as C) was a clone of the older religion Mithraism and Egyptian god Horus.  I had heard this before (on the movie Religious first) and a quick serach online ‘proves’ that C copied Mithraism or Egyptian Horus.  Both born of virgin moms, born Dec 25, 12 apostles, 3 kings all that shit, well sure seemed like a fucking slam dunk to me.  I believed that for years, and only recently thought to actually question it.  (Again, I in no way believe C is a true grasp of reality, but merely another battlefield for corrupting our mind against endless subversion.)

The problem with all that is…it isn’t true.  None of it.  When you get out of your ‘search engine bubble’ and look for counter facts they are there.  Horus the supposed Jesus clone had a far different conception story, his mom had to find all the dismembered parts of her husband to reassemble him, including crafting a dick since it couldn’t be found – not exactly an immaculate conception.

Mithraism, which the lie went was a predecessor of C that C ripped almost everything off.  The major problem is, both C and M evolved nearly the same period.  So, this is not to say they were very likely copying each others ideas, but M was not a progenitor in any easily proven sense.

All interesting, and if I was a believer I could say ‘see!  They want to stop god’s word!’.  The true curious thing to me, is why stop some backwards, easily disproven religion to begin with?  Is it because Europe was a C nation, a nation that beat back the Muslims multiple times?  So even if the people were believing in something false, they are dangerous to the current muslim-phallic leaders of the world?

What exactly is the point of attacking a incredibly narcissistic religion that presupposes its superiority in a galaxy or universe we can hardly fathom, that ‘God’ cared so much about turning people into salt, or raining on the earth for 40 days (get all the animals on one boat!  ALL ANIMALS!) when most people these days are leaving of their own accord?

Now, to counter my own point, secularism is dangerous as well as it has sprung up an insane nihilism as well as self-righteous feminism which makes me question my off the cuff dismissal of C slightly.

I don’t have the answers, because the evidence seems to point in different directions.



22 thoughts on “The strange war against Christianity – Mithraism

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  2. I am Jewish and not Christian in any sense of the word. But I see the constant propaganda against Christianity in a negative light. This example in your essay is new to me. But I have heard and seen other critiques which seemed to be coming from a place of animosity more than from intellectual argument.

      • The purpose of the attacks is directed both against Christianity in itself as a system of thought and belief and against Wasps. White Christians. The degree of animosity is striking and confusing. I asked my learning partner about this a few times and he also is confused by it. You do not see anything like it directed towards for example Hinduism with more gods than man can count. You don’t see anything like it directed against Muslims with their open and stated purpose as the total destruction of all Jews. If idolatry would be the problem then you would not have warm and explicit borrowing Hindu mediation into Jewish meditation. If antisemitism would be the problem then the bending over backwards to accommodate Muslims in Israel that I saw constantly would not exist. And if my learning partner can not understand why this is the case then all the more so I.

      • It’s not confusing at all…

        Hindus and Muslims are not white men striving towards objective Supremacy…

        Christianity is a Supremacist doctrine…

        The Christian ASSERTION is the existence of objective Supremacy, ie., empirical Perfection…

        Clearly, any individual faithfully striving towards empirical Perfection WILL SEPARATE from the masses thus falsifying “universal equality.”

        Extrapolated, reality entertains a Master Race.

        Anti-white Supremacy JUST IS anti-white Christianity.

        White Supremacy just is the solution to white degeneracy.

        And because you are a Jew this means YOUR reality is the inversion. Your reality is “white supremacy” equals white degeneracy. SO THE ATTACKS ON white Christianity CONFUSE YOU. You suffer a liberated mind.

  3. I don’t think it matters too much, comrade. Religion is a distraction. WN is about race, not religion or economic system.

    There are a few radical Christian WNs though. They deserve credit for their accomplishments. You’ll find them sprinkled there and here.

      • It is hard to do. Are they Christians first or white?

        I know of very few Xtian WNs who tolerate other religions. Some insist that whites did well for so long because we were a Christian people.

        Most Christians embrace multiculturalism. They just want more people to join up. If it is blacks or asians, so be it. And they also worship Israel and look up to jews.

        Most Christians are a loss, at least I have found this. Add together their feminism, multicult and jewluv and its a waste of time.

      • EK…

        You have it exactly backwards…

        The “cause” is desire for Perfection amongst the white man…

        wns NEED TO CONVERT TO white Supremacy…

        To the extent that there is RACIAL LOYALTY amongst white man, it MUST BE rooted in mutual desire for objective Supremacy. Short of this, there is no “racial loyalty” to even conceive of. To be racial and only go “skin deep” is the stunted mark of the radical liberationist. True loyalty starts local.

  4. EK…

    Christianity is attacked BECAUSE it represents the only claim against the “truth” of “universal equality.”

    Empirical Perfection is a falsification of “universal equality.”

    The Perfect Man usurps all equalities.

    The only question for a non-Christian such as yourself is whether the claim of Christ’s Perfection is true or false?


    The other question for a high IQ “white” male liberal IS WHETHER Perfection even exists as MERE CONCEPT?

    What you shall discover is that the radical liberationists amongst “us” relentlessly argue against the Perfection of Christ FOR THE PURPOSE of hiding a rejection of Perfection as mere concept.

    Ergo, “our” best and brightest CANNOT EVEN CONCEIVE of the “best and brightest” thing.

    You do understand that Perfection, ie., objective Supremacy, is Man’s highest concept?

    So when *you* are “educated” into anti-(white) Supremacy… You are “educated” so as TO NOT REACH Man’s highest concept.

      • If you think that Christianity can be used to unite White people, or as a wall against Islam, then watch Varg Vikernes video about it.

      • Ryu…

        That’s the wrong question when the highest IQ “white” males REJECT Perfection, ie., objective Supremacy, AS MERE CONCEPT…

        So you are unconsciously asking the above question “in bad faith.”

        You also continue to treat wn as a way of being instead of a CLAIM that one rejects or embraces?

        But even here, the metaphysical divide amongst “whites” is going to be surmounted BY WHAT should an ethnostate arise? Violence? What else “works” where fundamental schism exists?

        The only way for a white ethnostate state to arise from this mass of “white” degeneracy is for its core to coalesce around objective Supremacy. Anything less and “we” already have it NOW!

        To be a white Supremacist just is to believe in the existence of The Father of Inequality.

    • You are smart so I will not engage in any insults or ad hominems, but why is Christainity the ONLY ‘claim against equality’? That is factually untrue. Look at many, many religions, take Norse for example where only the best made it to Valhalla.

      • EK…

        Christianity is the CLAIM of empirical Perfection… Objective Supremacy… Such that ANYONE can perceive The Perfect Man granted he was, IN FACT, perfect… As in, he took every right step…

        Those in the business of saving lives should, instinctually, know of the myriad of imperfect situations and personal mindsets that much be transcended so that lives can actually be “saved.” One can “see,” overtime, how this “world” of perpetual imperfection would have one begin to loathe and then hate the idea that he must ALWAYS ACT PERFECTLY to ACTUALLY save lives. So “we” “see” in this realm a lot of self-annihilators.

        The reality is that YOU are at war with Christianity BECAUSE you are at war with idea of The Perfect (white) Man… The one who can really SAVE LIVES because of His Perfection. You KNOW IT COULD BE YOU… That’s a great cross to bear.

      • EK…

        In a universe lacking ANY true “equality,” the “best” IS A ONE-TIME PHENOMENON… A singularity… A single event NOT EVER REDUNDANT… So the reality is that Valhalla should be a place of one and not many. And if it is many or even more than one then it has most certainly let within LESS THAN “the best.”

      • What most “white” males know is the two-thousand year old deconstruction of The Perfect Man… But even here ^^^, he doesn’t actually understand “it” as, ultimately, a sabotage of his perfected self. He doesn’t understand that ontologically, this desire to “break” from a Perfect paradigm leads inevitable to degeneracy and self-annihilation in what one calls a self-fulfilling prophecy.

        The question is whether Perfection exists AS solution to “infinite regress” and General Entropy?

        And REALITY WILL ACCOMMODATE YOU with the most “just” consequences of your beliefs.

        White Christians and thus white Supremacists JUST DO believe in Perfection, ie., objective Supremacy, and those who have studied history understand the potential consequences. Ergo, a desire for liberation is “born…” So the alt-rite claims without the slightest hint that as high IQ “white” males they ALSO FREELY CHOOSE to deny the existence of objective Supremacy. So they OPERATE by radical autonomy and STAND FUNDAMENTALLY as egalitarians.

        This is our psychological milieu.

  5. At the core of the alt-rite is an ethos of disbelief in the empirical Perfection of Christ… Yet due an above average IQ, this disbelief in empirical Perfection is merely a cover for the alt-rite’s disbelief in conceptual perfection. In other words, the core of the alt-rite is FUNDAMENTALLY EGALITARIAN and the most staunch of anti-white Supremacists.

  6. EK…

    Recognize the truth of this post…

    It is you “knowing” Christianity through its deconstruction (by its enemies).

    But let’s flip the script AND ASSUME it is all “true.” That there is a redundancy in Christianity copied from Mithraism? How does such “redundancy” then make Christianity untrue? IT DOES NOT… Not in the least. “Redundancy” is, IN FACT, the ONLY “thing” that truly exists in the mind of those that deny the reality of empirical Perfection. This Total Redundancy is otherwise known as “universal equality.”

    So those who teach “Christianity” by way of its deconstruction through a redundant narrative such as Mithraism FOR THE PURPOSE OF showing “redundancies” to be untrue are the very SELF-ANNIHILATORS that INSIST that only The Redundant Phenomenon exists!!! Ergo, there is no Singularity or any subsequent singularities and thus no Perfect God or any perfect (white) man to worship. Universal equality is “true.”

    Now you break out of this mind game.

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