Your smartphone is making you dumb

Here is a challenge that if you take it up will fundementally change your outlook on people, truly be aware around you of just HOW many people are on their smartphones – at the gym, on dates, running, driving, walking across traffic.  Once you start to see it, you can’t un-see it.

I have rocked a ‘dumb’ phone most of my life, this thign is about 10 years old with about as many repairs to its circuitry I can do, I was in the market for a new phone and long story short got a smart phone.  From the beginning I felt uneasy about it, it automaticlly had contacts of people I cut out of my life over 5 years ago but somehow were linked to my primary email, there was an ever-present feeling of being watched.

The phone itself was cool as far as such things go, a ‘durable’ model that can be dropped, submerged etc and from a pragmatic point of view why NOT have access ‘to everything?’

Well to start, here is a short video about what the internet DOES do to our brains- turns them into unfocused messes literally.

I dislike the A.D.D. visuals but what else will hold modern people over?  The disturbing thing though, was now I was one of ‘them’, only a few dopamine addictions away from ‘I’ll just glance at my phone.  Again by training yourself to look for it, the disgust will grow quick, like at the gym this tattooed little slut on the bench press would do a quick set, sit up, pull out phone tap away a few texts, go back down and do it again and again.  Bros around me were standing in a circle all of them with their phones out doing who knows.

Our minds are WEAK if not controlled. Our current society and culture is way too fucked up for our ape brains when things were simple and we had to horde things like salt/sugar, and novelty seeking meant new resources potentially.  Now, novelty is one slot machine pull away literrally or figuratively of checking that phone to see if that hot bitch wrote back to your clever line yet.

Nope not yet.  Wait…was that a vibrate?  Oh ‘my’ sports team picked up some guy in a draft, great!  Oh, a text…oh just my fucking mom…oh, its finally little slut suzy what did she write? ‘Lol’  That’s all that bitch wrote to that!?

Meanwhile the world passes you by.

Here is a longer video if your internet addled brain can handle it that explains the dangers.  Internet access on a computer is bad but endurable if careful, but the ENDLESS dopamine hits given by a smartphone will ruin you.  This is not even going into google tracking you, selling your data and all sorts of mischeif all for the ‘ease’ of being given access to ‘free’ google maps.

I will end with a personal anecdote of a HR girl at my work, at this new city I had been at for about 4 months, she for 2 years.  I was asking here about roads and places, and she knew next to nothing about what roads went where, or even how to get anywhere beyond home, I KNEW MORE and had only been here for 4 months but kept my fucking eyes open.

Here is one more for you, among most of the coolest, smartest or ‘realest’ people I know, there is a very high co-incidence rate of having no phone or a dumb phone.

I got rid of my phone, and felt an intense relief of subtle anxiety go away.  The verizon guy seemed really confused why I was trading a smartphone away for my beat up dumbphone.  I am sure after he left he tweeted a bunch of his friends ‘sum gy trded smrtphn 4 dmbphone td LOL!



3 thoughts on “Your smartphone is making you dumb

  1. I see that shit all the time. People at the gym, then playing with their gameboy between sets.

    I try to minimize computer time. It messes up my attention span. But even I have been affected, and I don’t even own a smart/dumb phone.

    There was a world before computers, EK. Most of human history took place then. And there is a real world out there.

    Have you read Ted’s manifesto? It is fantasic. You may learn something new.

    • Yes, I read it a while ago. I am not beyond ‘evil’ books like that, they often intrigue me more as to why they are banned. His topic is totally on point with this here.

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